Monday, 29 April 2013

My favorite blushers

Hello everyone, so today im going to show you my favorite blushers, i don't own may blusher and i really want to but some more, so if you have any recommendations of any cheapish blushers then let me know :)

NARS orgasm blusher
This is the only NARS blusher i own and i love it. The colour is gorgeous, its a peachy pink colour with gold shimmer in it, the shimmer isn't chunky but it adds a lovely sheen to your cheeks. The shimmer is so lovely you don't need to use a highlighter and it adds a lovely peachy pink colour to the cheeks. The blusher also lasts a very long time on my skin which is something i look for in a blusher. The blusher is very pigmented, silky and easy to use. Your don't need a lot at all, but it is very easy to go over bored with, but it is very easy to blend out. I can see this blusher lasting me a very long time, i think it is definitely worth the price tag.

Beauty uk blush in buff
I brought this blusher ages ago and only recently have i hit pan. Beauty uk is a pretty cheap brand, it is usually a brand people look past, but this blusher is very pigmented, buttery and very bendable. The colour is a lovely pink colour that has a very subtle sheen in it. I do like this blush and i may buy more from this brand as they are only cheap.

Natural collection blush in pink cloud
This is one of natural collection most know blushers, lots of people on YouTube and blogs love this blush, and i can see why, it is very pigmented, soft and very easy to blend out if you apply to much. The colour is a lovely soft pink colour that is totally matte. As it is very light it looks really nice on pale skin. This blush is only £1.99 which is a bargain. They also do other blushers which are just as nice. If you haven't tried one of these blusher you have to because they are so lovely.

What is your favorite blusher ?


Friday, 26 April 2013

Collective haul Topshop, Newlook and more

Hello all, so today i have a really big haul for you. I really wanted some new summery clothes so i used the money i got for my holiday and i brought some new clothes for the summer. Most of this i got on holiday but there is also some things i brought before i left.

River island faux denim pinafore dress, £22
I saw Gracie from theuglyfaceofbeauty show this in one of her latest haul videos and i thought it was lovely, a few days later i went in to river island and i saw it, it looked even nicer, i new i had to have it. As it is faux denim it will go with every think i am so excited to wear this !!
Topshop black skater skirt £16
I want to start getting in to wearing skirts, as i don't ever wear them, but i think they look really pretty on. I thought i would buy a black one as it is very basic and will go with every think. My mom actually brought me this, so thanks mom  :)x

Topshop burgundy top with black lace £8 (sale)
I was walking past topshop and i saw they were having a sale, so of course i had to go in. The first thing i picked up was this really nice burgundy top with black lace at the top. I thought this was really lovely and will go with loads of my clothes.
Topshop purple high neck crop top £5 (sale)
Another thing i got in the sale is this purple ( its coming out the completely wrong colour in the pic, sorry) high neck crop top for only £5, i thought it was a right bargain and i had to get it.
I also got this really nice necklace in the sale but i for got to take a picture of it sorry.
(sorry for the way these are pictured its the only way i could show them properly)
Newlook white crop top £5.99
I decided to buy some tops that i could wear with the skirts. So i picked up just a plain white crop top as it is very basic and will go with any think. I brought this a few sizes bigger as i wanted it a little over sized.
Newlook black and white tribal print crop top £9.99
Another top i got is this black and white one, i think it will look really nice with both of the skirts as it has very basic colours on it. This is actually quite a thick material which i like, but that dose mean you have to size up as it can be very tight.

Topshop white high neck crop top £10 and black and white checked skater skirt £25
Now on to the things i brought before my holiday. My mom brought me this really lovely outfit for when we go to London in June for my aunties 50th birthday, we are going to the royal Albert hall so i have to wear something quite dressy, so i chose this outfit from topshop. I tried this on and i looks really nice but i have no idea what shoes to wear with it, what do you think ??

