Sunday, 30 September 2012


Hello everyone

So some of you may have noticed that i haven't being blogging very much recently that is because three weeks ago i started collage, if you didn't know I'm doing the beauty therapy course, the days are very long i go in on a Tuesday and a Thursday, on Tuesdays i work from 10am to 8pm this kills me and i am so tired by the end of the day, but on a Thursday i work from 10am to 4pm which isn't as bad.
If you would like me to do a whole post on my course i will including pics of my kit and just telling you things i have been doing i will do.
Any way on to the NOTD, i haven't done one of these for a while.

I don't know the name of this polish as it is a mini i got in a set about three Christmases ago, it is however a lovely colour its a Goldy,silvery bronze metallic colour.
Its very pigmented and only needs two coats.
Its a lovely colour and i really like it.
As you have read above i have started collage, on my course we are not allowed to wear nail polish due to health and safety reasons :( so i have been wearing boring clear polish, but on Thursday night i can paint them and then i will take it off Monday night.
If you have any requests i would love to know.
 Tell me what your favourite nail polish is.
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Sunday, 23 September 2012


  Hello everyone.
I have a haul for you just a few things i picked up yesterday enjoy.

Jacket-Primark £25
I have wanted one of these jackets with the leather sleeves for a while and this one from primark is the cheapest one i could find, so yesterday i went in looking for it, at first i couldn't find it Que my little panic, but then i saw a girl trying one on so i walked around the area where she was and i found it :)
I tyred on the 10 and the body fit perfect but the sleeves where a bit tight, so i decided to get the 12 which fits fine, i love this jacket so much.

Khaki Jeans- Pimark £11
I have seen a few people talk about these jeans on youtube they are called the ultra soft super skinny jeans, people were saying they are comparable to the topshop leigh jeans, i wouldn't know because i don't own a pair as they are way to over priced for me.
I tyred these on in a 10 they were perfect on the leg but i couldn't get them done up, so i just brought the 12 they fit perfect round the waist but they are really long and the legs are a bit baggy, I'm not sure weather to take them back or just live with it.    
Also sorry if the pic is a bit blurry.

River Island -3 set ear cuff £2
I thought £2 for 3 ear cuffs was really good so i decided to get them.
The colours are rose gold, gold and silver.

River Island rose gold wish bone earrings £1,50
As there is a rose gold cuff in the pack above i decided to get some earrings to match as i own no rose gold jewellery :o i know, i thought these were cute and they were only £1.50 so i decided to get them.

River Island black cross earrings £1.50
In river island they had loads of these little cross studs in silver, gold and black so i went for the black as i own no black earrings and i new they would go with everything, and again they were a bargain at only £1.50, i will defo buy more jewellery form river island in the future.  

Clean and clear blackhead clearing daily scrub Morrison's £1.90
I have wanted a face scrub for a while as i have never had one, so when i was food shopping with my dad i decided to get this as i was cheap and its not to harse as you can use it daily.

Superdrug nail polish remover around £1
I have almost run out of the one I'm using at the moment so i decided to get this as i was in superdrug.
Also while i was there i smelt the new lady gaga perfume its amazing i really want it, if you havent smelt it already you reallt need to its lovely.

 Clinique Chubby stick in mighty mimosa £16
This is a very sheer baby pink colour, i didn't realise it was so sheer until today when i tyred it on I'm really unhappy it doesn't even make a difference to my lips I'm not impressed at all.
My auntie brought me a £30 clinique voucher for getting on to my college course, this was very nice of her and i wasn't expecting it at all, so i brought this and the next product. 

Clinique line smoothing concealer in 02 light £15
Even though it says line smoothing it doesn't necessarily mean its for wrinkles our any think, the women said its still good for spots and any redness, i haven't used this yet only when the lady tyred it on me, but it dose seem nice.

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Sunday, 16 September 2012

TAG: How much is my face worth.

  Hello everyone
So today's post is the how much is my face worth tag i have seen a few posts on this so i thought i would do it as well.
I must say my products aren't to interesting but i hope you like any way :)

