Sunday, 28 October 2012

beauty haul

Hello everyone

I have a haul for you today, just a few things i have picked up over a few shopping trips enjoy.

Sleek shangri-la respect pallet, Superdrug £7.99
I have done a review on this pallet to see click here.

 Kate for Rimmel lipstick in 101, boots £5.49
This is a matte lipstick, its a nude pink color and its very natural.
Dont know why i brought this as my lips are really dry at the moment because of the weather, but i do really love the color. 

 Natural collection blush in pink cloud, boots £1.99
This is a really nice pink color, very natural, and very pigmented for £1.99.
I would defo recommend this to you.

 Rimmel vinyl jelly lip liners in 003 starlet and 009 hot spark, Home bargains 99p
These are very nice, nicely pigmented, very glossy and i got them both for 99p, what a bargain.
One is a nude color and the other is a light berry color. 

Schwarzkoft got 2b guardian angel heat protection, £2.99 home bargains
I have almost run out the the one i am using at the moment, and i really like this one it smells lovely and it dose the job really well.
And i think i got this a bit cheaper, than it is in boots and superdrug.

Garnier body intensive 7 day soothing lotion,Asda £1.50
I have wanted to get one of these body lotions for a while because sometimes i forget or i don't have time to cream my legs, and i feel like i have to because my skin is dry, i dident know how this would react on my skin as it is very sensitive, that's why i brought the one for sensitive skin, and its fine it dosent make my legs itchy or anything, its actually really nice.

Clinique take the day of makeup remover
This is a sample that my Nan gave me as she dosent use eye makeup remover, i have been using this the last few days and its really nice, i went on to the website and for the full size it costs £16 which is a lot, i might put it on my Christmas list but im not sure yet, but this eye makeup remover is lovely.

Jesus bracelets, primark £1.50
I have wanted some of these bracelets for a really long time, i am a bit late with them but i will still wear them anyway.
And i thought £1,50 for two bracelets is really good.

Skintruth rich massage cream, sallys £8 but i got if for £5.
I have learnt how to do arm and face massage at collage and my family want me to do massages on them, so my Nan kindly gave me the money for this.
I also brought some eyelash glue from sallys for around £3.

Rimmel london match perfection foundation in 100 ivory superdrug £6.99
After i saw fluer de force talk about this foundation i really wanted to get it, believe it or the this is my second ever foundation i have used :o, it was only £6.99 so i decided to get, the color match is perfect, and the coverage is really nice, i am a big fan of this foundation and i have only used it like three times.

Rimmel london Glam eyes liquid eyeliner supedrug free
In superdrug they had an offer on if you spent £6.99 or more you can get this eye liner for free, this is another reason why i got the foundation because im getting even more for only a little amount of money.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

sleek shangri-la respect pallet review

Hello everyone

 Today I'm doing a review on the new sleek shangri-la respect pallet, hope you enjoy.

Top row of shadows

Bottom row of shadows

I love sleek eyesadow pallets there only £7.99 and the colours are really pigmented, i want them all, but i have decided when ever a new collection comes out i will buy one of the pallets that i like.
In the new collection Shangri-la there are two pallets and two matte lip glosses.
Out of the two pallets in the collection i thought that this one was nicer as it has more wearable colours in it, the other pallet is blue toned and i don't tent to wear blue eye shadow.
This pallet is really lovely, i would say that my favourite colour is the shimmery brown colour (top row second from left) it a nice shade to put all over the lid or to put into the crease.
In this pallet most of the colours are very pigmented apart form a few of the lighter colours which is very disappointing, as you can see from the swatches about 3 colours have no colour to them at all, which is really not like sleek.
Apart from that all the other colours are great and nicely pigmented, all in all i do love this pallet, and i would defo recommend it to you.
Tell me what your favourite sleek product is i would love to know.
It you have any post requests please let me know.
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Sunday, 21 October 2012



Hello everyone

I have a NOTD for you today, i hope you enjoy.