Primark cross earrings £1
I don't even now if im actually going to wear these i just thought they were really nice and for only £1 i couldn't say no.
Primark 12 pack of earrings £2.50
I really wanted some new stud earrings and when i saw these i new i had to have them, i love every pair and it was such a bargain for 12 pairs. 
MUA Out There plumping lipgloss in peach shimmer £2
I wanted a really nice pinky peachy lipgloss, this isn't really what i wanted but it still really nice, well the colour is any way, the applicator is really hard to its hard to spread it around on your lips and it also dose that horrible thing were it all gathers up in the corners of your lips.
Garnier intensive 7 day soothing gel cream body lotion around £2
I have one of the normal body lotions from this line and im almost out, so i went to buy a new one and i saw they have one which is like a gel formula, so i decided to give it a go. I haven't really used it yet, but i can tell you it smells amazing !!.
MUA clear mascara £1
I use this to set my eye brows in to place. My other one broke so i had to buy a new one.
TRESemme touchable finish hairspray £1.50
I wanted a small hairspray to take on holiday, so i decided to buy this one, erm its alright it dose the job.

What have you brought recently ??


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Whats in my Holiday Skin and Hair Care Bag.

Hello all, today i will be carrying on with the posts from my holiday, today i will be showing you all of the hair care and skin care that i brought with me.

Hair care

VO5 gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner (in bottles with pink tops)
If you read my hair care post you will know that the actual bottles for this shampoo and conditioner are massive to i brought these travel bottles from primark to put into, so they would be easier to travel with.
Onto the actual product, this shampoo are amazing they make my hair feel so clean and really conditioned. if you havnt tried any VO5 shampoo and conditioners you really need to they are lovely. If you want to see more info on these click here for my hair care routine.
TRESemme touchable finish hair spray
A few weeks ago i asked you guys on twitter what your favorite hair spray was, and a lot of you said this TRESemme one and the LOreal one. So i thought i would try and kill one bird with two stones, i thought i would buy the small bottle, as it is travel friendly and just so i could try it out to see if i like it, and yh i like it, but i think i will try the LOreal out before buying the big size of this.
VO5 miracle concentrate argan oil
This is such a great product, it smells amazing, makes my hair feel amazing and i really enjoy using it. I thought it would be good to take on holiday as it is only small. That's all im going to write about this, is you want to know more i featured it in my hair care routine
Schwarzkopf got2b guardian angel heat defense
This is a great heat defense its protects you hair up to the heat of 220 degrees and it smells lovely. this is my favorite heat protection along with the tresemme one as it has a cool spray pump on it haha.

Face and body care

Nivea rich moisturising day cream
This stuff is amazing it actually saved my skin this winter. It is so moisturising and lovely, its pretty thick for a day cream but that's fine with me, as it makes my skin look fresh and moisturised. the one i have is for dry and sensitive skin but i believe they also do one for more oily skin to, so whatever your skin type i highly recommend this to you.
Nivea soft moisturising cream
Another amazing moisturiser from nivea. I use this as my night cream and i use it on my body as you can use it on your face, hands and body which i think is very good. It is slightly perfumed but nothing to over the top. My skin feels lovely in the morning very soft and supple. This is a great all rounder product, if you haven't yet tried it you have to.... now.
Skinetica spot treatment
I brought this with me just in case if i had any random breakouts. This is alright, i haven't really noticed any difference to my spots using this, but i just brought it just in case of an emergency spot.
Levera cleansing milk
I bought this because it is a 2 in 1 product it is a cleanser and an eye makeup remover, i thought it would save room in my luggage.I love this stuff it makes my skin look and feel very clean and it is great for getting eye makeup off.
Lush eau roma water toner water
This is the only toner i own and i love it, its so fresh and cool to use on the skin, it gets any excess makeup off and any unwanted cleanser that maybe left on the skin. Its just under £4 which isn't to bad, when this runs out i will definitely be buying it again.
First aid beauty body moisturiser  
I brought this because it is small and i wanted to start using it, but i just hate the smell and it really puts me of using it, and it dosent help that i brought a new moisturiser when i was there so i was using the new one and not this one.

