Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lipstick to suit your skin tone.

Hello everyone
So today's post is going to be about lipstick yay. Dont know what lipsticks suit your skin tone ?? well read on and you may find out.

Lets start with red lipstick.

Porcelain skin
Think of Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu.
The best kind of lipsticks for pale skin tones are blue toned reds, like cherry, wine and plum shades.
Example red lipsticks for pale skins are Clinique red-y to wear lipstick (pictured),Marks and Spencer perfection perfect moisture lipstick in scarlet and the Avon Ultra colour rich mega impact lipstick in Charged cherry.

Golden Skin
Think Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz
If your skin has warm undertones the best red lipsticks for you are bright tomato or fire engine reds, if you use pink toned reds it can just look to much on golden skin tones.
 lip products that will look great on you are: No7 poppy king lipstick in history and Shiseido perfect rouge RD415 Valentine.

Olive Skin
Think J-lo and Nicole Scherzinger 
The best reds for you are burnt, orange based reds, like a deep ruby colour these looks great on olive skin and not to clownish.
Lipsticks for you are Lipstick queen lipstick in saint rust and bourjois rouge soyeux lipstick in sweet kiss naturel.

Dark skin 
Think Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland
Lipsticks that look the best on dark skin is tomato reds if your skin is more warm based, but if your skin is more blue based then deep cherry reds look the best on you.
Lipsticks that could look great on you are Chanel rouge coco hydrating creme lip colour in Gabrielle and Tom for lip colour in cherry lush.

Pink lipsticks

Porcelain skin
If you have pale skin then bubblegum, magenta or other pinks with a lot of white in them look great on pale skin.
Great lip products for you are collection lock n hold lip gloss in Body pop (pictured), Paul and Joe lipstick in 069 and No7 sheer temptation in pretty please.

Golden skin
Vibrant candy, coral pinks look great on golden skin but blueish or silvery pinks can look ageing.
Pink lip products for you are, Laura mercier lipstick in tangerine and topshop lips in brighten rock.

Olive skin
Fuchsia and peaches look great against olive skin But bubblegum or neon pinks don't look right.
Lip products for you : YSL Rouge pur coutoure in le fuchsia, cosmetics A La carte lip gloss in peach and Dior serum de rouge in radiant pink serum.

Dark skin
Raspberry, watermelon pinks look great on dark skin, if you have blue toned skin then purple toned pinks will look beautiful on you.
Lip products that will suit your skin are: Estee Lauder pure colour lipstick in raspberry and rouge d'Armani in rouge 400.

Orange lipsticks

Porcelain skin 
Candy oranges with a hint of pink will look great on you, but anything too citrusy will clash.
Lip stivks for you are: the body shop colourglide lip colour in coral splash and Bobbie brown lipstick in tangerine.

Golden skin
Soft, clear oranges or warm peachy oranges look beautiful on golden skin tones.
Lipsticks for you are: mememe light me up lip gloss in blaze and Clinique butter shine lipstick in Ambrosia.

Olive skin
Bold oranges look great on black skins, if you have warm black skin then burnt golden oranges will look great,  if you have ebony skin then watermelon shades will look beautiful on you.
Lip products for you are: Sleek pout polish in Electro peach and RMK glosslips in shiny clear oranges.

I got this information from the cosmo beauty magazine.
This is not a sponserd post just something i thought could help you.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and it helped you in some ways.
By the way this is my 50th post yay.
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Monday, 28 January 2013

How long to keep your makeup for.

Hello everyone
Today I'm going to tell you how long you are meant to keep your makeup for, now i know many of you like me don't listen to things like this we just keep are makeup until its finished or until it smells weird. This is just going to be a factual kind of post, if you were wondering here are the answers.

Liquid and cream foundation
You can keep foundation for 2 years.

Concealer is a lot like foundation it also lasts for 2 years

Powder products : face powder, powder blush,and powder eye shadow
You can keep powder products for 2 years

You can keep mascara up to 6 months

You can keep lipsticks for 12-18 months 

Lip and eye pencils
You can keep pencils for 12-18 months

Cream blush
You can keep cream blush for 2 years

Moisturiser, sun cream and face cream
These creams lasts for 2 years

Eye cream
This lasts for 6 months

I got this information from the Bobbie brown makeup manual
This was just a quick straight to the point kind of post, i hoped you liked it and it helped you
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Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to tint your eye brows at home.

Hello everyone
On twitter i asked you guys if you wanted to see a how to tint your brows post and a lot of you said yes so here it is.
Some of you may know that i do beauty therapy at college and this is how i learnt how to do it.
I would also like to say im sorry for the bad pictures, the place were i toke the pics was a really awkward and the lighting was bad, but i hope you can get it any way.

