Friday, 29 March 2013

March favorites

Hello my lovely's, i hope you are having a great Easter. I have my march favorites for you today, these are some of the products i have been loving this month so i thought i would show you. This is my first favorites post i have done so i hope you like.

Maybeline the rocket mascara
I got this after everyone was raving about it, and yes i can see the hype over it. I have been reaching for this mascara almost everyday of march. I love this mascara its amazing, it gives my lashes lots of length and a bit of volume. I curl my lashes with eyelash curlers then apply about one coat of this to my lashes, and that's all i need to make my lashes look lovely and long.  
This is definitely worth the hype and small price tag, im very glad i got it.

LO'real true match foundation in rose ivory 
I brought this foundation because i have seen lots of good reviews on it and also mainly because it was on offer to £6.99 in superdrug.
This is the lightest colour (i think) in the range and i may say it is very light indeed almost to light for, some times i mix it in with my Rimmel match perfection foundation, because its a little to dark for me (that is also a foundation i really like). I find it dosent apply very well with my real techniques buffing brush, so i have been applying it with my fingers and it looks a lot nicer on my skin that way, i think it need the warmth of your fingers as its not that easy to blend out, even thought it says it super blend-able on the packaging.
If you have really dry skin then i don't think this is for you, but anyone with normal or oily skin it should be okay. I do really like this and i am glad i got, for such a great bargain as well.

Lavera 2 in 1 cleansing milk for all skin types
I have actually done a review on this so if you want to have a look click here.
This cleanser is sooo lovely its great because you can use it to take off your face makeup as well as your eye makeup and it doesn't sting your eyes because it is fragrance free. I love using this because it makes my skin feel so clean and cleansed, it smells a bit weird but i can get over it because it love it so much.

Urban Decay Naked Basics eye shadow pallet
I could never afford the orignal or naked two pallets, so when i found out this was coming out i new it was going to be a lot cheaper and i really wanted to get my hands on it, so i put it n my Christmas list and Santa
 (my mom) got it for me i was so happy.
I have been using this none stop lately you can make so many different looks with it and use it with other colours and it looks so nice on the eyes. It has six colours five matte and one shimmery. They are all very wearable for day time and you could even make a night time look out of the colours as well, because there is a matte black in the pallet.
I am soo glad i have this and i think my mom wants it too as she loves the eye shadow looks i make with it.

Fashionista ready to wear brush on concealer in light
Fashionista it a really nice brand and it is especially know for there eye shadow and blushers which i have never actually tried but i really want to because i have seen lots of good reviews on them. I got this concealer on offer for three pound in superdrug.
This is a really lovely concealer it is the perfect colour for me and works really well under my eyes, it dosent go cakey through out the day and covers dark circles really well, i find it is a bit shiny so i do have to set it with a powder, which is okay because i do that normally so that's not a problem.
I love this and i have really been enjoying using it.

Thank you for reading

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Monday, 25 March 2013

Barry M lilac foil, NOTD 13

Hello everyone
So today i have a NOTD  post for you, i hope you enjoy.

Barry M limited edition effects nail polish in Lilac foil.
I got this in a Barry M £10 goody bag from clothes show, i really liked it and i am surprised i have only just started using it. Its a lovely lilac metallic colour that's very pigmented, i only needed to use two coats to get a perfect application, i have now been wearing this polish four days and only one nail has chipped, this is really good as my nails normally chip on like the second day of wearing nail polish so im very happy about this. 
I don't think you can buy this any more as it was limited edition so sorry about that.

Thank you so much for reading

Whats your favorite nail polish brand ??


Friday, 22 March 2013

Sleek eye shadow pallet collection

Hello everyone
So today im going to show you my sleek makeup eye shadow pallets. You can buy these pallets at superdrug and on the sleeks website, they are only £7.99 which is such a great bargain for 12 really nice pigmented eye shadows.
I have four pallets and i love them all.