Thank you so much for reading and please follow


Monday, 22 April 2013

Whats in my Holiday Make up Bag

Hello all, so im back from my holiday and i thought i would do a few posts of the beauty things i toke with me and i will also do a haul of the things i brought (lots of clothes :) ) So in this post im going to show you the makeup i brought with me. BTW the pictures were toke at the place we were staying at, that's why the background it different, i actually really like it its a shame i cant have this as my background all the time :(

Makeup brushes
I brought a collection of brushes with me just in case if i needed them or wanted to use them.
From left to right
Angled brush- i use this for gel eye liner that i put in my water line.
flat rounded brush- i use this with black eye shadow to set the gel liner and also to smudge a bit of black into my top and bottom lash line.
Blending brush- i use this to blend my eye shadow.
Eye shadow brush- i use this to put colour all over my lid.
Eyebrow and lash comb- i use this to brush through my brows.
Pointed foundation brush- i use this to blend in my concealer.
Blush brush- i use this for blusher.
Pencil brush- i use this to put shadow underneath my eye.
Fluffy angled brush- i use this for my brow bone highlight and to blend eye shadow out.
Angled brush- i use this for my eye brows.
Contour brush- i use this to contour, set my foundation with powder and for highlight.
Shading brush- i use this to put colour in my crease.
Buffing brush- i use this for my foundation.

Face products
When im on holiday i don't normally have much time to get ready, so i decided to bring some products that i can use when im in a rush.
From left to right.
NARS orgasm blush- i love this, its very shimmery so its great when you don't have enough time to use blush and highlight.
Estee Lauder pallet- this has no name but it has a blush a bronzer and a high light, i only use the bronzer as the others are very sheer, but the bronzer is a great contour colour.
L'Oreal true match foundation- this is also a great product to use when in a rush, as i think it apply's better using you fingers, using your fingers is a lot quicker than using a brush.
Fashionista brush on ready to wear concealer- This is a highlighting concealer so i use it under my eyes, it covers dark circles well and dosent crease which is always a plus.
Rimmel match perfection foundation- I love this foundation the formula is great it smells amazing and its really cheap, this one is actually running out now so i need to buy a new one soon.
Natural collection powder- This is nothing special just a cheap powder that dose the job, it keeps my foundation in place all day and its only £1.99.
Clinique lines smoothing concealer- i use this to cover up blemishes and anything that my foundation hasn't covered up, ermm this is okay i find it dosent last very long even if i set it with powder, its almost the same formula as the collection lasting perfection concealer, the only difference is the collection one lasts at lot longer than this.
Benefit high beam mini- This is a great high lighter, i do have the full size that i brought a while back, but i was waiting till this mini had finished, so i decided to finish this up on holiday as its small and i want to start my full size.
Natural collection blush in pink cloud- this is a really lovely pink colour especially for pale people, it really brightens up your skin and just looks lovely and its only £1.99.

Lip products
These are all my favorite lip products i have actually done a post on my top 5 high street lip products and that involved all of these products apart form one, so if you would like to see that post click here.
Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain in Lovesick- I love this, its a gorgeous fuscia pink colour that has a minty fresh smell and the great thing about it is that it does actually stain your lips....its great.
Kate Moss matte lipstick in 101- This is a lovely every day light pink colour, it smells amazing and i just love the colour.
Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake- This is also a lovely every day pink colour, the formula is great it adds colour and it keeps your lips moisturised at the same time.
Revlon lip butter in sweet tart- This is a lovely fuscia pink colour which is almost a little bit coraly, its great to wear if you want to brighten your makeup up a bit.
Collection lock n hold lip gloss in body pop- This is a lovely bubblegum pink colour, it smells amazing and has a very interesting applicator.
Sleek glossed lip gloss in whisper- This is a lovely pink colour that is very pigmented and its great to put over lipsticks that are bright if you want to tone them down a bit.

