Monday, 30 July 2012


This is my 3rd nail post, if you would like to see the others just look through my blog and you will find them.

When i started painting my nails i did plan on doing this pattern,
i started of by putting down the Rimmel London PRO polish in 286 oyster pink which i got from for like £1.99, but i didn't like it by itself because its quite sheer and you cant really see it, so i decided to put this models own nail polish in pink blush over half which i got from whsmith at this little shopping centre before i got on the euro tunnel to France for like £2, i put this over half of the nail it looked better but there was still something missing, so i got my models own WAH nails nail art pen (boots £6) and used the stripper and painted a line between both colours, and i thought that looked a bit better.
the only problem was that when i put the top coat on it dragged the black on to the pink, but i did just leave it because it wasn't to bad.

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

mini review #2 AVON Skin so soft absolute glow gel

Hello everyone
So today i have another review for you, I'm going to be reviewing the Avon skin so soft absolute glow gel gradual tanner for all skin types.

sorry this is not very clear.

I really like this gradual tanner it makes your skin so soft and you can start to see results by the first day if you put it on before you go to bed.
On the back it says:instantly hydrates skin, provides an ultra-natural sun kissed glow after 3 days,Absorbs quickly, use as your daily body lotion massage in until dry.
when you first put it on it smells a bit like fake tan but also like coconut butter, but by the morning it dose smell like fake tan and it is quite strong.
Form the pictures you can see its a clear gel kind of constancy, and a little goes a long way.
I do recommend this if you can get your hands on Avon things, i cant really remember how much it was but it was defo under £5.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012


Hello there welcome to my blog.

I have another nail of the week for you today.

This nail polish is collection 2000 hot looks nail Polish in fruit loop.
I like this polish because its only £1.75, and the brush is big so you can almost get all of your nail at the same time i am defo going to be buying more from this collection.

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body shop body spray, white musk, mini review #1

Hello everyone.
So taday im going to be reviewing one of my favorite sents, body shop body spray in white musk.
this sent is very nice in my opinion, it doesn't really last long but i can accept that as it did only cost £7.
As you can see i have used about a third of this and i brought it in the middle of may so it will last quite a while.

On the back of the bottle it explains the fragrance it says: fragranced with White musk libertine,a blend of three musks combined with floral accords and a hint of Turkish delight.
As the name says its a very musky sent which is quite masculine and wintery, but i will still were it now as i really do like.
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Thursday, 19 July 2012

NOTD #1 (nails of the day)

Hello everyone welcome to my blog.

I'm going to start a new series on my blog called NOTD which stands for nails of the day, basically I'm going to show you my nails wearing the nail polish and a picture of the nail paints in the bottle.
some people paint there nails like every two days but i don't because i just cant be bothered lol, i mainly paint them one or two times a week or when they really really need doing.
I do try take good care of my nails, i use the Sally Hansen maximum growth plus base and top coat as obviously my base coat and top coat, this dose kind of work but my nails grow quite fast anyway.
The only thing that i don't like about my nails, is that they are really brittle, and i really don't know how to fix, i did think it was because i wasn't having enough calcium, but for the least 2 mouths i have been having milk with my breckfast and eating the odd yogert and i actually think they have got a tiny bit better.
Any way here is a picture of my nails wearing the nail polish
                             sorry the picture is only small it goes blurry when i make it bigger.

On the left there is a Barry M polish i don't know the colour because i got it at clothes show live, and it has no name on the bottom.
 On the right- collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in fruit loop.

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sales haul

Hello everyone 
Today i have a summer sale haul for you i hope you enjoy.

 Zara skull t-shirt - £9.99 (sale)
Its a gray top with a aztec print skull on the frount, also the sleeves are cut off.
As you can see the top is tied up at the bottom i did this because there was only mediums left
and i really wanted is so i got it anyway, i tied it up to make it fit better.

 Zara skull t-shirt £9.99 (sale)
I saw this top on lexi from sototallyvlogs youtube channel and i loved it so much, so when i saw it in the sale i had to have it.
There is also another skull on the back.
I also tied this one up at the bottom to make it fit better.

 Miss Selfridge skull top £7 (sale)

international £4 i think (sale)

these are just some clothing bits i picked up in the sales.sorry for bad quality pictures, i also picked up some jewellery in the sales and here they are, sorry if you cant really see them.

 Two layered necklace silver and gun metal with cross and spike pendants new look £1.25 (sale) what a bargain.
Silver long chain hamsa hand necklace miss selfride £2 (sale)
gold short chain hamsa hand necklace £2 (sale)
Aztec bracelet new look £2 (sale)
silver cross earrings,peace bracelet and spike and pearl bracelet all miss selfride £2 each (sale)
gold cross earrings Dorthy Perkins £1 (sale)
silver dross and peace rings Dorthy Perkins £2 each (sale)

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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Hi everyone welcome to my blog my names louise and im 16, im making this blog as i have just finished school and it will give me somthing to do.
my blog will consist of beauty and fashion posts, it may take me a while to get use to this whole blogging thing but yh lol.
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instagram- LOUISEH96X
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