Clinique redness solutions foundation in calming alabaster
This is the only foundation i own i really like it the coverage it medium perfect for me.
The only thing is it doesn't last all day on my skin, and also its only 30ml so i don't think its going to last to Long i have had it for about 5 months and its still going strong.
Natural collection blush in rosey glow
This is a really nice blush its one of those colours wear you can use it as a blush and bronzer.
I have recently hit pan on it so i might get another but I'm not sure yet.
Benefit high beam
I got this with a glamour magazine last year.
I don't use this all the time only when i think my face needs a bit of hightlighting.
Its okay i dont really have anything to compare it to as this is the only one i have.
I probs wouldn't buy the big one as i know there are a few cheaper dupes for it in the high street.
Natural collection eyeshadow due in mink and sable.
I use the darker colour for my eyebrows, it is shimmery but not much so my eyebrows don't look like they have glitter in them.
This shade is the perfect colour for my brows.
I will also use this due for my eye shadows sometimes, like if I'm in a rush and i cant be bothered to look through my other shadows.
MUA clear mascara
I use this to set my eyebrows it doesn't really work but i do it anyway.
Collection 2000 colour intense trio in  02 sin city.
I got this from pound land, it came in a pack if two.
I really like the two lighter colours there really nice to put all over the lid and in the crease.
They are kind of powdery put not to much i really like this trio, i brought another of fragrance direct for like 80p.
Collection 2000 intense colour super soft kohl pencil in 01 black magic
I really like this pencil its really black and it stays on the waterline for a few hours, it dose smudge and come off which i don't really like.
If you know any good drugstore eyeliner that stays on the waterline all day please let me know.
Collection 2000 skyscraper mascara in 17 ultra black
I got this from pound land.
The first time i used this i wasn't to impressed but after a few days using it i really do like it.
All toghter my face costs £34.47,pretty good price.
If you have any post requests please let me know.
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Monday, 10 September 2012

products i have used up #2

  Hello everyone.

Today i have my second products i have used up post, enjoy.

Schwarzkopf got2b 2 sexy collagen hairspray.
I'm sure i have already talked about this product before, but i will just give you a run down, it smells amazing just like cherry aid, its not sticky and it doesn't make your hair hard, it dose a really good job and i would defo buy this again.

Nivea pearl and beauty deodorant.
This is just like any other spray, it stops you from sweating lol.
It smells powdery but it is nice.
Not really much more to say.

E45 moisturising lotion.
I have very sensitive legs so i really liked using this as it is perfume free and good for your body.
I didn't use the whole of this i found it in the bathroom with about a third left in it i used it and i really like it, other moisturisers irritate my legs but this is lovely.
I have already brought a new one.

Batiste dry shampoo original
I'm sure you all know what this is so I'm not going to go on about it.
I use this in my roots on second day hair to make it look a bit more fresh.
I buy the original one as i don't really like the smell of the others, i brought the blush one and i really don't like the smell,so in future i think I'm just going to stick with this one.

Garnier simply essentials soothing eye makeup remover.
I think i might have already spoke about this to, but anyway this is really nice, much nicer than the nivea one i have recently brought.
Its a clear liquid,and it takes your eye makeup off really well and it doesn't irritate my eyes, i probably would buy this again.

Avon advanced techniques dry ends serum.
I don't really know if this made any difference to my hair i couldn't really tell.
Its a clear serum and you put It on your hair when its damp you can when its dry but i found that it made my hair look a bit oily.
I don't think i will buy this again.

Soap and glory hand food, hand cream.
This smells soooo nice i would defo recommend this to you.
On the tube it says Non-greasy hand cream with Shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow.
The only thing is that for only a small tube its £2.50 which it a lot for only 50ml, but i might buy it again because i really like it.
If you have any requests on posts you would like me to do comment down below.
Tell me do you use/like any of the products that i mentioned ?
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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

fashion and beauty haul.

Hello everyone.

So i have another haul for you, just a few things i picked up this weekend.
Hope you enjoy.

Zoo - Cosmic skull top £6.99
Zoo is this random shop in a shopping center near me im not sure if the shop is any were else,
when i walked in to the store this was the first thing i saw my eyes were drawn to it, i have wanted somthing cosmic printed for a while, and i love skulls so i had to get this and it was so cheap.
I also almost brought an MTV top but i dident have enough money, but i still want it.

H&M aztec print trousers £7.99
I had seen these in store before and i really liked them but i wasn't sure if to get them, then when i was trying some shoes on in office i saw a lady wearing them, and then i really wanted to get them, i also got them because its my brother 21st birthday soon and the theme is black and white so i thought i could wear them then.
Just to worn you thses have Zero give to them they have no elastic in the waist band, an there is a zip at the back so you might want to get a bigger size.

H&M black cardi £12.99
I had also seen this in store before and i really wanted to get it but i didnt have any money, so when i went back this weekend i got it then.
I brought this in a size 16 because i wanted it to baggy and over sized.

Office black VANS £45.00
These have definitely gone up in price I'm sure they used to be £40 but oh well.
I got these because i needed some good black shoes for when i go to college, because I'm doing beauty therapy and i have to wear a uniform so i thought these would be good.

Superdrug E45 moisturising lotion £2.55
This is the only moisturiser i can use on my legs because there so sensitive, and this is perfect because it doesn't irritate my legs, like others do.

Lush Eau Roma water, toner water £3.95.
This is my second ever product from lush, i don't normally buy stuff from there because it so expensive for what it is, if it was a bit cheaper i would probs buy more things because i know they don't test on animals and it good for your skin. 

Superdrug carex anti bacteria and gel 99p
I love the carex hand gels because, well i don't know i just like them lol. 

