Friday, 30 May 2014

What I Got For My 18th Birthday

So on Saturday the 17th of may it was my 18th birthday, i got lots of lovely things and i really wanted to share them with you guys. As it was my 18th birthday i was very spoiled, so i just want to say a massive thank you to all my family for buying me these amazing things.
The first thing i got i actually got before my birthday as i really really needed it and that was a new phone, i got the Samsung galaxy s4 which i am in love with, its my new baby.
I also went on a trip to Paris which will be another post.

I got quite a few things from the body shop which i asked for. I really wanted to try some things from the vitamin E range, so i asked for a few of them. I got the Moisture Serum which i have only used a few times and i have been loving it the texture is lovely and it makes my skin feel really soft. The Cream Exfoliater i actually didn't ask for this but im glad i got it as i really needed a new exfoliater, i have used it once or twice and its very nice, its very creamy as the name would suggest, so you need to add water to it to feel the scrubby bits. The last vitamin E product is the Eye Cream, i really needed a new eye cream and i thought this would be good so i asked for it, i have used every night or so since i got it and i have really been enjoying it, it nice and moisturising and not greasy at all, it is a lovely product. I also asked for the Camomile Cleansing Oil as i have just finished using the camomile cleansing butter and i really loved using that so i thought i would give this ago as well, i have used it a few times and i really like it. The only problem is one of these new face products has been braking me out and i don't know which one it is as i have been using them all, so that's not good. The last thing from the body shop is this Born Lippy Lip Balm in raspberry, i have wanted to try one of these for ages but have never picked one up and i don't know why because i love it soooo much and i now want very scent lol.

The next few things are from lush. I always get caught into buying a little mini of the Charity Pot hand and body Moistuiser when im at the till in lush, but i don't mind as i really love it so i thought i would ask for the big size for my birthday, it smells a bit weird but its really lovely. I also got the Think Pink Bath Bomb, i already had one of these which i hadn't used yet so now i have two, i hope i like it lol.

MAC. I have two mac eye shadows and i love them sooo much so i thought i would ask for a few more bits for my birthday.The Lipstick in Angel this is my first ever lipstick from mac so i thought i would make it natural and wearable for everyday, which this is, Its a light nudy pink and i love it so much. The Eye Shadow in All That Glitters I went into mac and swatched almost all of there eye shadows and this one really stood out to me so i thought i would ask for it, its a lovely light goldy almost pinky toned colour, its very natural and lovely to wear everyday just all over the lid by its self. The Paint Pot in Bare Study this is a lovely light champagne colour which looks lovely and natural all over the lid by itself or as a base, i have used this once and its nice i like it, its not that amazing though. When my Aunite brought me the eye shadow and lipstick she got some free samples which are a primer (don't know which one) and the strobe cream which i am excited to use.

Vera Wang bejeweled perfume. I sprayed a bit of this on my arm when i was browsing around Selfridges and i feel in love so i had to ask for it for my birthday, its so fruity and sweet and just a beautiful scent. My mom managed to find a gift set with the body lotion and body wash to match which are also really lovely.

River Island light blue satchel. Me and my mom were browsing around river island and i saw this bag and i fell in love, its the perfect size and its such a beautiful colour, it has gold hard wear and a fake snake print in certain places. I also do remember it was quite cheap for a RI bag.

Ted Baker Light Pink Makeup Bag. I have seen loads of pictures of these makeup bags on instagram and they are just so beautiful, so when i went into the Ted Baker store and i saw it i fell in love and my auntie who was with me decided to get it for me for my birthday which was so lovely of her, thing is i don't want to use it and get it dirty, its currently sitting on my shelf on display and i may stay there for a while lol.
River Island Purse. I really wanted one of these big purses as i normally have the small little ones but there wasn't enough card holders in them and the coins always fell out so i thought i would ask for one of these bigger ones and my mom got me this lovely beige one.

