Monday, 31 December 2012


Hello everyone.
Happpy newww yearrrr.
So its the end of 2012 and its the start of a brand new year.
To finish the year of i have a nail post for you.

Models own black magic polish and Barry M glitter nail polish (no name)

So for new year i thought i would paint my nails all glittery, the Barry m polish is really nice there tiny little glitter and larger glitter, the black is also really nice its very pigmented, i only needed two coats.

I would also like to say i hope you all had a lovely Christmas  i was going to put up a post just wishing you all a happy xmas but i didn't have time sorry, my next post will be the presents i got for xmas so look out for that in the new year.

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you had a lovely 2012

Thursday, 20 December 2012


Hello everyone

So i have 104 followers, OMG i am so happy you guys are the best, I'm so grateful for every one of you, you are all so kind and just lovely people, i haven't even been blogging for very long and i already have 104 followers, thank you to everyone who takes the time out of there day to look at my blog.
I'm aware that i don't blog that often about ounce a week i wish i could blog more but the lighting is always really bad, i just don't enjoy tacking the pictures as i don't use a camera i use my phone and i don't have my own laptop i have to try and use either my bothers laptop or my moms, also i just don't have the time or I'm to tired, for me blogging makes me really tired especially when I'm near the end of writing a post i just cant be bothered and i just don't put as much effort in to it as much as i would like to lol.

I really wanted to hit 100 followers by the end of 2012, yay it came true thanks to all of you.
Thank you so much for reading and following

Monday, 17 December 2012

Clothes show live haul.

So this post is a little bit late as i went to clothes show on the 9th of December
 but there it is anyway.
 Rimmel goody bag £10
 3 nail polishes, eye shadow pallet, scandaleyes mascara and a 1000 kisses lip tint.

 Collection 2000
Eyeliner £1, Lip gloss £2

 Carmex 3 for £5 deal
Strawberry (amazing), original and cherry

I entered the compotion to win £200 topshop vouchers and we got free makeup wipes and three samples in this super skin facial thing.

Jelly pong pong beauty (so Susan) £5
This was an amazing deal i got all of these four products for £5.
Bronzer, lip cushion, mascara and wide awake concealer pallet.

I got a company magazine subscription which was £12 for 12 issues how amazing and i got these for free even more amazing the only thing i regretted was picking this as the free gift as i had to carry around these really heavy bottles.
Gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner, treat me right hair treatment/mask and hair oil. 

 Sleek makeup goody bag £10
Original eyeshadow pallet, eyelashes, red lip gloss ( already had this :( and i don't use it) and face and body highlighter.

 Black snood £8
This is the only item of clothing i got, me and my cousin were not very impressed with the clothes that were there, they had almost the same stuff at every stool and even though its meant to be reduced in price we found it still expensive and we just didn't like the clothes they had.

 Random things
so...? were giving out free dry shampoos so i picked up two, i also got the models own goody bag which you wont see in this post as somebody is giving it to me for xmas ( you will c in my xmas haul) this more magazine came free with it and lastly i got a stylfile nail file, there was a offer on where you can get three for £5, so i got one for myself, one for my mom for xmas and my cousin got one for her mom and tom the man from the apprentice who invented them was there and he signed them for us.

Cosmo and company magazines and goody bag £3
free gifts - golden wonder ready salted chrips, butter-scotch sweets ( love them), aveeno body moisturiser, kleenez oil absorbing sheets, Palmers coco butter facial moisturiser, batiste cherry dry shampoo, lacoste perfume sample, OPI gold shatter polish full size and Rimmel eye shadow pallet, there was also some other things but i got rid of them and cant remember what they were.

Clothes show live goody bag
I had the special ticket were you get a goody bag, just like last year it was terrible, the only reason why get the more expensive ticket is so we can get a really good seat in the fashion show.
lady gaga perfume sample, Brittany spears perfume sample, garner BB cream sample, dove conditioner, tooth paste ( random), another perfume sample ( cant remember what it is) and Nivea body oil, and there was some other things but i got rid of them as i wasn't interested in them.
So that is most of the stuff i got, as i mentioned i got a models own goody bag but someone is giving it to me for xmas, the same for the Barry M goody bag i got, i decided for someone to get me these to as i wasn't that impressed with them.
If you want me to do ant separate posts on any of these things do let me know.
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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Christmas tag.

The lovely Georgia tagged me to do this tag so i thought i would do it.

1. favorite Christmas movie.
The Holiday.

2.favorite Christmas song.
My all time favorite Christmas song is stop the cavalry by Jona Lewie.

3.real or fake Christmas tree.
Real all the way, there the best, they smell lovely and i love going to the Christmas tree farm to get one.