Sleek storm pallet
This pallet is probably sleeks most famous pallet and i can see why, it has some lovely everyday colours and some really lovely night time shadows. It has three matte shades; a light beige brown colour, a dark brown colour and a black, all of the pallets have a matte black in them which i think is really good and can come in very useful, the rest of the colours are shimmery.
This was my first sleek eye shadow pallet and i am very glad i got it because i love it.  

Sleek sunset pallet
This was my second ever pallet and i got it for a bargain, i found it in the clearance section for £2.50 :o, it was only discounted because this one colour was smashed but none of the other colours were even touched.
I really wanted this because i saw slightlyscented use it in her you tubes videos ages ago and i really liked the looks she created with it.This pallet has all shimmery colours apart from a matte black colour.
It has some really nice red shades and some more brighter shades, i can see where the name sunset came from.

Sleek original pallet
I got this at clothes show live in set with some eye lashes, a lip gloss and a face and body highlighter for only £10, which is a right bargain as that is almost the price for the pallet by its self. 
It has some really nice neutral and bright colours.
Ounce again all the colours are shimmery apart from one matte black colour.

Sleek shangri-la respect pallet, limited edition 
I have actually done a full review on this pallet, so if you want to see some more pics and swatches click here.
This pallet is really lovely, there is a really good mix of neutral and bright colours.
Im actually really upset because the pallet is actually broken, you might not be abul to tell but the the mirror has come of its hinges, it happened at college when i was doing my friends makeup and it just came of :(.

Thank you so much for reading.

What is your favorite sleek makeup product ???


Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Fashion and candle haul

Hello everyone
So today i have ANOTHER haul for you, hope you don't mind, but after buying all these things i am now skint :( anyway i hope you enjoy. 

Ying Yang top H&M £7.99
This top is so lovely the marital is so soft and its really nice quality. For only £7.99 i thought it was a bargain.  I got it in a size up because it was quite fitted and i like my tops a little over sized.
Its a really nice dark gray marl colour with black and white Ying Yangs all over it.  

VANS Schuh £27 (sale)
I love vans i think they are so comfortable, very stylish and very casual. I got this pair for a steal they were on sale for £30 then i got 10% student discount off them so they were only £27 bargain.
These are black and burgundy with a white sole and white laces they are great because you can wear them with almost any out fit.    

Above the knuckle gold skull ring, River Island £2
I saw this in one of katethisiswhatido's you tube videos and i thought it was a right bargain so i went and picked it up. As soon a brought it i put it on because i really loved it, it fits perfectly and it looks really nice on your finger. But there was something that really annoyed me about it, later that night when i took it of i noticed that it had already tarnished, i mean i wasn't expecting great quality or anything but i thought it would take longer than half a day to tarnish.

Delilah Dust, silver 3 cross necklace £2 (sale), silver cross bracelet £5 and gold skull necklace (sale)
I was just wondering round the internet and i stumbled across this little jewelry website and i thought it was really nice, the prices were very reasonable and they had free delivery.
The first thing i got was this silver three cross necklace, the chain is a little bit short but i can deal with that, it looks like nice quality and i got it for a right bargain.
The second thing i picked up was a silver cross bracelet, i always see llymlrs wearing really nice bracelets and i have always wanted one of these cross ones, ounce again its a little bit small but that's fine.
The last thing i got was a gold skull necklace, as soon as i saw this i new i had to have it, its very yellow gold colour with a lovely gold skull, which actually looks like it smiling lol. This was also a bargain but again the chain is a little short.
The only bad thing i have to say about this website is that the delivery took agesss, i think it was almost a month and the girl who owns the website doesn't live far away form me at all. 

Yankee candles, mango peach salsa testers x2, beach flowers tart, clean cotton tart and sweet strawberry tart
Mango peach salsa is my all time favorite Yankee candle it is so amazing, it smells so fruity and its just the best. I think its an spring sent as i can never find it in store, but the other day i saw it in a few shops, so i'm going to stock up.
I am so bad a describing sent's so this is how the Yankee website has described the tarts.
Beach flowers - Like delicate keepsakes from the sea. the lovely scent of tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms balanced with soft watery notes.
Clean cotton - Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon.
Sweet strawberry - The essence of perfectly ripe strawberries sprinkled with sugar.

