Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Collection 2000 Hot looks Nail Polish in Button Moon - Review

Collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in Button Moon.
This nail polish is really nice, its a baby blue colour, the colour payoff is very good you only need two coats and it lasts a long time on your nail, it lasted about 4-5 days on mine.
I did have a picture of this on my actual nails but my brother deleted all of the pictures on my phone, i actually almost killed him lol.
Anyway so these are the only pics i have, i decided to paint the polish on the nail wheel which i recently got from eBay for like £2, because my nails have started chipping and i didn't think you want to see chipped nails.
I'm using a blogger app on my phone so i don't know what its going to be like but i hope its okay, the pictures my be a little blurry but I'm not sure if it is im sorry i hope you can still see it okay.

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Sunday, 26 August 2012


Hello everyone

Bit off a boring haul today, but i haven't put a post up in a while so i thought i would show you some things i brought when i went in to town a few days ago.

 Soft and gentle Deodrant.
B&M Bargins (a random shop by me) 99p

Batiste dry shampoo in blush.
Bodycare £1.45.
I normally buy the original one, but i thought i would buy a different one, i didn't smell it in store so when i got home i sprayed it in the lid, and i really don't like it, it doesn't smell florally at all, it smells more like coconuts which to be honest i don't really like the smell of, but i will still use it lol.

Collection 2000 Hot looks nail polish in 33 Button Moon
Superdrug £1.75
I love this nail polish, the colours like a really nice baby blue colour.
My next post will be a NOTD wearing this colour, so if you want to see it on look out for that post.

Collection 2000 Sky scraper mascara in black
Poundland £1
Iv wanted a new mascara for a while so when i saw this poundland i thought i would pick it up, because i like a lot of collection 2000 products so i thought i would like this to.
It has a plastic brush which i don't really like, its also not the best mascara it doesn't really do any think, but for £1 i don't really mind.
I always look in the beauty part in poundland because they some good brands like rimmel,collection2000 and miss sporty.

Herbal essences beautiful ends split ends protection cream
Superdrug £1.95
I have only used this ounce so i haven't really noticed any difference yet, but most herbal essences products are good so i hope this is to.

Palmers Cocoa Butter moisturising lip balm
Bodycare £1.99
I thought this price for 3 lip balms was really good so i just picked them up, i love there moisturiser from this brand so hopefully these would be good to.

Skull earrings
Select £1.99
These are a sugerskull dangley earring, but there not really long, there just the right lengh, the only annoying thing it that the skulls don't stay facing the front, but i can live with that because i really like them.

Ear cuff
Select £1.99
This is an ear cuff which has little diamond shape carvings on it, with three chains coming off joining on to the stud,  its really good because it has three metals Gold, silver and gunmetal on it so it goes with most of my jewellery.

Home Bargains 39p
I thought this would be good for mixing nail polishes and liquid makeup, i have wanted one of these for a while so when i saw this and it was only 39p i had to get it.
I also got some Cotton pads and balls from home bargains but i thought that was a but boring to show you.

Black studded belt
Primark £2
This is a matt black fake leather belt, with matt black studs on.
I have needed a new belt for a while because the few i have are to small and the one i have been wearing is my moms, so i decided to get this one because i really like the studs on it and it was only £2.
Please comment down below if you want me to do a review on any think from this post our from any of my other posts, i  would be more than happy to do so :).
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Monday, 20 August 2012


Hello all.
I have another NOTD for you.
I used BarryM Mint Green, LA colours art deco nail art pen in White.
I really like this mint green polish it applies really well and doesn't chip to easily.
I decided to this white cross on my ring finger because i saw a picture on instagram that a girl did, i saw it and i was like i am so doing that on my nails LOL.

If you have any post recommendations for me please let me know.
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Friday, 17 August 2012

Most worn things tag.

Most worn nail polish.
Models own nail polish in Lilac Dream.
I have done a nail of the day wearing this if you would like more info on this polish click here

Most worn hair product.
Schwarzkopf got 2b, 2 sexy collagen gig volume hairspray.
I love this hair spray its one of the best iv used, it also smells amazing, it smells just like cherry aid.
It works really well and keeps you hair in place all day.

Most worn bag.
Nine West bag, i don't know the model because my mom got it for me from new york.
I love this bag because its the perfect size and because its black and goes with every think.
Its the perfect shape and size, it fits all the things i need when i go out with friends or go shopping.
I also used this as my school bag in yr 11 and it fitted every thing i needed in it, at my school we dident have to carry books or folders around so i dident need a big bag.