Eye products 
Maybelline the rocket volum express mascara- I love this mascara the formula is great and i really like the brush, it makes my lashes really long and adds just a bit of volume.
Models own grow fast mascara- I don't know about this helping my lashes grow but it is a good mascara its very black and makes my lashes nice and long.
Maybelline gel eyeliner- I love this product it stays on my water line almost all day and is really black, apparently it is comparable to the Bobbie brown and MAC gel eyeliners which is always good as this is a lot cheaper, also i have had this for around a year now and its still going strong.
Rimmel sexy cures mascara- I love this mascara but i don't think Rimmel sell it any more because when i have done to find it it hasn't been there :( It makes my lashes sooo long and sexy (see what i did there)
Collection eyeliner in black magic- This also really good in the waterline as long as you set it with black eye shadow,  its really black very smooth and applys very well to the water line and the top lash line with out pulling on the skin.
MUA clear mascara- I use this to set my eyebrows in place, it dose a very good job and its only £1

Eye shadow
Urban decay naked basics pallet- I love the colours in this pallet there very neutral and i love that most of them are matte, the packaging is great for traveling as well.
Sleek storm pallet- the colours in the is pallet are lovely they are very shimmery and this pallet also has my eyebrow powder in it.
Urban Decay primer potion- I love this stuff i have kind of oily eye lids so eye shadows always crease on me but when i use this they don't crease at all and it keeps my shadows looking perfect all day long i couldn't live with out this !!

Thank you so much for reading


Friday, 12 April 2013

Barry M NOTD #14 and update

Hello everyone. So today's post is a NOTD, this polish is by Barry m i don't actually know the colour as it dosent say on the bottom, i got it a clothes show and for some reason they take the names of the products, god knows why. This colour is really lovely though its a redy pinky orangey coral colour it looks like a different colour in different lights. Barry M polishes are lovely, the formula is great i only needed two coats to make this colour opaque and the lasting power is amazing, i was wearing it for about 5-6 days and there was only a few chips.
Know for a little update, on Saturday im going on holiday to a place called Croyde in south of England, so there wont be any posts for about a week hopefully i will get one up the Sunday after i come back. Let me know if you would like to see the makeup and skincare things i am taking with me because if you do i will take the pictures when i get back and post a few days after, and i will definitely do a haul of things that i buy on my holiday.


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hair Care Routine

The other day i was looking through the posts i have done and i released i haven't done a hair care routine and i thought it was about time i did it so here it is.

Before i get started here is some info on my hair. My hair has never been dyed it is its natural colour, which is a light brown dark blonde colour. My hair is quite long just under my boobies. I use to have quite short layers and a fringe but i decided to grow them all out because my hair was getting so thin. I wash my hair every two days, at night because i don't like washing my hair in the morning because its to fluffy and my hair doesn't do what i want it to do.

In the above picture is my Shampoo and Conditioner i use on my hair every two days, VO5 gloss me smoothly for frizzy hair i got these for free with a company magazine subscription along with some other products you will see in this post. This shampoo is lovely it smells amazing and makes my hair feel lovely and clean, the conditioner also smells amazing (they have the same sent) and makes my hair feel so soft and moisturised. Both of these products are enriched with a blend of five essential oils, the oils are: Avocado oil, Argan oil, Apricot oil, Grape seed oil and Jojoba oil. These ingredients are what makes the products smell so amazing. On the back it says 'caress and smooths your hair to control frizz and fly always, makes hair more manageable to style' which must be very useful for people who was their hair in the mornings.

Some times i wont use the conditioner i will use this VO5 treat me fight hair mask i also got this free with the magazine subscription. Like the shampoo and conditioner this smells amazing, it does have the same smell just a lot more stronger, this is also enriched with the same essential oils. This product is amazing it makes my hair look so healthy, and makes my hair feel incredibly soft and very moisturised. I get a whole load of this product in to my hands and put it through the lengths of my hair and leave it in for 1-3 minutes as it says on the tub and then wash it out.