Sanctuary Gift Set. My mom surprised me with these gift set and i love it so much, i have never tried any think from sanctuary so this is a great chance to. In it there is: a body scrub, body wash, facial cleanser, body butter, body scrubber brush thing, foot scraper thing, facial moituriser, foot scrub and a facial exfoliater. I have used a few of these things and they have been lovely so far.

Yankee Candle in Pink Sands. I love Yankee candles so much so i thought i would ask for one, i had this in a wax tart and i loved it so much so i thought i would ask for the big candle. I cant describe the scent but the website says; It's an exotic island escape in the beautiful mix of bright citrus, sweet florals and spicy vanilla.

These are a few other products i got; Boots foot cream, Nivea lotion, St Ives facial scrub, Nivea soft mosisturser and the Revlon nearly naked foundation which i love.

I got this really cute ring holder with a little owl on it, how cute is this.

Two Tops from Newlook, i was shopping with my mom and auntie and i noticed new look had a sale on so off course i had to go in, i saw these two really lovely tops and my auntie said she would get them me for my birthday which was lovely of her.

If you want to see what i wore on my birthday, take a look at this post My birthday OOTD and NOTD

So that is most of the things i got for my birthday, i hope you enjoyed this post, please comment and follow.


Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Life Update #4

So i have a little update for you today, a lot of things have been and are going to be in my life at the minute and i wanted to let you guys know. BTW this is a very writing heavy post so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

I got my first ever job (yay). At my college there is also a working beauty salon, and they were looking for girls who are doing beauty level 3 to work for them, as they were very low on staff, so when i saw the advertisement i had to apply for it, it took longer than a month for everything to b finalised which is ridiculous but my college is very disorganised, but after a while of emailing back and forth and me giving them lots of information the lady emailed me and said i had got it, i was sooo happy. Its around a month later and i still haven't started but i talk about that in the finger section of this post

Work experience
Along with my course we have to get a work experience placement, and there was a spa in Birmingham that i really wanted to do it at, so i went into the spa and asked about it, unfortunately the manager wasn't in so i gave my information in and the girl said someone will ring or email me, three days later i hadn't heard anything back, so i thought i would ring up to see what was going on, and it turned out that this girl didn't give the manager my information which was ridiculous, but it was a good job that i called other wise i wouldn't of got it. The manager told me to email her some information like my CV and what week i would like to do it and some other bits, so i did this and unfortunately the week i wanted to do it another person was doing theirs, i was very upset about this as i didn't think i would be able to do it now. So i spoke to my tutor at college and she said it would be okay for me to do it a different week which was amazing. So i got back to the spa and they said that i could do it the week after. I am currently now doing the work experience, i have done one day so far and i enjoyed it i was in from 11am-7.30pm, it was a very long day but i enjoyed it.
I cant do any treatments as there insurance doesn't cover work experience which is a same, but i still get to see how a working spa works, i did a lot of cleaning and working on reception but i also got to help the girls tidy up there rooms if they have client after client and needed there room clean and tidy fast which is fun, i also got to speak to the clients and take them to the relaxation room which is where they go before there treatment which was great, and i would of thought that my other days are going to be like this as well.

So on good Friday i was at home having a nice relaxing day and then my dad made me help him in the garden. He was moving the green house and to do this he had to take the glass out, so he thought while the glass panels were out he may as well clean them so of course i got the job off cleaning them by hand, it was all going well until i was turning a glass panel over and the corner snapped off and took a big chunk of my skin off all the way down the my vein, so about 2 hrs later it was still bleeding so my mom thought it was right to take to to a&e so we did, three times in one night from the times of seven o'clock to 3am and it was bleeding from 5pm-3am, i had doctors, nurses, hand specialists and plastic surgents all come and see me, finally at around 1 or 2 am they put this special piece of material which was meant to stop it from bleeding so that was on for a about 30 mins to an hour and it was still bleeding and that's when the plastic surgents came and sorted me out they took the same piece of material put it on my finger putting presser on and my arm up in the air and finally at around 3 am it stopped bleeding. I was sent home and it was fine and it hasn't bleed again since, i went to the nurse a few times after to change the dressing and so they could take a look at it, that special piece of material stayed on my finger and that helped from the scab to form and for about three weeks i was waiting for that to fall of like a natural scab would, and today the day i am writing this it fell of, the skin underneath has gown back fine but the top layer of my skin still hasn't grown back and still very delicate. Because of this my left hand has been out of use so of course i haven't been able to do assessments at college or start my job.