Most worn shoes.
Vans surf siders.
These shoes are so comfy and very practical, there navy blue and go with most of my wardrobe because most of my clothes are blue, for some reason I'm drawn to blue clothes, i don't know why.

Most worn accessories.
H&M triangle stud silver earrings.
I love these because there so simple but stylish, i wear these if the rest of my jewellery is statement and i just want some think simple on my ears, or when ever i wont to wear them lol.

Most worn clothing item.
New look blue acid wash jeans.
I love these because they go with literally everything and there just totally my style. there just so simple if i don't now what to wear i will just put these on with a top and it looks great. 

Most worn foundation.
GARNIER BB cream light, Clinique redness solutions in calming alabaster.
I wear the BB cream if i just want a bit of colour and a tiny bit of coverage.
Its a bit dark but ounce you blend it out its fine.
I wear the clinique foundation when i want more coverage.
This foundation is really nice, i find it applies better with my fingers, i really like it.

Most worn blusher and or bronzer.
Beauty UK blusher in buff, natural collection blush in rosyglow.
i use the beauty uk blush i just want to brighten up my face a bit.
I use the natural collection blush it want a bit more colour in my face.
they are both very nice,pigmented and look very natural.

Most worn lip product.
Marks and Spencer, me to you lip balm.
I love this because it smells amazing just like sweets and its really moisturising on the lips. 

Most worn mascara.
Rimmel London sexy curves mascara in black/brown.
This mascara has a strange brush its like three balls and its also plastic, i don't normally like plastic brushes but this one is really nice it lengthens your lashes really well and looks really natural.

Most worn eyeshadow
Natural collection eyeshadow duo in mink and sable.
I use both of these shadows daily there very natural and look nice togther.
I also use the darker colour as my eyebrow colour, its the perfect colour.

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Monday, 13 August 2012


Models OWN nail polish in Lilac Dream.
I love this nail polish, if i cant decide what to paint my nails this is my go to colour because it applies so well the colour is gorgeous and well i just love it.
I also have the BarryM nail polish in Berry ice cream which is the same colour and i would defiantly recommend this models own one because its way more pigmented and the brush is better, but the BarryM one is kind of shear. 

Tell me whats your favorite nail polish ?

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Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fashion and beauty Haul

Hello everyone
So today i have a haul post for you i hope you like.

1.Yellow crop top, newlook sale £1
I basically only brought this top because it was £1, and it looks really Nice with the high wasted shorts.
2.High wasted shorts, newlook £19.99
I have wanted high wasted shorts for so long, but i never had enough money, but this month i have earned some money from doing some gardening so i had to get them.
3.Floral vest top,H&M £7.99
I don't own any floral items so i thought i would buy this because i love the pattern and because it was only £7.99. 
4.Pink ombre top,H&M sale £5
I have wanted something ombre for a while, so when i saw this in the sale i had to get it.Its a bit different for me because i don't wear pink but this looks really nice with the high wasted shorts.
5.Mint green shorts,H&M sale £4
I already own these shorts in a cobalt blue colour but when i saw these in the sale i had to get them because i love mint green,and these shorts fit me really well.
6.White high top trainers, newlook £12.99
If you saw my cravings post you would have seen that i wanted the converse but they were to much and i was going to find some look alikes, well when i went in to new look i saw these and i just new u had to get them they look almost the same so i new i had to get them.
I find newlooks shoes sizing very strange I'm normally size 5 but there size 5s are to small and 6 is a bit to big, but as i really wanted these i got the 6, better to big than small ay.

1.Cross necklace,Claire's sale £2.50
I brought this because it looks like one that they sell in topshop and it was only £2,50
2.Hamsa hand necklace,Miss selfridge sale £2
3.Collar necklace,H&M £3.99
Iv wanted a collar necklace for a while but there all so expensive and when i saw this for £3.99 i had to get it.
4.LA colours eye pencil sharpener, beauty base 99p
When i went to the olympics me and my mom went into the westfield shopping centre and i have seen some people on youtube rave about the nail polishes, but i couldn't buy those because i wouldn't be abul to take them in to the Olympic park.I really needed a new sharpener so i got this one (but its not the best)
5.White nail art pen, beauty base 99p
I have wanted a white nail art pen for a while so when i saw this for 99p i had to get it
6.LA colours palettes
they were both 99p so i thought i would pick up these two, there was loads to pic from and these were the ones i picked. the gold toned palette is called tea time and the pink toned palette is called wine & roses.