What you will need
flannel/tissue ( to protect your surface )
eyebrow tinting set in brown should include: tint, tint developer, brush and jar(boots,superdrug,sallys)
Vaseline/petroleum jelly 
Damp cotten pads
Cotten bud
eye makeup remover

First start of by cleaning your eyebrows with eye makeup remover to get rid of any dirt or oils that may be in your brows.
Next take your cotten bud and put some petroleum jelly on it and put it on the skin around your brows so you don't stain your skin with the tint.
Next mix your tint and tint developer together (measurements should be on bottle or packaging) you don't need to much.
Then apply to your brows with a brush, start by only putting a bit on, its best to build up colour than putting to much on, because if they go to dark you cant go back ounce its done its done.
As soon as you have put the tint on both of your brows take the tint of the first eyebrow you did then the second, the tint doesn't take long to develop on your hairs so don't leave it on for to long.
Remove the tint with your damp cotten pads, make sure every last drop it removed be ruff with it so every think comes of and do it till no more colour is coming of onto the pad.

I find that the tint lasts about a week on my eye brows.
Ounce you are done i recommend that you don't put any makeup on your eye brows for 12 hours and try not to touch your brows.
Be very careful with the tint don't get it in your eyes or mouth. If you get the tint on your skin it will stain so be very careful.

So i think that is every think the only thing is that i cant stress enough how much you need to be careful with the tint and don't apply to much, remember to build it up instead of pieling loads on. 

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions on tinting fell free to ask me :)

Monday, 14 January 2013

Superdrug simply pure skincare review.

Hello everyone
Today im doing a review on the simply pure skin care range from superdrug, i don't own every think from this range but i the majority of it, i think.

All of these products and everything else from this range is fragrance free, paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatologically approved (superdrug is against animal testing).
There is different ranges for what ever your skin type is.

Gentle eye makeup remover for sensitive skin.
This is honestly not the best product, it dose get off my eye makeup but you have to scrub at your eyes and use quite a lot of product, but that is fine as its for sensitive skin so it doesn't irritate my eyes, other than its okay i don't mind as it dose the job.

Aqua Hydrating SPF 15 day cream for dehydrated skin.
This face cream is lovely, it sinks into the skin well and moisturizes my skin well, i have loved using this product, if you cant tell from the picture i have almost finished this product i might have to chop the top off so i can use the rest,i recommend this to you i you want a good but cheap moisturizer.

Soothing face scrub for sensitive skin.
This product is brilliant, i used when i had some really bad break out on my chin and this worked so well, i have always had these little tiny spots in the bit under my lip and just above my chin (don't know what its actually called) and this cleaned them up the first time i used it, i love it. I brought this for my facial kit i used on my mom and she said she really likes it to.Also this product isent to corse so you can use it most days and it wont irritate your skin.

Cleansing face mask for sensitive skin.
This is one of those masks that drys when its on (makes you feel like you have had botox), i used this along with the scrub so this also probably helped with my spots to. Its good actually because you only have to leave it on for 3 mins, unlike other masks you have to leave them on for 15-20 mins which i cant be doing with lol, i brought this for my facials kit to and my mom said that she likes it aswell.

I really like this range and i think i might buy some other stuff from it.

Have you tried any of these products ?

Thank you so much for reading and also for getting me to 3000 page views :D

Friday, 11 January 2013

products i have used up #4

Hey everyone
I have an empties post for you today i hope you enjoy.

Nivea double effect eye makeup remover
This was one of the part oil part water removers that you have to shake up which i find really annoying, but apart from that i really like this eye makeup remover and if i see it on offer when i need some i probably will buy it.

L'Oreal elvive triple resist reinforcing conditioner
I really liked this conditioner it made my hair really soft and very moistureised it smells lovely and i probably will but it again and this time i might try it with the shampoo as well.

batiste dry shampoo blush and cherry
I really love this product its brilliant and great for refreshing your hair, i  really don't like the smell of the blush one its to coconutty for me, but the cherry is sooo nice im defo going to buy the big size of this, im sure you have all tried batiste so there is no need for me to say more :)

Vaseline, Aloe Vera
Is it just me or do you guys feel like you have achieved something when you finish a tin of Vaseline lol.
Anyway this is my fav Vaseline because it smells really good, some people say that it dosent really do anything to your lips, it just sits there which i kind of agree with, but i will always love this product and i have already started on another tin. I find that a tin of this can last me about 6 months wow.

coca cola lip smacker
I was so upset when i finished this lip balm, its one of my favs because it smalls amazing and it really moisturizes your lips, it smell so good i could just eat it, i brought this from primark and im not sure if they still sell them so i don't know were i can buy another :(

Schwarzkoft got2b guardian angel heat protection
This is one of my favorite heat protections this along with the tresemme one. This smells really nice and it dose the job very well, it says it can protect up to 220 degrees which is very good, i have already brought another and started using it.

Lady gaga fame perfume sample
I love this perfume so much, if you saw my Christmas haul then you will know that i got the full size for xmas, the bottle is beautiful and i have really been enjoying using it.