Barrym nail paint (dont know the colour sorry)
This is a really lovely blue colour with glitter and a terquise shimmer, its quite sheer it needs about four coats i have three coats on but i think it could do with another, but its still really nice, this is actually my first time wearing this colour even tho i got it for christmas.
If you have any post requesed please let me know as i dont really know what do post about.
Hopefully there will be some more posts up this week :)
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Haul, new look and more

Hello everyone

I have a collective haul for you today hope you like :)

Newlook army print tee £4 sale
I saw this full price and i really wanted to get it then but i dident have any money, and i went back in a few weeks later and i saw in the sale for £4 i was like well I'm getting that.
I love the whole army print trend i think its really different and i think its looks really cool, I'm dying for a army print jacket but there all to expensive :(

Newlook skull top £5 sale
This top is khaki I'm not sure if its showing up as this colour.
It is made from flowers which i think adds a feminine touch to the top.
The material is so soft and its really comfy to wear when your just chilling round the house.

H&M black top £7.99
This is a plain old boring black top but there something else I'm not sure if you can see it properly in this picture but this top has two pieces of chiffon on the sides, its so flattering and its really girly and pretty, its also kind of hared to explain what it looks like but i hope you got the gist.
In this post i brought a pair of Aztec print trousers and i wore this top with them this Saturday for my brothers birthday party and my family thought it looked relly nice.

Forever 21 silver bracelet £2.99 ring free
In forever 21 they were having a buy one get one free offer on there jewellery so i got them both for £2.99.
The bracelet is stretchy and made from six big studs.
The ring has three spikes covered in dominates, this was £1.99 in the sale but i got if for free.  

Newlook gold eye necklace £1 sale
This is a gold necklace with a diamante covered eye and a little black bead.
Thought this was a bargain so i had to pick it up.

Newlook ear cuff set £3.99
I have wanted some ear cuffs with the dangley thing hanging from it for ages and i haven't been abul to find any, i think they are really cool and look really edgy.
Thought they were really cheap so i had to pick them up, i don't really see the point in the studs tho as there is only one in each metal type,

Amazon dotting tools around 35p
These are sooo cheap a actually not that bad i really like them defo worth the little money.

Collection 2000 cream puff in fairy cake
I love these a lot i have another one in Cotton candy which i wear almost every day to college, so i new i had to get this one as well, i wish they did some more bright coloured ones because i would so buy them as well, and the other ones they sell are nudes and i don't really like nudes.
I also brought a skeleton ring from newlook generation for £1.50 but i deleted the photo :(
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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

About my college course, beauty thearpy level 2.

Hello everyone.
So today my post is about my college course, if you don't know what course I'm taking its beauty therapy.
In this post i will be showing you pictures of my kits and uniform, and telling you some things about the course all together.

So the first kit is the nail tools kit, the things in here are really nice sturdy and haven't seem to have broken.

Eye lash and brow tinting set.
This set includes brown,black and black/blue tints, a brush, mixing pot, tint developer and under eye tabs (don't know what there called).
This set is really nice and the colour's look really natural on the brows and lashes.

Makeup pallet.

Face fix eyelashes

Nail scissors

Toe nail clippers

Cuticle nippers.
You use this to nip away any of the cuticle that you have lifted


Nail pliers

Cuticle knife
You use this to go along the bottom of the nail to loosen any cuticle ready to be nipped away

Hoof stick
You use this on the cuticle to push it down.

Nail buffer

Mask brush
You use this to apply masks to the hand and face

Nail file

Pedicure rasp
I haven't used this yet but i think you use this to get rid of any dry skin on the heel.


This second kit is the makeup kit.
I must say that the quality of the makeup is not very good and I'm not impressed at all.

Makeup palette
This palette includes powder, cream foundation, powder blush, cream blush, eye shadow quad, one cream eye shadow  13 powder eye shadows, highlighter and shader, bronzer, 4 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses.
I really like the powder blush and highlighter and shader.
All the cream products are terrible they have no pigmentation what so ever.

3 foundations
Very sheer and very drying not good for my dry skin.

2 eyeliners
Not very good at all you have to press down really hard for good colour to come out.

2 lip liners
These are even worse than the eyeliners they are sooo bad its unbelievable. 

Concealer wheel
These are also terrible very drying no pigmentation, not creamy enough to get ant coverage.

Mineral powder
haven't really used this but for a powder it looks very shimmery

Black and brown mascara

Black eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner

Brush roll
These brushes are okay not as good as others i have used but i think these are pretty good, i really like the foundation brush.

This is my tunic that i wear in the salon its very comfy and i like it, with this i wear smart black trousers and  black vans.

So far i have learnt manicure, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and facials, i enjoy tinting the most, all of the things are pretty simple, but not the massarge it has loads of steps and it will take me a while to get it in my head and learn all the different bones in the neck, shoulders and face.