Just to let you all now i didn't buy this all at ounce it was over about 4 different shopping trips over a month.

So one more thing i got was my second lobe piercing, i have wanted it done for a while and when i got my money i was like right I'm getting it done, it cost me only £9.95 which i thought was really good. The only thing i hate about having my ears done is that you have to wear the same earrings for about three months and cant change them up, i also don't like sleeping with earrings in i think its really uncomfortable. 

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Craving #1

1.Skull love top,newlook
2.Cross jumper, newlook
3.Leather jacket,newlook
5.White high top converse

Sorry if the pictures are a big blurry but you get the picture.
I was in newlook the other day and i saw the top,jumper and leather jacket all togther, and i though they were so nice, i almost brought the top but i didn't.
I have wanted this style of leather jacket for a while because i like it a lot more than a bomber style jacket that i have by Henley's, which doesn't really fit, so i might invest in this one for winter.
I am need for a new mascara because I'm bored of all the ones that i have and i really want to try this rimmel scandeleyes one.
I really want these converses they are so nice and totally my style, i would really like them but i don't want to spend £40 on a pair of shoes, i might look out for a cheaper look alikes form somewhere.

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Thursday, 9 August 2012


On Tuesday i went to the Olympics so i wanted to paint my nails kind of Olympic themed
but it was like 9pm and i really couldn't think of what to do and i was tired.
so i just painted them these colours, i quite like having my ring finger a different colour because its more intreasting than just having one colour.
The colours I'm wearing are BarryM fuchsia and Rimmel Instyle coral.

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Sunday, 5 August 2012

Get to know me TAG.

Hello everyone.

Today im going to be doing the gat to know me tag, i hope you enjoy and get to know some things about me :).

Vital Stats
Name: Louise.
Nick name: i don't really have one but my mom and some of my aunties call me Louby which i don't like because it makes me sound like I'm four,and a few people call me Lou.
Birthday:17th may 1996
Place of birth: Birmingham.
Star sign:Taurus
Occupation:Collage student in September, I'm doing Beauty Therapy i cant wait.

Hair colour:Light brown
Hair length:Just below my boobs(lol)
Eye colour:Blue
Best feature:Well not to blow my own trumpet or anything but i like my lips there the perfect shape not to big, not to small
Braces:Yes :(
Piercings:Just my first ear lob's but I'm planning on getting my second done soon now that iv finished school.
Righty or lefty:Righty

Best friend: A girl called Amy we went to primary school and secondary school toghter and or mom were good friends, but when we were in yr 9 we had a big falling out and we wernt as close again
Award:Ballet trophy
Sport:I never did one until p.e. in primary school.
Real Holiday:France
Concert:JLS about 3yrs ago, I'm not really a concert person.

Film:The day after tomorrow
TV show:Friends of course, i have them all on DVD.
Song:Oh wow i have no idea i haven't really been listening to music its all been about the Olympics.
Restaurant:I don't have one.

Children:Yes but only one of two i find kids very annoying.
Want to be married: Yes
Careers in mind: erm something in beauty, make up artist.
Were do you want to live: I have no idea.

Do you believe in.
God: yes
 Miracles: No
Love at first sight: No
Ghosts: No
Aliens: No, but i do belive there is another life somewere out there.
Soul Mates: maybe I'm not really sure.
Heaven: yes
Hell: No
Kissing on the first date: No
Yourself: yes

So i bet you now more about me know don't you i just fancied doing a post today but i couldn't be bothered to put any pictures on my laptop, it doesn't take long or anything I'm just lazy lol.

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Saturday, 4 August 2012

Mini beauty haul

Hello all this is a small collective beauty haul i hope you like :)

VO5 ultimate Hold hair spray, Bodycare £1.99 what a bargain for 400 ml can !!!!!

Beauty Formulas cleansing nose pore strips, Bodycare 99p

Niver Daily Essentials tinted moisturiser, Tesco around £2.
This is rubbish don't buy it !!!!

Nivea Daily essentials wipes, Tesco two for £2.90

Clearasil ultra overnight serum and lotion, Poundland £1 each

Superdrug simply pure AQUA hydration day cream, superdrug around £1.50

Radox hand sanitiser, superdrug around £1.

Today i went in to town and meet up with my friend because i haven't seen her for ages and i brought the hair spray which was a right bargain and the nose strips, you would think because they are only 99p they would be rubbish but i have used other things from this brand and there good so I'm hoping these will work.

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