Estee Lauder gentle eye makeup remove
I love this eye makeup remover its so nice its very gentle and gets off eye makeup really well and it dosent irritate your eyes i would buy the full size but its like £18 and im not spending that amount of money on a makeup remover.

Soft and gentle deodorant 
This is just a spray i like it, it smells nice and dose the job.

Can you guys leave some post requests down below please.

Thank you so much for reading

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Haul superdrug, new look and sally's

Hello everyone
Today i have a haul for you, i went shopping yesterday and found some right bargains.

Revlon lipbutter in strawberry shortcake superdrug £5
This is my first lipbutter, yes im very late with this but when i saw that is was only £5 i thought it was a really good chance to try one out, i have only used it ounce i like the color but it didn't last very long, i don't really mind as i kind of new i was going to be like that.

 MUA fur-effect nails in fuzzy fluff superdrug £2
I got a email from MUA about this and it looked really cool, when i saw it was on offer i thought i would pick it up and try it out, i have read two reviews on this, one person said it was good and the other said they didn't like it at all, so i will have to try it for myself to see if i like it, i may do a review on this if you like.

Revlon just bitten kissable balm stains in lovestick, superdrug £5
I have a clinique chubby stick and i really like it and i really wanted more but when i saw this also on offer i decided to get one because they are more or less the same thing. I have used this once and it was really nice it did actually stain my lips which i did not expect.

 Superdrug simply pure cleansing face mask and smoothing face scrub both £1.70 
I brought these to put in my facials kit, i have used them both already on my mom and myself, they are very nice and really calming on the skin, me and my mom both like these.

Skin truth soothing try me set  for sensitive skin, sally's £7 ( with discount)
This set contains a cleanser, toner and a moisturiser. I also brought these for my facial kit, i used them on my mom and she really liked the moisturiser, i have yet to use them on myself.

 Heel to toe reviving foot spray and foot scrub sallys and tea tree and mint shampoo co-op.
I brought these for my pedicure kit, i have used these on my mom and she really liked the scrub, i am going to use the shampoo as a foot spa bath soak and it works perfectly fine.

 New look socks three for £4
I really need some new socks so when i saw how cute these were i had to get them.

New look generation yingyang top £4 sale
I thought this was really cute and a right bargain, even though its from the kids bit it still fits me fine.

New look skull jumper £11 sale
I thought this was really nice, its kind of big so i thought it would look really good with really thick leggings.

So yh that was my haul i hoped you liked

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What i got for Christmas.

Hello everyone.
So today i showing you some of my favorite xmas pressies, im not showing everything as this post would to very long, so this is just a few of my favorite gifts.

H&M bag.
 This bag is soo lovely its like a bucket bag ( i think that's what its called) its a black leather ( fake of course), its got two rows of gold studs going down the middle with a matte leather on the outside and snake print on the inside, its got short straps and a long strap.
This bag is lovely and its the perfect size for me to take to college.

Urban decay Naked basics pallet.
I was sooo excited when i saw this in my stocking, i really dident think my mom would actually get it for me, but its soo lovely, it has six neutral shades and there all so lovely, most of them are matte apart form maybe one or two.
The other two naked pallets are way out of my price range, so when i heard this smaller one was coming out i was so excited as i new it would be a bit cheaper, so on my xmas list it went.

Real techniques blush brush.
I have wanted a new blush brush for a while so i thought i would put this on my xmas list as i love real techniques, it is a bit big for blush but i can make it work, it is also really good for bronzer.

 5 DVDs
Angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
Narnia, the lion the witch and the wardrobe.
Easy A.
The backup plan.
I love all of these movies allot and i am glad i got them.

Babyliss Pro 235 Elegance hair straighteners.
I really wanted some new straighteners as my other ones were getting really old and not as good as they could be. So when i saw this in boots for £40 instead of £80 i told my mom straightway and she got them for me.
These are really good there are more or less the same as my old ones but that's okay.
the heat goes up to 235 degrees Celsius with 3 heat settings. 

The body shop oil burner.
This actually looks really scary when you look at it, it looks like it staring at you with its massive open mouth, anyway this is really nice and i cant wait to use it with the oil from body shop in divine calm and the Yankee candle tarts in fresh cut roses and strawberry buttercream.

Lady gaga fame perfume gift set with shower gel.
I love how the this is a black liquid in the bottle but comes out clear, its so cool, i love the sent of this, im not going to bother trying to describe the sent as im really bad at doing that, but i would recommend you go and have a whiff of it as its really nice.

Taylor swift woundersrtuck perfumes and body lotion.
I really like this fragrance its nice, im not to keen on the body lotion though it kind of smells like calpol its not very nice.

And my biggest surprise present was from my Nan  i really dident see this coming and when i saw it i was so excited, and if you haven't already guessed what it is buy the picture its a massage table, omg i couldn't believe it, if you dident know i do beauty therapy at college so this is for me to practice on, its very long and very differnt to the ones in the salon at college but i still love it.

what did you get for xmas ???
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