Thursday, 31 October 2013

Halloween NOTD - Eye Balls

Happy Halloweeeeen, so its Halloween and as im not doing any think to well, celebrate Halloween i thought i would do some cool nail art. So after about 10 minutes of searching for Halloween nail art on Google i decided to do eye ball nails because i thought it looked really cool.

I started off by painting my nails all white with Rimmels white nail polish in London Clouds, then i took my dotting tool and used the greeny blue nail polish (no name, no brand) and dotted a medium sized dot in the middle of my nail, this is the colour of the eye ball so you can use any colour you like, still using the dotting tool i took Models own nail polish in Black Magic and dotted a smaller dot in the middle of the green dot to make the pupil, then i used a small angled nail art brush and used 17 nail polish in knockout red to create the veins on the eye. So as you can tell this is really easy to do and it looks really good.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Seventeen Cosmetics Makeup Review

So today i have another cheap drugstore brand review for you and today's brand is seventeen. Seventeen can only be found in boots and is fairly cheap. Since i have brought any think from the brand they have had a little bit of a revamp, they used to be called 17 and now they have changed it to Seventeen, so only a small change, but some of my products might look a little bit different to the products in store.

Pencil eyeliners - The top one is black and the bottom one is purple. Both of these are very pigmented and creamy, they are great for the lash line but not so great for the waterline. I actually don't use these much any more, but i remember them been very nice pencils and i think they are only like £2.99 which is great.

Glitter liquid liners - I got these in a Christmas set years ago and i have never really used them, but for glitter liners they are actually very pigmented and stay on for a long time. I think there was some others in the set as well but i think i got rid of them.

Eye shadow
The eye shadows are all very pigmented but can be a bit powdery. I got all of these ages ago so i don't think they are available any more apart from maybe the single eye shadows. I don't really use this much anymore but i can tell you they are very nice but since the brand has been revamped they might be a bit better.

Nail polish 
The nail polish has got to be my favorite thing that seventeen do, they are very pigmented and the brush is really nice. The three on the top are from a Christmas set but the other four you can get in boots. I have two fast finish polishes one is a red which is called knock out red and a bluey green duo-crome in the shade sulk.
I also have two lasting fix polishes, a purple one called Chateaux and a shimmery coral colour called Tropical Island. I really like these nail polishes and at only £2,99 they are a bargain.

Seventeen also do a lot of other products like blushers, foundations, concealers, mascaras and a lot more which are all meant to be very good. I would say that this brand would be good for any teenagers or any one who is just starting out in makeup and want to try some decent stuff.


Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Storage Haul - T K Maxx, eBay + more

This is just a small haul of some of the things i have brought for my bed room recently, there's not much but i thought you would like to see.

Multi-function folding box organiser, eBay £1.49 (Link to similar
I was trying to make to changes on my makeup desk so when i saw this i thought it looked quite cool and thought it would be good so i brought it. It was only around £1.49 so i couldn't say no. Its a purple folding box with little pockets on the front, you can take the bottom out and the sides fold together. When i got it i looked at it and i thought oh that's really ugly, the quality is really bad and i just haven't used it, but its not like i broke the bank buying it.

Acrylic makeup storage, TKmaxx £5.99
I had wanted some think like this for a very long time but they were always to expensive or not quite how i wanted it. This one is the perfect size and it looks really nice on my desk with all the things in it (picture with it full). I'm not sure if they will have this in store any more as i brought it a while ago but im sure other places sell some thing similar.

Mirrored butterfly candle holder, Wilkinsons £2 (sale)
Ignore the fact that you can see my reflection in it lol.
When i was trying to redecorate my makeup desk i wanted some thing new to put my face makeup brushes in, so when i saw this for only £2 i new i had to have it, mainly because it was really pretty but also as it has butterfly's on it, so it kind of goes with the theme of my bedroom.

Purple butterfly candle holder, poundland £1
Sorry for the really bad picture :(.
After i brought the candle holder from wilkos i saw this in poundland and i thought they would go really nice together, and they do but i use this for actual candles, and once there is a candle in it, it looks really nice they butterfly's light up and when you turn all the lights of there butterfly's on the walls.


Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Beauty Would you Rather tag.

1. Would you rather lose all your mascaras, eyeliners, lipsticks and lip glosses or all of your pallets and eye shadows ?
Defiantly i would lose all of my pallets and eye shadows, only because i couldn't live with out mascara and eyeliner. I do love my powder eye shadows but i could make do with cream eye shadows and pencil eye shadows.

2. Would you rather chop off all of your hair or never have it cut again ?
Never have it cut again, i just could not have short hair i now i will hate it, and my hair is in pretty good condition so my ends aren't to bad so my hair wont look really dead and lifeless.

3. Would you rather have a coral or a pink cheek ?
A pink cheek, i prefer pink blush to coral as i think it looks better on me.