So as you may already know on Saturday the 17th of may i turned 18, i had a wonderful day and i also actually had colour put on my hair for the first time ever lol, if you want to know more about my birthday take a look at this post.

For my birthday my mom is taking me to Paris, surprisingly i have never been to the center of Paris but i have been to France loads of times, i am really looking forward to it not only for sights but also for the shopping so if there is anything you recommend me picking up from sephora or a pharmacy let me know.

So that's everything i would be very surprised if any of you got through the whole of this post but if you did leave me a nice comment.


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Birthday NOTD and OOTD

Hello guys, so on Saturday the 17th of May I turned 18 (wooo) so i thought I would show you my outfit and nails, and also my birthday cake which i'm sure you guys will love.

Dress - River Island, Shoes - love label 
The theme of my party was pastel, so of course my dress had to match, its a black body con dress with pastel pink and black gingham print, it has black panels down the side with gives the elision of looking thinner which i'm all for, the top is also off the shoulder which is very flattering and i love, It was also only £30 which is amazing. My shoes are from love label but i got them from littlewoods, i couldn't find them on the website and that is probably because i brought them around 2 years ago, they are actually my prom shoes.

On my nails in Barry M gelly hi shine is rose hip, a very light pink which went really well with my dress, they looked at bit boring so i thought i would add a bit of glitter to make them look a bit more special as it was my 18 th birthday. The glitter is the glitter end of the models own Artstix nail polish duo in blibble.

So this is my cake :o, its amazing isn't it, also gives you a hint of some of the gifts i revived for my birthday which will be my next post.


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Nail Polish in Huckleberry

As you probably know Barry M brought a spring line of polish's out and of course i had to pick my favorites up.
All Barry M nail polishes are very good especially their gelly hi shine range i really love them as well as the normal line, i own a lot from both lines and i will continue to buy from then for a long time.
The Barry M gelly hi shine nail polishes are very raved and loved by lots of people as well as me.

Huckleberry is a very light baby blue colour, with no shimmer in it. Its a thicker nail polishes but not to thick, so it doesn't take like five coats to build up an opaque coverage, i think it did two coats.
I applied it five days ago and its still on but has chipped, i think it started chipping two or three days in to wearing it which is normal for me. This polish is really lovely but i do have similar colours to it, its not one of a kind. Although i do really like it and i will wear it. The nail polish IS coming out true to colour in pictures.

The other two from the line are a light greeny bluey colour which i don't own (and regret not picking up) and light baby pink colour which i do own and cant wait to use (i will do a birthday NOTD with this).

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

New Look Jewellery Haul

I was just browsing around new look and i noticed there was signs everywhere saying there was a 20% of event for students on, and i was like okay i better take advantage of this, i found some nice clothes but i fell in love with these jewellery pieces, there not much but i thought i would show you anyway.

I needed some earrings to wear on my birthday that went with my dress, and when i saw these i was like these are perfect, as they have baby pink stones in them, and my dress has baby pink in it. They are like pink flowers with gems on the outside. They are really pretty and were only £3.50, but i got 20% off.

When i saw this i feel in love, its so pretty, its statement but not to statement. Its got a lovely gold chain, with cream flowers with purple gem stones in the middle, it also has clear stones in between each flower. It was £6 which i thought was really good especially as i also got 20% of it.

I thought this was really cute and i couldn't leave it behind, especially as it was less than £4. Its got a gun metal chain with 4 gun metal and gold hexagons. Its really cute and delicate yet it has a edgy side to it. I love this and i have a feeling im going to wear it a lot.