4.Do you like to stay in you pjs on xmas day or get dressed up ?
 Defo get dressed up i always have and always will, i don't get overly dressed up or anything just something nice but comfy, i usually wear leggings and a nice top.

5. Do u open your presents christmas eve or christmas day ?
Christmas day off course, we open one present on Christmas eve which is always a new pair of pjs.

6. favorite Christmas treat 
Hmm well im not sure really, last year i tried pigs in a blanket for the first time and i really liked them so im looking forward to them this year.

7.Show a childhood photo of you at Christmas
Well i cant as i have no idea wear the Christmas pictures are, there probably some wear in the loft and im not going up there lol, sorry guys.

8.When do you start getting excited for xmas ?
Probably around the middle of November.

9.If you could kiss one celeb under the mistletoe, who would it be ?
well, probably tyger drew- honey he has a strange name but he is VERY good looking, and we are the same age :).

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Monday, 3 December 2012

November favourites.

Hello everyone
This is my first favourites post so i hope you like it.

Rimmel london match perfection foundation in 100 ivory
This foundation is really nice, the colour is perfect for me, the coverage is really good, its a medium coverage foundation which is all i really need, it smells really nice to which is always a bonus, this foundation is only £6.99 which is a bargain for a foundation, that i think is really good,  i got this because i wanted a new foundation and i saw Fleur de force talking about it so of course i had to get it.
Rimmel london fix and perfect pro primer
I think that this actually dose work, I'm at college for 10 hours sometimes and my foundation lasts so well, and i think its down to this, its like a white cream and you only need a tiny bit, a small amount goes a long way. I think this also only costs £6.99 which is also really good, if you haven't already i recommend that you try this.
Benifit high beam
This is just a sample size i got in a magazine ages ago.I really like this high lighter it gives a lovely sheen to the cheeks i wear this when ever i wear makeup, i like to use a lot of this because i just love it, i only use this on my face and not as a brow bone high light because i think the shimmer is to much for there, i really want to get the full size but its so expensive, i might see if i can get it a clothes show live in Birmingham, when i go on Sunday hopefully they will have some good discounts and i may get some other stuff as well.
Models own grow fast mascara in black
This mascara is really nice and i think it actually dose help grow you lashes, when i wear this my lashes look sooo long.Its very wet consistency and it still is considering i have had it for almost a year now, i got this at clothes show last year, when i first started to try this i really didn't like it so i left it for a few months, because i didn't want to waste it i started to use it with wand from a different mascara which worked really well, but now i use it with its original wand and it works like a charm.
Natural collection blush in pink cloud
This is just an all round lovely blush,it looks lovely on the cheeks and for only £1.99 it lasts very well, its a lovely pink colour that looks really nice on my skin tone, if you haven't already i think you should go and try some of these blushes they are lovely.
Fashionista ready-to-wear brush on concealer in light shade 1
This is a lovely concealer for under the eyes as it a brightening concealer, the coverage that it gives is very good i would say it is medium to full coverage, i got this on offer for £3 in superdrug and im glad i did, its lovely,the colour is prefect for me and i covers up any darkness well.
Collection 2000 pure sheer lip gloss in cupcake 3
I brought this lip gloss ages ago so i don't think they will sell it any it says it is a sheer lip gloss, its a pinky colour with shimmer and glitter, this is just a lovely lip gloss and i have been wearing it a lot lately, its not sticky at all and it wears off very well.
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Monday, 26 November 2012

My favorite dark nail polishes.

Hello everyone.
Today i have a post about my favorite dark nail polishes, i hope you enjoy.

17 lasting fix nail polish in royal indigo, boots £2.99
This is a really nice deep purple colour, it has no shimmer and its really nice and glossy.
You need about three coats to get a nice even colour,it lasts pretty well on the nails, for £2.99 this nail polish is really nice, i got this a while ago so im not sure if they still sell this colour, but you should be abul to find one pretty similar.

Barry M nail paint in navy, boots/superdrug £2,99
I have done a nail of the day post wearing this nail paint, for more information on this polish click here.

Barry M nail paint in raspberry, boots/superdrug £2.99
The colour isent really showing up properly in the pictures, the colour is a deep red, burgundy colour.
Its really nice on the nails and lasts pretty well, i find that the color can look different in different lights it can look like a blood red colour or like it actually dose in the bottle.
Barry m nail paints are very good for the price, im sure you all have some as they are very raved about, some of you may even have the ones i have mentioned in this post.

