Friday, 28 June 2013

Products i have used up #8

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be about the products that i have recently used up, hope you enjoy.

Nivea daily essentials rich moisturising day cream
If you have read my blog before then you have probably seen me mention this before. I have tried many face creams and i have finally found my holy grail moistuiser, i use this every morning under my makeup or just by itself. Its so moisturising if definitely changed my skin for the better. I have already repurchased this and im sure i will be for a long time.

Batiste dry shampoo
This is my all time favorite dry shampoo and i will forever repurchase it.

Pretty perfect nail drying spray 
I was using a nail polish freeze spray a while ago from AVON and when it ran out i wanted to buy something else that dose the same job, so i picked this one up in poundland just to give it ago and lets just say i love this this product. I have already repurchased this and i will for a while. I might actually review this so if you would like to see that let me know.

TRESemme touchable finish hair spray
I brought this a while ago to take on holiday with me and it was alright i wasn't that impressed, it did its job but it wasn't that brilliant. I don't think i will repurchase this.

Rimmel match perfection foundation
This is my all time favourite foundation and i love it so much. This was the first foundation that i ever brought and im so glad i did, the colour is a little dark for me but i can get away with it, there is a shade lighter than this one, that i would like to try, but went to repurchased it they didn't have it, but that's okay as this darker shade should last me the summer when my skin is a little darker.

Carex hand gel
This is my favorite hand gel, just because it has a pump its so easy to get the right amount out and it cleans my hands so well.

Rimmel sexy curves mascara 
I got this mascara about two years ago so i thought it was about time i got rid of it considering you are only meant to keep then for 6 months but oh well. I love this mascara so much its brilliant, but i cant seem to find it in superdrug or boots so i really hope it hasn't been discontinued, i found that i wasn't very good a first but ounce it has dried out a little its much better.

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Beauty Wish List - June 2013

Hello everybody hope your all well, so today im going to do a wish list post. I have only done one of these posts before and it was ages ago so i thought it was about time i did another. These are just a few products i would really really like.

Sleek blush by 3 pallet in sweet cheeks £10
I have seen this is store and it looks so beautiful and i would really like, but at the moment i don't have any money to buy it :(

Benefit they're real mascara £19.50
I have seen a lot of people talk about how good this is and i would really love to give it a go.

MAC eye shadow in satin taupe £12
I have seen this in store and seen many people use it in YouTube videos and it looks so beautiful  i would really like this eye shadow.

NARS eye shadow primer £19
I use the urban decay eye shadow primer and its alright but i would like something a bit stronger and i know that this is very good so i would really like to try it.

Loreal micellar solution cleanser £4.99
I have seen lots of people say how good this is, and i would really love to give it a go, its on offer in boots at the moment for £3 so i might have to pick it up.

Whats on your wish list at the moment ??


Sunday, 23 June 2013

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OOTD #1 London

Navy blazer - Newlook/ Skirt - Topshop/ White high neck crop top - Topshop/ necklace - oasis (just seen)/ bag - Topshop (just seen)/ Shoes - Debenhams 

Hello everyone. So this is my first ever OOTD post so im sorry if the pictures aren't the best. Yesterday i went in to London with my family to celebrate my Aunties birthday. First we had a walk around Kensington gardens then we went to the Royal Albert Hall and had lunch which was so lovely and was very expensive, after that we toke our seats in the Royal Albert Haul and watched the royal ballet dance swan lake, it was so beautiful, it made me want to start dancing again ( i used to do ballet when i was younger). I had a lovely day.
I wore a lovely skater skirt from Topshop (which is now in the sale ) which was so comfortable, with a white   high neck crop top from Topshop which looked great with the skirt and was also very comfortable. I wore this navy blue blazer from new look to to give me a bit of extra warmth as it was a little chilly, i also added a pair of black tights as i new i would need them to keep me warm, i wore my black bag from Topshop and some black flats with studs on from Debenhams. I also wore a necklace from oasis which you cant really see.

I hoped you liked this post, would you like me to do more OOTD's ??


Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Lush 9 to 5 Cleanser and Eau Roma water Toner review

Hello everyone, for today's post i will be reviewing two of my favourite products from Lush, i don't own many products from Lush but these two products have been amazing to my skin.

9 to 5 cleansing lotion (link)
I got this for my birthday last month and i can already tell that i am going to like this cleanser for a very long time. I find that it is best for taking makeup off,  its great for those people who are lazy just like me, all you have to do it put some on your face, then take a cotton pad and wipe your makeup off and its as simple as that. Its makes my face look and feel so incredibly clean, its just a great product. I haven't tried it on my eyes yet, but I'm sure it would be great for taking eye makeup off, as it is fragrance free and it wouldn't sting your eyes. The only thing is, is that it is kind of expensive its around £5 for this small bottle and around £10 for the big bottle, now that might sound expensive to most people but for me it is. It also smells a bit funny but i can get over that because i love it that much.