Altogether the kit and uniform came to about £120 which is a lot and not impressed at all in the makeup kit.

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Monday, 8 October 2012

Whats in my college makeup bag.

Hello everyone
So if you read my last post Whats in my college bag click here i said i would do a whats in my makeup bag post so here that is for you, enjoy.

Me to you makeup bag, Clintons (ages ago)
I got this makeup bag ages ago in the mothers day sale from clintions i thought it was really cute and a perfect makeup bag.
My friend gave me the badge, don't know were she got it from its been there for ages.
Its also getting a bit dirty could do with a clean.

Garner BB cream light, superdrug around £7.99
I only take this with me on a Thursday because my makeup would have been taken off from the treatment my friend would have done on me.
I love this its smells lovely and it the perfect color for me.

Real techniques buffing brush
I use this to apply the BB cream.
This brush is so soft i love it so much, i want to get the blush brush from this collection two as the one im using at the mo isent very nice.

Vaseline cocoa butter
I use this before i top up my lipstick or when ever my lips need hydrating.

Body care eyelash curlers
These were really cheap and they do the job really well.
I only use this on Thursday when i put my mascara back on as the treatment my friend did on me would have taken my eye makeup off.

Estee lauder lip gloss in 09 rock candy.
This lip gloss is really nice not sticky at all and smells really nice.
Its like a really nice pink color with a little bit of shimmer in it.
This is just a sample size that my auntie gave to me.

Clinique high impact mascara in 01 black
This mascara is really nice the brush is really nice and it makes my eyelashes look really nice.
I would  defo recommend this to all of you.
This is just a sample size that my auntie gave to me, i would really love to get the full size.

Dior lipstick in 579 rose vision
This lipstick is really nice the perfect pink color, it has a bit of shimmer in it and smells kind of nice.
This isent actually mine my mom gave it to me ages ago.
I have an estee lauder lipstick that is more or less the same, which i also love.

Estee lauder gentle eye makeup remover
This eye makeup remover is one of my faves i would buy it more often if it wasn't like £20 which is ridiculous.
Sometimes my eyeliner smudges under my eye so i use this and a cotton bud to tidy it up a bit, i also keep cotton buds in my makeup bag but for some reason i didn't included them in the pictures.

Avon color trend pencil play eyeliner in black
I use this in my waterline to top up if what i was wearing before has worn of a bit.
This eyeliner is okay not the best i wouldn't buy it again i prefer the collection 2000 one.

Palmers cocoa butter formula moisturizing lip balm
I use this when my lips need a bit of moisture if my lipstick has worn off, i have a review on this click here.

Hair grips and a bobble
We have to have our hair up in the salon so i put these in here for when i tie up my hair.

I will also put my lipstick i am wearing that day in there.
Tell me whats your fave product in your makeup bag is.

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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats in my college bag.

Hello everyone
I thought i would do a whats in my college bag video i hope you enjoy.

H&M blue and white stripy bag (like two yrs ago)
This is just the right size for me to carry all my junk around in.
There is a short and a long strap i normally use the long one on my left shoulder.
facials and manicure booklets.
If you didn't know I'm doing the beauty therapy course at my college, these booklets are left in my bag from Tuesday as these are the two treaments i did.
These booklets tell me everythink like how to perform the treatment, what products and equipment i need and all the heath and safety things i need to know.
I also have more booklets on the other things i am doing.
Primark comb pack of two £1
I take this as i have to put my hair up when we do treatments.
Purple spotty pencil case whsmith (ages ago)
In there i just keep like a million pens, pencils, ruler and so on.
Me to you make up bag.
I am going to do a whats in my make up bag post so watch out for that if you would like to see what is in here.
Carex hand sanitiser
I use this after eating our when ever i need to freshen up my hands.
Primark leopard print brolly £4
I live in England so i take this everywhere with me as i never know when it could start raining.
Skullcandy earphones
LOreal elnett hair spray.
I use this to keep my hair in place for when i am in the salon.
Next diamonds body spray.
I use this when ever i need to freshen up a bit as i work for very long hours.
Water bottle that my college gave to me.
I dont really like it but i use it anyway.
Radly purse
To put my money in of course lol
I also have a note pad which i forgot to take a pic of as i was using it to do my home work and my pass which I'm not going to show as the pic is horrid and it has the name of my college name on.
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