Superdrug Nivea double effect eye make-up remover £1.59
I have never tyred this before, but i know that i like this kind of eye make-up remover with the oil in because i feel like it does a really good job.
I really like the sephora eye make-up remover that i got from France, but i used  it all up and i cant buy it again because for some reason and i don't know why but we don't have a sephora in England :(

co-op L'oreal elvive triple resist reinforcing conditioner £2.00 on offer
I wanted a new conditioner because my hair is kind of dry at the moment so i thought i would try this one.

Boots 17 FEST of all kit £1.50
I brought this because it was on clearance so i thought i pick it up.
In it there is a nail polish in tropical island.
Black eyeliner in Onyx.
Instant Glow body bronzer in medium matt.
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Monday, 3 September 2012

Palmers cocoa butter formula lip balm review.

 Hello everyone.
A few people have asked me to do a review on the Palmer's cocoa butter lip balm so here it is for you enjoy.

I'm going to start off by saying that this lip balm smells totally amazing, just like all the other Palmer's cocoa butter products.
This lip balm is moisturising but not greasy, is has a matt finish but its not waxy.
It has an SPF of 15 which is obviously good and the lip balm doesn't have any smell of sun cream.
Its not overly moisturising so if you have really really dry lips this might not work for you.
I have read a few reviews on this lip balm and a few people have been saying that it makes there lips get a weird kind of reaction to it, it made there lips tingly,go all red and very irritated so this lip balm might not be for everyone, so make sure you read the ingredients before you buy it.
But this lip balm is really nice on my lips it doesn't last to long but other than that its really nice.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Night time skin care routine.

Hello everyone.

This is my night time skin care routine.

If you would like to see my morning skin care routine click on the link.

NIVEA daily essentials facial wipes.

I start off by taking a wipe and wiping round my face to take the top layer of my foundation off, my eyeshadow and eyebrow colour off.

GARNIER simply essentials eye make up remover.
Then i put some my eye make up remover on to a Cotton pad and take my mascara and eyeliner off.
This eye make up remover is okay it dose the job, it doesn't irritate my eyes its soothing as it says on the bottle.
As you can see I'm running out i have already brought a new one from nivea.

Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion.
I then put some cleanser on to a Cotton pad and cleanse my face.
I love this cleanser it doesn't have a sent and its really smooth and cleanses your face well.
I have almost ran out off this, i might buy another, but i have an Estee Lauder cleanser that my mom gave to me so i might use that first and see how i like it.

Clearasil ultra overnight serum.
Next i take this and put it on my nose, cheeks and chin.
I don't know if this really works but i now since i have left school and brought this my skin has been really good and i have only been getting that random spot.
I found this and the next product in poundland and had to pick it up, even the women at the till said its good.
I will let this sink in to my skin for a few hours.

Clearasil ultra over night lotion.
Before i go to bed i will put this on if my skin is feeling a bit dry.
This is okay I'm sure if its actually doing anything, but i like it.

The next few things are products that i don't use all of the time, i thought i would included them in the post anyway.

Clearasil overnight wash
I use this whenever i feel like my face needs a really good clean, i feels so nice on the skin, when you wash it off your skin feels fresh,clean and soft.
I really like this and i think it costs under £2. 

I use a thin layer off this all over my face when my skin is really bad, i really dose work, i would defo recommend this if you have bad spots if really dose the job.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair.
I will use a bit of this all over my skin when i feel its a bit ruff and needs smoothing out or it i have a few bad spots.
This is really lovely, its only a sample size and my mom gave it to me as she dosent use it.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair eye.
This is the only eye cream/gel i have so when ever my eyes feel dry or there itchy i will put this on, its really smooth and  your under eyes feel so soft in the morning.
Again this is a sample size and my mom gave it to me, as she uses a different eye cream. 

Parmers cocoa butter formula.
I use this when my skin is really dry,its really nice smells lovely and makes my face really smooth.
I think this is made for the body but i use it on my face anyway.
Whats your favorite product you use on your skin i would love to know ?
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Saturday, 1 September 2012

Morning skin care routine.

Hello everyone.
This my morning skin care routine enjoy.

NIVEA daily essentials facial wips
I start off by using a face wipe all over my face to make sure my face is nice and clean and freashen me up a bit.
I dont tend to wash or cleanse my face in the morning, some times i splash my face with water to wake me up a bit but thats it, its mainly because im kind of lazy lol, i feel like the wipes do the job for me.

Beauty formulas on the spot treatment.
Next i will put some of this on my cheeks and my chin to keep the spots away.
This is really good concidering it was only 99p, i feel like it really dose work, so doses my brother because he always steals it and uses it and it really annoyes me becuase i dont have much left but its okay because it not like its expensive.
Superdrug aqua hydrating day cream.
Lastly i will moisterises my skin with this, there not really much to say about this its just a regular moisteriser.
After this my skin is ready for makeup.
If you want me to do my everyday makeup produts post i will just comment down below.
My next post will be my night time skin care routine, which might be a bit more intreasting as there are a lot more produts. 
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