When i get out of the bath/shower and have towel dried my hair i will use one of these products on my hair.

Herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream i have done a review on this here and mentioned it in my last empties post here so i m not going to say to much about this product but i will tell you that it is amazing i think that it has helped keep my split ends at bay.
VO5 miracle concentrate i also got this free with the magazine subscription. This Elixir is lovely it smells amazing, it has the same scent as the hair mask. It is a brilliant oil you can use it on wet and dry hair and it hydrates and deeply conditioning the hair. It makes your hair nice shiny, smooth and silky soft.
 Aussie dual personality conditioning gel spray this is an amazing product i brought it on a whim ages ago because it was on offer for like 50p, well actually i think it has been discontinued because i haven't seen it since, that's a shame because i think this bottle only has one or two more uses left :( The weird thing about this product is that it is actually a gel consistency which is so odd. But this makes my hair feel so lovely and soft and my hair looks very healthy after using this.
I also use Batiste dry shampoo, whenever my hair need a bit of a refresh if its looking a bit greasy.
Another i use is the Schwarzkopf heat defense, i spray a bit of this in my hair just before i blow dry or straighten it.

What is your favorite hair product ?


Monday, 8 April 2013

This or That Tag

Hello everyone. Today's post is going to be the this or that tag, i saw that the lovely Athena from mostly sophisticated had done this tag so i thought i would do it. I dont do many tags so hopefully you can learn a bit more about me from this tag.


Blush or bronzer ?

Lip gloss or lipstick ?
I would have to say lip gloss because it gives a bit of colour and moisture.

Liner or mascara?
This a hard one for me beacuse if i don't wear the eye liner in my waterline i look weird with just mascara, ahh i don't know, okay im gonna choose eye liner

Foundation of concealer?

Neutral or colour eye shadow?

Pressed of loose eye shadow?
Pressed, loose is to much effort.


OPI or China Glaze?
Hmm i don't really own a lot from both of these brands but im gonna say OPI

Short or long nails?
Long but not to long

Acrylic or natural nails?

Brights or dark's?
That's a hard one i love both, it depends what im in the mood for.

Nail art or no nail art?
I love nail art but it takes so long to do but im gonna say nail art because it can look really pretty.


Perfume or body spray?

Body lotion or body butter?
Hmm, body lotion i think.

Body wash or body soap?
Body wash (who uses body soap?)

Lush or another bath company ?
Hmm i don't really like wasting my money on things that only last for like one or two uses, neither, but i do like the smell of lush.


Jeans or joggers?
Joggers can look chavvy (no offence to chavs) so i would wear them round the house but yh i choose joggers, but i do actually normally wear leggings i don't own any joggers.

Long sleeve or short sleeves?
Short sleeves

Dresses or skirts?
I don't really wear either but if i had to i would wear a skirt (im more of a jeans of trouser person)

Stripes or tartan?
Hmm that's a hard one, stripes because they are timeless.

Flip flops or sandals?
Hmm i really wear opened toed shoes because i hate my toes, they only time i wear them is on the beach or by the pool so i would say flip flops

Scarves or hats?
Scarves !! Hats don't suit me !!

Studs or dangly earrings?

Necklaces or bracelets?
Necklaces because bracelets can get on my nerves !!

Heels or flats ?
Flats, i never wear heels.

Cowboy boots or riding boots?
Nither im not really a fan of boots.

Jacket or hoodie ?
Hmm, hoodies they are way more comfy !!

New look or primark ?
New look, not really a fan of primark, don't know why.

Topshop or Miss selfridge?


Straight or curly?
Straight looks better on me.

Bun or ponytail?
I wear ponytails more as there easy, but i still love buns, both

Hair grips or butter fly clips?
Hair grips.