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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A Professional Manicure and my Kit

Hello, so for today's post im going to tell you what a full manicure that you would get in a salon or SPA entails, im also going to show you my manicure kit.

So the first thing i would do is remove any nail polish or dirt or oil from the nail plate, at my salon they we use pure acetone which i think is ridiculous as its so drying and bad for the nails. Next i would cut and shape the nails to the clients desired shape. Then i would put cuticle oil or cream on to the cuticles and then soak them in warm soapy water in a manicure bowl, but in my kit i have this Jessica Jessana crystal ionized nail soak which helps to both clean and hydrate the nails, so i use that instead of soap.

Once i have done the other hand i will take the first one out of soak and then soak the other hand. Once the hand is out the water i use a hoof stick to push back the cuticles while they are soft, next i would apply some cuticle remover cream and remove any excess cuticle with cuticle nippers. Next i would buff the nails you are meant you use a buffing cream but i just use the cuticle remover cream as i don't see the point in getting another product when i can just use this cream product.

Next would be a hand scrub, i have this Proto-col instant manicure scrub, which is half oil and half scrubbing agent. It is very gritty which is lovely for the hands and it also really hydrates them. Next is a hand mask you will have a choice of either a hand mask that would be put into warm mits or a paraffin wax mask which is just like candle wax just with more benefits for the skin.

The hand mask will be applied with this small brush and the paraffin wax will be applied with this is almost paint brush, the for both masks you hand will be placed in to polythene paraffin protectors (which is just like a sandwich bag) and then either placed in to mits like in the picture or heated mits. (Bare in mind things may vary in different salons this is just how i learnt to do it)

Next you will get a lovey hand and arm massage, i love this massage cream as it smells amazing and it has shimmer in it. Then your nail plate will be cleaned with nail polish remover so they are ready to be painted, you can choose from a french manicure or what ever other colour you would like.

I hope you enjoyed this post, in a few posts i have my facial kit coming so keep an eye out for that.

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Nail Polish Haul - Barry M, Technic and Primark

Hello, so the other week i was having a craving to buy nail polish, so when i eventually went shopping i brought five, but i could have brought way more if i had the money or if i actually needed them.

Barry M 3 for 2 - Gelly hi shine £3.99, other £2.99
When i saw the new spring collection of the Gelly hi shines i new i had to get some, i was going to buy them all but i thought i have loads of colours like the other one and i also wanted to buy the 50 years of superdrug birthday nail polish. The gelly hi shines are very light pastels, they almost look white. They are very pigmented and only need two coats to make them opaque, i brought the pink one to wear on my birthday as my dress has light pink in it. The light pink is called Rose hip and the light blue is called Huckleberry.
The 50 years of Superdrug nail polish is opaque fuchsia based with glitters in it, for a glitter nail polish is very pigmented, i only used two coats to get it how it is in the swatch, this nail polish is called birthday.

Technic 99p from body care
I always see these nail polishs in body care and i have never pick them up and i don't know why as they are so cheap, they have loads of glitter ones and these two really stood out to me. When i was there i noticed they have a pastel collection that look exactly the same as the Barry m Gelly hi shine spring collection, i was going to pick them up and do a comparison post on my blog but i didn't as i don't need them. One is called garden party and this has green, silver and purple glitters in them, which i thought looked really nice together. The other one is called monochrome, its a bit like one that L'Oreal one that everyone went mad over last year, its like a salt and pepper nail polish i believe people called them, i didn't really like them at first but when i saw this i thought i may as well pick them up. They are just like any other glitter nail polish in which its takes a few coats to get a full coverage of glitter. These are really good for 99p and im 100% going to get some more in the future.

£1 primark false nails
Now i don't wear fake nails but these were just to pretty to leave behind. There is 24 nails in each pack so you can get at least two uses out of each box with some spares in case something goes wrong, they also come with glue which is amazing considering they are only £1. They have loads of different patterns but these are the ones that stood out to me, i don't know whether in actually going to wear these or not, but... oh well.

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