4. If you had £1000 to spend. would you rather spend it on clothes or makeup ?
I do love clothes but i think im going to have to say beauty, i am a beauty addict and im a beauty therapist so i could get some really cool stuff.

5.  Would you rather apply lipstick as eyeliner or eyeliner as lipstick ?
Well neither really but it would depend on the colour, but i think i will choose lipstick as eyeliner, only because you could use a dark purple colour on your lash line and it wouldn't look as bad as black lips.

6. Would you rather only shop in Sephora or MAC ?
Well we don't have Sephora in England but if we did i would choose Sephora only because it has a lot more brands and more choice.

7. Would you rather only use one eye shadow or one lip colour for the rest of your life ?
One eye shadow, only because one lip colour will get really boring and and one eye shadow wont look too bad and you could even make it darker or smoker with some eyeliner.

8. Would you rather wear winter clothes in summer or summer clothes in winter ?
Hmm well our English summers aren't the best, so probably winter clothes in summer.

9. Would you rather wear dark or bright nail polish all year round ?
Bright nail polish, every one loves a good bright nail polish.

10. Would you rather give up your favorite lip product or eye product ?
Lip product, only because there are so many other colours out there and in my collection. And good eye products are hard to find.

11. Would you rather only be able to wear your hair in a pony tail or a messy bun ?
A messy bun because they look different every time and pony tails are kind of boring.

12. Would you rather never use nail polish or lip gloss again ?
Lip gloss of course, i could not live with out nail polish my hands would look so boring.

13. Would you rather have no eyebrows or fill them in with a sharpie everyday ?
Oh my, well no eyebrows will look stupid but so would really dark eyebrows unless there is a light brown sharpie, ermm i think fill them in with a sharpie.

14. Would you rather live with out makeup or nail polish?
I could not live with out makeup so 100% nail poilsh.


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Whats in My College Makeup Bag (updated)

The other day i put up a whats in my college bag post (here) and i said i was going to do a post about whats in my makeup bag, so here it is.
My makeup bag its self i think is from Debenhams years ago, its a really good size and i can fit every think i need in it. I have some Anti-Bac hand gel from primark because you never now when you need to clean your hands, a mirror, Vaseline and Carmex lip balm as i have very dry lips. The real techniques buffing brush to buff in my collection lasting perfection concealer, i only take these so i can put some makeup back on after i have had it taken off from a facial treatment. A nail file, my eyebrow brush, the collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil that i use in my water line, a vaporizer which has lady gaga perfume in it and my eyebrow comb. I have some Kleenex shine absorbing sheets which i actually don't use so i have no idea why they are still in here. My urban decay naked basics pallet, which i love as it has every think i need in it, i use w.o.s to set any concealer and i use naked 2 for my brows and as a contour, and i also have it if want to put any eye shadow on. My NARS blush in orgasm, my eyelash curlers, the rituals mascara and whatever lipstick i am wearing that day today is a revlon lip butter.
So that is what i have in my makeup bag, most of the time i also have a load of hair grips and some hair bobbles but i toke them out a few days ago.


Sunday, 6 October 2013

Whats in My College Bag (updated)

I did one of these posts around a year ago (here) so i thought i would do an updated version as my old one got very good views so you must of enjoyed it.
My bag in from H&M which i got last Christmas so i doubt they sell it any more. It is the perfect size it carry's every think i need it to and it is very sturdy.
In my bag i have a Ribena bottle which i use to put my squash in. I have a comb in case if i need to brush my hair. I have a Radly purse which i use to put any money i need in, i don't take my big purse because i will end up spending all my money on rubbish lol. I have my pass and my fob watch which comes in very handy when i am doing treatments. A body spray just to freshen up and in the background that purple case with the white spots on it is my pencil case.
I have an umbrella because you never now when its going to rain. My note pad, which is actually really cool it has lined paper, squared paper and plain paper and it was only like £1.50p from wilkos. My ears phones and my keys and then in the back ground is my makeup bag which i will show you in my next post.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Haul: Superdrug, Boots, Lush and eBay

Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar £2.50 
I really wanted some new things from lush as i haven't actually tried that many products from them. I decided to buy a bubble bar as at home we don't really have any nice bath products. I thought this smelt really nice and looked really pretty so i decided to get it, and it was a really good price at £2.50 as most of lush's stuff is normally quite expensive.

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub £5.50
I used to make my own lip scrubs but i always see people going on about how good these are so i decided to pick one up. I couldn't choose between this one and the mint one but i choose the bubblegum one in the end because i really like the sweet smell, i have used it a few times and its really nice but its very different to the ones i used to make.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipsticks in Funtime fuchsia and Notting hill nude eBay £2.98 each
(Pictured in college at the top, i had to take the big pic down as it was blurry)
I think these have recently been reformulated so at the moment they are all over eBay for like £2-3. I have heard some people say that notting hill nude is good for pale people so of course i had to pick it up, i have used it a few times and it actually is very nice. Essie button loves the shade Funtime fuchsia and it looked really nice on the blog post she did about it so i decided to get it, i have used it a few times and its lovely i was expecting it to be a bit darker but it still lovey and its very pigmented.