Thank you so much for reading.

Whats your favorite Yankee Candle ?


Monday, 18 March 2013 review

Hello everyone
So today im doing a review of the things the website beauty-steals sent to me.
This website is lovely it carry's famous brands like Rimmel, Revlon, L'Oreal, Benefit, OPI and loads more, all of the products are at great prices and they ship worldwide.  

Rimmel i <3 lasting finish nail polish is wine not £3,99
This polish is lovely as all rimmel polishes are, the brush is a great size and the formula is great and the colour is lovely, although it dosent really compliment my skin colour, The colour is a lovely wine red burgundy colour, on me it looks a little brown which im not to keen on. i think this colour would look better on people with more olive tone skin. im glad i got a rimmel polish though as i love them

Revlon colour stay 12 hour eye shadow pallet in silver fox £3.59
I love Revlon products especially there lip products, but i have never tried any eye shadows so i was glad when i got it in the post, but the colours aren't the best and the shadows are very powdery. There are four colours in this pallet a shimmery plum purple which i thought was brown when i first got it so it was a bit annoying when i put a purple shadow all over my lid, there is white shimmery colour which is the nicest colour in the pallet although it is very powdery, there is also a mint green colour which isn't very wearable but its still a lovely colour, and lastly there is a gray colour that actually comes out a bit of a mint green colour when blended out.
The colours are very nice but not wearable for a daily bases.

Messhead hair therapy dry shampoo £3.99
I really like dry shampoo, i think it was a really good invention. Im sure many of you like me use dry shampoo very often, the only thing i find annoying about them is that they leave my hair looking a little gray.
As soon as i used this messhead dry shampoo i new it wasn't as good as my batiste, it smells lovely but my hair dosent feel as clean or as voluminousness as it dose when i use batiste.
You can also find this dry shampoo in body care (for a little cheaper to) if you fancy trying it out.

Eylure Girls aloud part lashes, Nicola £5.99
If any of you have to wear glasses all the time then im sure like me you find it really annoying that you cant wear fake eyelashes because the stupid glasses get in they way and you cant blink :(
These lashes are lovely though i tried them on and they aren't to heavy on you lashes and the glue is brilliant, they have lovely silver gemstones on them which i think adds a lovely sparkle to them but the only thing is which is a bit silly, when you are wearing the lashes you cant see the gem stones, what ?!
But these lashes are lovely and i might use them at college.

Olay gentle cleansing milk £4.99
This cleanser is lovely, i love how it is for all skin types and is dermatologically tested. It doses have a slight fragrance to it but nothing to strong. I used this on my eyes and it stung a bit so i wouldn't recommend using it on your eyes, it cleans my skin really well and i am enjoying using it at the moment.

Have you tried any of these products? if so what do you think of them?

Thank you for reading


Monday, 11 March 2013

Collective beauty haul, boots, superdrug and more

Hello everyone 
Today i have a really big collective beauty haul for you i hope you like :)

Maybeline the rocket mascara Superdrug £7.99
I really wanted to try after seeing loads of people saying how brilliant it is and i would have to agree with them, i love this mascara it makes my lashes so long with just one coat. I have been reaching for this all week i love it.

17 Nail polish in Sulk, boots £2.99
I saw this and another colour in store and i fell in love with both of them, i was going to buy both but I have so many nail polishes i made myself only buy the one. The colour is a bluey green colour with blue shimmer in it, its so lovely im glad i got it, but i still want to go back and buy the other one which was like a khaki colour with gold shimmer in it, it was beauifull. 

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Exotic Encounters, Sallys £2.15 (sale)
As soon as i saw that some of the china glaze colours were on sale i new i had to get one, this was the only nice colour left so i grabbed it. I got it for such a bargain i couldn't believe it. For those of you who were wondering if you could buy china glaze any were in the UK i think Sallys is only place that dose, i think that they sell them for around £8-9
The colour is a light blue green colour with no shimmer.