Eau Roma water, Toner water (Link)
So after i have cleansed my face i use this. It refreshes my face and makes it feels so lovely and it looks even cleaner then after just using the cleanser. I have been using this cleanser for a long time now and I'm now on my second bottle. It is very gentle and it doesn't have a strong scent so it wont irritate your skin. You can use this in two ways, you can either spray it directly on to your face then wipe it of with a cotton pad, or your can spray it on to a cotton pad then wipe it over your face which is the way i tend to use it.  As it says on the bottle it will help hydrate your skin as well as tone it. This really is a great product and i would highly recommend to you all.

What are your favorite lush products ?


Sunday, 16 June 2013

MUA Makeup Academy Cosmetics

Hello everyone hope you are all well, today's post is going to be all about the brand Makeup Academy MUA, im sure you have all heard of this brand before as there products are very cheap and very good for the price. They have one line where all of the products just cost £1 :o and they also have a professional line which i believe everything is under £6.You can get MUA cosmetics in superdrug and on the MUA website.

Nail polish £1
These nail polish bottles have recently been repackaged and they look so much better then they used to, they do look like Essie bottles but oh well. For just £1 these nail polishes are so good they are all very pigmented and only take 2-3 coats to get a lovely opaque look. They last a good amount of time on the nails, i would say around 4 days before any chips start to appear. The colours i have are (left to right) moody mink, natural days and frozen yogurt, these colours are all very lovely and i don't own any other colours like them in my collection. If you haven't tried these nail polishes you have to as they are brilliant for the price.
I do also have one of the fur effect pots and i have never used, have no idea why i brought it in the first place.

Lip products, lipstick £1, lip gloss £2.50
The MUA lipsticks are so good they are very pigmented and creamy and look lovely on the lips. This lipstick was one of first products i brought from MUA, which was about this time last year for my prom. The one i have is a nude colour i don't know what the colour is a its rubbed of, but it is a lovely nude colour that's not to light or to pale and looks great on my skin tone.
I really wanted a coral colour lip gloss so i when i saw this i thought i would pick it up and give it ago, i used it once and i really liked it but thought out the day it started to wear and that horrible thing happened when it gathers in one place and goes all funny, and because that happened i haven't used it again, i wouldn't recommend these lip glosses but im sure they do some other good ones.

Eye shadows  £1
These single eye shadows are very good, they are very pigmented and creamy and go on to the lid like a dream, obviously they are not as good as MAC or Urban Decay but they are good if you are just starting out in makeup, or if you just don't want to spend a bomb. The MUA eye shadow pallets are also meant to be very good, but i haven't tried one of those for some crazy reason. The shades i have are (from left to right) shade 11, 1, 2 and 5, and they all have a pearl finish. If you are wondering why i have a green eye shadow it is because i got if for free with a magazine and i just haven't got rid of it just in case if i ever need it.

Undress your skin shimmer highlighter £3
This is the only face product i own by MUA, well until yesterday when i brought one of their new blushers, which by the way is really nice. Something that the high street really needs more of is highlighters, so when i found out MUA were bringing one out of course i had to pick it up. At first i wasn't that impressed but now i have been using it for a few months i have been really liking it. Its a lovely pearly pink colour that's looks lovely on the cheek bones, it is very light though so this wouldn't be any good for someone who has dark skin, but however if you have light skin this is perfect for you.

Mascara and eye liner £1
These two products aren't looking their best sorry. I use this not so clear mascara to set my eyebrows into place, its not the best but it does the job. The eyeliner is in snow white, i brought this ages ago just because i wanted to try a white eyeliner out in my water line (didn't like it), but i have used it a lot to highlight my brow bone or for a snow queen themed makeup that i am doing at college and it has in very handy.

If you haven't tried any MUA products then you have to they are very cheap and i would highly recommend them.

Whats you favorite MUA product ??


Monday, 10 June 2013

Small Collective Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, today's post is a beauty haul, just a few things that i picked up recently, hope you enjoy.

Nip + Fab viper venom wrinkle fix skin refining serum and eye fix roller ball eye gel
I was scowling through twitter the other day and i saw that @BeautyatTesco were doing a giveaway so of course i had to re-tweet the giveaway to enter, never thought i was going to win, then a few days later (bearing mind i had totally forgotten i had entered this giveaway) i saw i had a load of tweets and it turned out i had won, i was so excited, but i had no idea what i had actually won, so i had a little look through there page to see what i had re-tweeted, and i found out that i had won to some Nip + Fab products which i was really excited about, because i had never tried the brand before.
I have only used the products a few times so i cant really tell you want i think of them but they are very nice.