Hair spray or gel?
Hair spray.

Long or short hair?

Light or dark hair?
Hmm my hair is in the middle but i really like blonde hair so im gonna choose light.

Side fringe or full fringe?
I have a middle parting so i don't either, but im gonna say side fringe.

Up or down?


Rain or shine?
Shine (now who's gonna say rain,really)

Summer or winter?
I prefer the summer weather, but i prefer the fashion in winter. So both

Autumn or spring?
Spring but if you live in England like me you will now that we don't really have a spring, but i do hate autumn.

Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?
Vanilla !!

So yh that's all the questions i did chance the questions a little as the girl i got them of was american, (i think) so if your from England and want to do this tag the questions will make more sense to you, by the way i tag you all of you to do this i would love to see your answers.

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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Products i Have Used up #6

Hello everyone hope you are having a great half term. Today's post is my products i have used up, hope you enjoy. Also sorry i haven't posted all week i was ill :( and have also been at family gatherings, so sorry about that but im back now :)x

AVON Nail experts liquid freeze
My mom actually brought this from AVON but she wasn't using it so she gave it to me, which was really nice of her. This is actually really good i find it dose actually "freeze" your nail polish. When you spray it, it dose go all over your hands which is a bit annoying, especially because its a little bit greasy which is a bit strange, but it dose dry after a while. I would say my nails are touch dry within about 5 mins but you still have to be careful as you can still smudge them.
I don't think i will repurchase this as i don't think it is worth the £6 price tag and also i think i have found something that is a lot better.

Herbal Essences beautiful ends split ends protection cream
I have actually done a review on this so if you want to see that click here.
This is really good, i brought it on a whim because it was on offer for really cheap, and i have ended up really liking this product. I find that over time using this product it has actually helped my split ends, i have a lot less split ends than i used to and i definitely think that it has something to do with this product.
I love this product and im really glad i brought it, i have already repurchased another bottle of this.

Simply pure Gentle eye makeup remover 
I have done a mini review on this and some other products from this range, if you would like to see the review click here.
If i am remembering correctly i believe that this wasn't that good, i had to rub at my eyes a lot to get my makeup all off. This has no scent which is good and its for sensitive skin. Its been a while since i have used this so i don't really remember much about it so sorry about it. I wont be repurchasing this product as i have been converted to cream eye makeup remover, i find they do the job a lot better and they are a lot softer on your eyes.

Protect hand gel, ASDA hand sanitiser
I was in ASDA and i really needed a hand sanitiser and this is the only one it could find so i just brought it. This was alright it did the job, it wasn't any think special. Again it has been a while since i was using it so i don't really remember much about this product (sorry).
I don't think i will repurchase this as i prefer the carex hand sanitisers.

Umberto Gannini Glam hair Rock "n" Roll Extreme hair spray
My cousin brought me a Umberto Gannini set for Christmas, it came with this, back comb in a bottle and an eyeliner.
This was alright it kept my hair in place but did make my hair a little crispy which i didn't really like, i wasn't to keen on the smell either it was very hair sprayey (duh). I don't really have much to say abut this as its just a hair spray and it has also been a while since i was using it lol, i wont be buying the big size of this.

Palmers cocoa butter Daily Calming facial lotion
I absolutely LOVE this stuff, this such a great moisturiser to use at night and in the day. It moisturises so well, it actually saved my skin this winter. I got two of these little samples in a goody bag from clothes show live in December and im glad i did as i never would of picked it up if i saw it in superdrug. I think it retails for £5-6 which i think is quite a lot for a moisturiser in the drugstore but i don't care i will still buy it. I didn't realise until i was editing the pictures that on the bottle it says "reduces redness and irritation, calms stressed skin" i think this is a bonus as i get quite red skin. I love this stuff and i would recommend it to you if you get dry skin.
I am deferentially going to but the bit bottle of this.

Have you tried any of these products ?

Thank you so much for reading