Nives Lip Butter in Raspberyy Rose, superdrug £1.49
I have seen loads of people saying how good these are so i had to get one, people were saying that the caramel one is nicer but i smelt it in the shop and i think it smells horrible this one is wayyy nicer, it smells like raspberry yogurts. I really like its very moisturising im glad i got this :) 

NYC Expert last lip colour in 437 Modern Love, Superdrug £1.99  
I saw khila from missbudgetbeauty talking about these, she put them on her lips and they looked beautiful and i knew for only £1.99 i was going to pick one up. I tried it as soon as i got home and i love it so much its so pigmented and creamy and this colour looks really nice on my skin tone. 

Natural collection pressed power in Neutral, boots £1.99 (3 for £5)
Believe it of not i don't actually own a face powder :o, so i decided to pick one up, this was only cheap so i didn't think it would be that good, but its actually alright its sets my concealer well and takes any shine on my face away.

Natural collection eye shadows in Milk chocolate and Butterscotch £1.99 each (3 for £5)
These are both lovely colours there both matte, very pigmented and lovely and soft.

MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighter, superdrug £3
When i got the email from MUA about there new collection i new i had to get this highlighter, but i couldn't find it in store, then i stared to see lots of mixed reviews about it but it didn't put me off it i still wanted it. Then yesterday i saw it and i had to have it. I haven't tried it yet but i cant wait to :)  

MUA eyeshadows in shade 11 and shade 1, Superdrug £1 each.
A few weeks ago i fancied some new eye shadows but i didn't want to spend to much, so headed straight to the MUA stand, these were the only two nice colours left to picked them up and they are both really nice. They are both shimmery and very pigmented.

Poundland pretty perfect nail drying spray, £1
I have almost finished my Avon nail experts liquid freeze so i needed something to replace it,  I was wondering around poundland and saw this so i decided to give it ago, i have only used it once so don't know if it actually did anything but i think it did an alright job.

Poundland pretty perfect twist and out artificial nail polish remover, £1
Not till i got home did i actually notice that i picked up the wrong one, i got the one for artificial nail and not normal polish which is rather annoying, but im still going to use the product inside i will just poor it in to another bottle of remover when iv finished it.

Superdrug sensitive skin light moisturiser and gentle facial wipes, on offer 2 for £3.50 (i think)
I needed a new light moistuiser and some wipes i saw these and decided to get them.
I really love this brand of products i really recommend them to you, if you are interested i actually have done a review of some of there products here.

Sallys Hoof stick, 79p ( with discount card)
I wanted to get a new one of these as the one i have in my kit is not very good, as this was only 79p i couldn't say no.
If you don't know what a hoof stick is, it is a tool used to push back cuticles. 

Face secrets Professional facial cleaning brush, sallys £1.69 ( with discount card)
I have wanted to try one of these brushes for a while so when i saw how cheap this was i had to buy it.

These are a few bits that my Mom and Nan very kindly gave to me as they didn't want them.
  • Lancome Gel Eclat cleanser, haven't tried this yet but i cant wait to.
  • Dove pro-age body butter
  • Kleenex facial cloths ( im glad i got these as i have wanted to try them for a while)
Thank you for reading this very long post

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Friday, 8 March 2013

My Top 5 High street Lip Products.

 Hello everyone
So today im going to be showing you my favorite high street lip products, this was so easy for me to pick the products out as i new straight away what my favorites were, i didn't realize until i swatched them on the back of my hand they were all different shades pink, i think its because pink suits my well what ever shade of it is.

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in Lovestick
I love this soo much, the colour is lovely, it has a really nice mint sent and it is really pigmented. Some of these crayon type lip products don't actually stain your lips but this one dose and i really like that about it.
The colour is a really nice fuschia colour with blue undertones so it makes your teeth look white.
I really want to pick up some of these in different colours

Rimmel Kate Moss matte lipstick in 101
Another really nice lipstick, i enjoy using this very much its a lovely colour and looks great on my skin tone, again like the Revlon balm stain it has blue undertones so it makes your teeth look white.
Although they say it is a matte lipstick it dosent make your lips look or feel dry, i have very dry lips and i find that it dosent stick to the dry patches so if you have dry lips don't be afraid, it dosent have a glossy finish its more matte that's wear the name comes from.

Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake
Again i love this product, Its actually really nice over the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick they are almost the same colour a really nice baby pink. Its nice if you just want a little bit of colour and something that will keep your lips moistureised. This was my first lip butter and im so glad i got it.

Sleek Glossed lip gloss in Whisper
I love the brush on this lipgloss its like a nail polish brush just a bit shorter, i really like that because it makes it really easy to apply. Its not sticky which is a bonus and the colour is lovely its great to put over a lipstick that a bit to dark it tones it down really well. I wouldn't recommend wearing by its self as it could wash you out as its quite pale. It also has SPF 15 which is really good, you don't often find SPF in lip gloss.

Collection lip gloss in Body pop
This is another lip gloss that i really like, this one also has an interesting brush its like a double sided doufut applicator. The colour is a really nice bubblegum pink with blue undertones. I love this over any lipstick or just by it self to give my lips a bit of colour. It also smells really nice its hard to explain, go and have a wif lol. For £2,99 its a great lip product.

If you want to know what lipstick shades suit your skin tone click here

What are your favorite high street lip products ??


Sunday, 3 March 2013

Bedside Beauty

Hello everyone
So today im going to be showing you the beauty products i keep by my bed, they are very interesting but i hope you like this post anyways :)

Nivea soft Refreshingly soft moisturising cream
I love this cream so much, i love how you can use it all over your body face, body and hands. The smell is really nice it is perfumed but only a little so if you have very sensitive skin maybe don't use it on your face.
On the back it says: Nivea Soft, a mousturiser sensation! We love this highly effective formula with vitamin E and jojoba Oil because it is quickly adsorbed, leaving your skin sensationally soft and smooth. Enjoy the revitalizing feeling of a long-lasting moisturisation on you face, body and hands everyday.
I really do recommend this if you have dry skin, i use this when my face of body is feeling dry when im in bed.

Garnier body intensive 7 day soothing lotion in calming honey for sensitive skin
This is a really good lotion especially if you have sensitive legs after shaving, it smells really nice and is moisturises really well, i don't think it lasts seven days at all, maybe one or two, which i think is bad as they are try sell that your body will stay moistureised all week and it just dosent.
But i still love this product and if you haven't tried it you should give it a go. 
I keep by my bed because it remined me that i need to moistuis my body, other wise i will just forget and because its handy.

Sanex dermo sensative deodorant 
I am not a fan of this spray i don't think it dose a very good job, my favorite spray is nivea pearl and beauty spray, yh thats all im gonna say as its really boring.
I keep this by my bed so when im getting dessed i can just pick it up and use it, so i dont have to walk around trying to find it lol.

Sudocrem antiseptic healing cream.
I really love this stuff its great for spots and dry skin, i know that it dosent work for everyone and it has very mixed opinions, but i like it and it works for me :) 
I keep this by my bed so if i have any spots i can put it on as a night time treatment, or if i have any dry patches of skin i put this on it and it really dose help.

Vaseline, carmex and blistex.
I keep three lip balms by the side of my bed just for choose really, these three are my fav lip balms, they all have different textures and different smells some times there's a certain one i fell like using and if i want it its there for me to use. Vaseline dosent really moisturise my lips but the other two do, Vaseline just nice to use when my lips aren't really dry but i want to put something on them, when my lips feels really dry i will use one of the other two i use carmex the most .

I also have some beauty tools that i keep by my bed that come in very handy. I have a nail file that's there just in case if i brake a nail, my bedside table is were i paint ad treat my nails so i keep it there for handyness. Cuticle stick/ orange wood stick for pushing back my cuticles and for getting the dirt from under my nail (lovely right). Compact mirror, just there if i ever need it.

What are your bedtime essentials ??