Sunday, 27 April 2014

NOTD - Essie mint candy apple with spots

Hi guys im back and today I have a nail of the day for you.
I brought essie mint candy apple a few months ago as it is so hyped up, but I must say im kind of let down, its not really minty at all its more of just a baby blue, which is still nice but not what I was expecting at all.
I love the brush on this polish its the perfect size and distributes a lot of polish, sometimes to much.
I did these nails for a photo challenge I am doing on instagram, I had to do something with spots and I thought what better time to do some nail art.
I used this nail art dotter I brought from amazon a while back and I think they were only like 50p for a pack of 5 and they are all double ended.
I used a rimmel white nail polish in London clouds, which is actually about to run out so if u have any recommendations for white nail polishs let me know.
So I put essie mint candy apple on all of my nails and then waited for them to dry a bit. I then put some of the white nail polish on to the dotting tool and then dotted the white on to my nails in a pattern going downwards, and then on the next line doing the dots in the middle of the other ones if u get what I am saying, u can kind of see it in the picture. Its not the nearest application but its actually quite hard to make it 100% perfect but I did my best.

So I hoped u liked this post and I should hopefully be blogging a bit more from now on and I think im going to do nail posts so look out for them.

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