Nivea daily essentials rich moisturising day cream and Nivea soft refreshing soft moisturising cream, superdrug (both on offer for around £2-3 each)
If you have read any of my skin care posts before you would have seen me mention these two products a lot, and that would be because i love them so much. I use the day cream in the day (obviously) and i use the soft cream as a night cream. They are both ever so very moisturising and they are so good if you have dry skin. I started to use the day cream in winter and it saved my skin, my skin was no were near as dry as it was when i wasn't using this so of course this is now my staple day cream, as it gets warmer i might start to use a lighter one as it can be quite heavy. The soft cream i have been using for ages, its not only good for your face its also brilliant to you hands and body. If you haven't tried either of these products before you have to.

Phil Smith life's a beach sea salt spray sainsbury's (around £1-2 on offer)
I was watching zoellas newest hair video the other day, i saw that she used a sea salt spray in her hair and it made her hair look amazing, so i was like i am getting one of those, so when i was out a few days later i saw this one on offer so i thought i would pick it up and give it a go, i have only used it twice and i have mixed opinions on it.

Avon foot works heel softening cream
Believe it or not i don't actually own a foot cream, so the other day i used a bit of my brothers and i really liked it so i asked my mom to get some for me (thanks mom) and i have used it a few times and im really liking it.

Rimmel match perfection foundation in 100 ivory, Morrison's (£4.99 on offer)
This is my favorite foundation and i am actually running out of it so of course when i saw this on offer i had to get it, i actually picked this up when i was doing the weekly food shop with my mom so i actually didn't pay for it (thanks mom) if you haven't tried this foundation you have to.

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova, Boots £4.95 (on offer)
I have seen loads of people talk about these so when i saw them on offer i toke the opportunity and brought one. Erm its alright i don't really see the big hype over them but they are an alright product i will use this but i don't think i will but anymore, well i might try a lighter colour but i don't know.

What have you brought recently ??


Saturday, 8 June 2013

NOTD #16 MUA Natural Days

Hello everyone today's post is going to be a NOTD hope you enjoy, sorry i haven't put a post up all week, i have been taking in this lovely weather :)

MUA nail polish in Natural Days.
As the weather has been lovely i wanted to wear a polish that doesn't only look summery but one that can also make my skin look tanned, and this one dose that to a t. Its a lovely very light pink shade that has no shimmer in it, its quite sheer so you do need about three coats to get a lovely finish. As it is so very light you do have to be careful when painting your nails not to get it on to the skin or your cuticle otherwise it can look very messy.
This is a lovely colour but i don't think it is the right pastel pink i want :(

Whats your favorite pastel pink shade ??


Monday, 3 June 2013

May Favourite's

Hello everyone today i am doing my may favourites, these are mainly things i got for my birthday and lets just say i have really been loving them.

Revlon nearly naked foundation
If you live in England then you will know how lovely the weather has been lately, so i have only wanted to wear a very light coverage foundation, so this one is perfect for that, it also has SPF in it which is always good. The coverage is very light but you can build it up and it doesn't get cakey. I have loved using this and actually it not having a pump doesn't seem to bother me. I have the shade 110 ivory and it is perfect for me.

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion.
I do love a good cleanser me and lets just say this is the best one i have ever used, it gets my makeup off so well and it leaves my face looking so clean and fresh, i have definitely noticed a difference in my skin since i have been using this product. I think lush do brilliant skin care products and if you haven't tried them you have to, especially this cleanser and there toners.

Hollister body spray in solana beach
This is honestly the best thing i have ever smelt in my life, it is so fruity and fresh, it is great for summer. I have literally been using this everyday since i got it. I am not very good at describing scents so this is how the website describes it; conditions and cools with Aloe Vera. Raspberry, apple and strawberry mix with jasmine and white musk, lively scent. This describes it so well that is exactly how it smells.

Tangle Teezer
I have wanted to try one of these for ages because everyone always say how good they are, and lets just say i agree with these people, this is the best brush i have ever used and it don't now why its really good and i enjoy using it, but i don't know how to describe how good it is. It makes my hair feel really soft and i feel like less of my hair is coming out with it.

E45 moisturising lotion
I have very sensitive legs especially after shaving, so i need to use something that is going to be very gentle and soothing on my legs, and i find that this is the best thing for them. It is fragrance free which is great, and it actually moisturises my legs so well, you wouldn't think it but it really does.

What have you been loving lately ??