Professional Cosmetics Stipple makeup brush, eBay £1.99 
I have always wanted to try some more versions of the real technique brushes but they are kind of expensive, so the other day when i was looking at the brushes on eBay i saw these and i thought i would order a few, and i must say they are lovely, they are very soft and good quality, they are from Hong Kong so they do take a while to get here but believe me they are worth it.

Nivea daily essentials rich moisturising day cream, Superdrug £3.00
This is my every day moisturiser and i love it so much, its great if u have dry skin as it is so moisturising, it literally saved my skin last winter. Its only cheap and it is a staple for me, if you have dry skin you should give it ago.

Clean and Clear deep action cream wash, superdrug £1.99
I recently started micro-dermabrasion at college so i had to stop using my exfoliating products so i decided to pick up a new face wash. I really like clean and clear products so i thought i would give this ago i haven't actually started using this yet as i have been using the other one i brought.

Clearasil Daily clear vitamins and extracts wash and mask, boots £2.99
When i was in boots i saw that these clearasil products were on offer so i decided to pick some up, i have been using this every day and i have been really loving it. After i have taken my makeup off i get in the shower and wash my face with this. It makes my face feel nice and clean and i think it might of helped clear up my spots a little. I really like that it is also a mask so I'm almost getting more for my money.

Clearasil daily clear superfruits refreshing pads, boots £1.99
When i saw these i was very intrigued so i picked them up and decided to give them ago. When reading it i didn't see the part were it said they are exfoliating so that's annoying. But they are still nice, they smell amazing just like apples but very strong. I have used them on my nose when it was feeling a bit ruff and they did a brilliant job.


Tuesday, 1 October 2013

September Empties 2013

Morrisons Papaya and Mango Shower Scrub
I brought this ages ago and only recently started using it. It is morrisons own so it was really cheap i think it was around £1-2. It smells amazing one of the best things i have ever smelt, im not sure if it actually smells like papaya and mango but it does smell amazing and very fruity, and the smell stays on your skin for a few hours which is nice. For a scrub its not very invigorating, the particles in it are very small and there's is not many of them. I don't think i will repurchase this.

Batiste dry shampoo
This is a product i have talked about many many times so i don't want to bore you. I'm sure you have all used this before and know how good it is. I spray it on second day hair when its looks a bit greasy and my hair looks brand new, it does come out white but i can deal with that, i think i might try the one for brown hair. I will always repurchase this.

TRESemme Ultimate Hold Touchable finish Hair spray
I really love this hair spray but it makes me sneeze which is weird, any way i really like it because it keeps my hair in place all day and it doesn't make it crispy. I might buy the full size of this but im not sure as it does make me sneeze which is a bit odd.

Amargan Hair oil
I brought this at a beauty show that i went to with my college in May. The man working at the stand tried a bit of it on my hair and after it felt amazing so i decided to buy a set of three different products. This is the only one from the pack i have used and that is because i love it so much. It makes my hair feel so amazing, i put about three pumps in to my hand and then spread it in to the ends of my hair when its wet, then when i wake up in the morning my hair feels so soft and looks amazing, i really want the full size but i think its like £20 so that wont be happening.

Carex Sensitive Hand gel
Everyone needs hand gel and this is the one i always buy, its around £1-2 and you can get it any were. I use this before i do my makeup and before i take my makeup off. It cleans my hands very well and i use it all the time. I have already brought another bottle.

Clinique Even better Clinical Dark spot Corrector
My aunt gave me two samples of this a few weeks ago and i started using it and i really liked it . Its a peachy colored serum type product that i applied every night. Im not really sure if i noticed a difference but it was nice to use, i just looked at the website and the full size is like £80 which is ridiculous so i wont be buying that.

Estee Lauder Take it Away Total Makeup Remover 
My mom gave this to me ages ago from one of those big sets that they do at Christmas because she wasn't going to use it. I used it a few times but i didn't really now how to use it so i just left it. But a few months ago i was searching through my collection and i found it so i thought i would give it another try and i really liked it, you can tell i did as i chopped the top off. I message this in to my face then take a damp Kleenex facial cloth and take my makeup off. It is fragranced but it didn't brake me out in spots or any think. I think the full size is like £20 so i wont be buying that, but i do really like this product.

Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft Moisturising cream
Another product that i talk about all the time is this and that is because i love it so much. This is manly a hand cream but i use it on my face and feet, it is so moisturising and makes my skin feel really soft. I will always buy this.

Lavera Cleansing Milk
I was sent this a while ago and i really loved it but then i stopped using it, so when i was trying to use up some products the other month i started using this again and i didn't love it as much but it is nice. Its good because you can use it to take off eye makeup as well as face makeup. Its a yellow colour and it smells a bit like sun cream which is strange. I wont be buying it but it was nice to have.