Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Storage Haul - T K Maxx, eBay + more

This is just a small haul of some of the things i have brought for my bed room recently, there's not much but i thought you would like to see.

Multi-function folding box organiser, eBay £1.49 (Link to similar
I was trying to make to changes on my makeup desk so when i saw this i thought it looked quite cool and thought it would be good so i brought it. It was only around £1.49 so i couldn't say no. Its a purple folding box with little pockets on the front, you can take the bottom out and the sides fold together. When i got it i looked at it and i thought oh that's really ugly, the quality is really bad and i just haven't used it, but its not like i broke the bank buying it.

Acrylic makeup storage, TKmaxx £5.99
I had wanted some think like this for a very long time but they were always to expensive or not quite how i wanted it. This one is the perfect size and it looks really nice on my desk with all the things in it (picture with it full). I'm not sure if they will have this in store any more as i brought it a while ago but im sure other places sell some thing similar.

Mirrored butterfly candle holder, Wilkinsons £2 (sale)
Ignore the fact that you can see my reflection in it lol.
When i was trying to redecorate my makeup desk i wanted some thing new to put my face makeup brushes in, so when i saw this for only £2 i new i had to have it, mainly because it was really pretty but also as it has butterfly's on it, so it kind of goes with the theme of my bedroom.

Purple butterfly candle holder, poundland £1
Sorry for the really bad picture :(.
After i brought the candle holder from wilkos i saw this in poundland and i thought they would go really nice together, and they do but i use this for actual candles, and once there is a candle in it, it looks really nice they butterfly's light up and when you turn all the lights of there butterfly's on the walls.



  1. Ooh I LOVE that TKMaxx Acrylic one! I have a similar one but all the gaps are the same size. This looks so handy!

    Rebecca x
    Cloud Nine Indulgence

    1. I love it to and yes its very handy lol x

  2. Love your acrylic storage! I very nearly bought some from tk maxx too! It looks so pretty in the full picture xx

  3. You got that acrylic makeup storage in TKMAXX! theres nevr anything as good as that in mine, good find!
    Genna xxx