Miss sporty lasting colour nail polish (they have no name) Boots/superdrug £1.99.
This is a really nice teal blue green colour, it has no shimmer its just a glossy polish.
On the bottle it says it lasts for seven days but there is no way it dose at all, it will last a few days and then start to chip like any other polish.I really like this colour and you only need about two coats to get a nice even colour. This brand isent very talked about but i do think the nail paints are very good for only £1.99

Miss sporty lasting color nail polish.
This is a shimmery gray colour,it comes out a bit darker on the nails than what it looks in the bottle.
You only need two-three coats of this and it comes out really nice, i really like the brushes on these nail polishes there quite wide so you can get all of your nail in only a few swipes, ounce again its only cheap and i would recommend that you try them if you haven't already.

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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Products i have used up #3

Hello everyone

So i have my 3rd products i have used up post for you i hope you enjoy.

Beauty formulas on the spot treatment, body care 99p.
I love this spot treatment ( and so dose my brother) its cheap and i like to think it dose a really good job and helps reduce my spots.
Its like a gel consistency and it smells minty.
I have already brought another tube of this.

Boots essentials nail polish remover, boots 99p
I like this remover because its cheap and it dosent smell really strong of chemicals like the one i have brought from superdrug dose, I would defnatilly recommend this remover to you, it also removes polish really nice.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair, sample.
This is just a small sample that my mom gave to me. I really enjoyed using this product i fell like it did make a difference to my skin and if i had the £50 it cost i would buy it, but that wont be happening any time soon, its way to over priced.

Radox clean and refresh  hand sanitiser, superdrug
This did smell very strong of chemicals and i wasn't keen on it, i only would have only brought this because it would have been on offer, i don't think i will buy this again i will stick to the carex ones.

Next just pink body wash, next
My mom brought me this for my birthday in may, now you may be thinking OMG that lasted you a long time, well it dident, i only used this when i was in the shower, i have a diffident one for when im in the bath, also if i can remember correctly i dident start using this straight away i think i may have been using a different one.
But i did smell very nice it was highly perfumed but was okay on my skin, even though my lags can get very sensitive.  I don't think i would buy this, i normally just use what ever my mom buys for the bath/shower.

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume sample.
I like this perfume, i think it kind of smells like the sweets pemaviolets, its lovely and very sweet smelly i probs wont buy the big bottle though i dont love it that much.

Clinique take the day off eye makeup remover, sample size.
I really really like this eye makeup remover, i think its brilliant it takes off eye makeup lovely and it dident sting my eyes, it was one of those part oil part water ones were you have to shake it up, i think it was the oil that made it so good, its around £16 so i wont be buying it, but i might put it on my Christmas list.

Clearasil overnight serum, poundland
I like this serum it makes my skin soft and i think it helps with spots, i got this for a really good deal in poundland, i haven't seen it anywhere else but i know it would be more than £1.

Soft and gentle deodorant. 
And lastly just a spray not much to say really but it dose the job.

BTW i have no idea why the middle picture is of center sorry.
If you have any post recommendations please let me know.

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Monday, 12 November 2012

Herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream.

Hello everyone

So today i have a review of the herbal essences split ends protection cream for you i hope you enjoy.

This is a leave in split end protection cream, i use this about 10 mins after  iv come out the shower/bath when my hair isent dripping wet, i split my hair in to two sections then pump about one and a half pumps of this in to my hand and run it through the ends of my hair on the first section and then repeat in the second section of my hair with another pump and a half of the product, then let my hair air dry.
I think that this actually helps my hair i brought this in august and have been using it since then, i haven't had my hair cut since may and i barely have any split ends and im going to put that down to this i think its brilliant and it actually dose the job.
On the back it says "lavish me through to your tips to give your hair the daily special treatment.  Don't rinse out just put me on towel dried hair or dry hair and ill keep loving your locks and help protecting your tips all day long".
This product is lovely and i definitely recommend that you go and buy it, i got mine on offer in superdrug.

If you have any request pop them down below and i will be sure to do them for you.

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Monday, 5 November 2012

NOTD #10

Hello everyone

Today i have a NOTD for you i hope you like.

Barry M navy, i love this polish its soo pretty, its a lovely navy blue colour with a slight shimmer in it.
I think this is the perfect Autumn/winter colour.
Its very opaque you only need two coats.

At the moment i am sooo stuck for post ideas as you may have noticed i haven't blogged in a while,i really need some ideas, so if you have ANY suggestions please write them in the comments or tweet me on twitter (fashionxox1).

Hello to all my new followers hope your all well.
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Sunday, 28 October 2012

beauty haul

Hello everyone

I have a haul for you today, just a few things i have picked up over a few shopping trips enjoy.

Sleek shangri-la respect pallet, Superdrug £7.99
I have done a review on this pallet to see click here.

 Kate for Rimmel lipstick in 101, boots £5.49
This is a matte lipstick, its a nude pink color and its very natural.
Dont know why i brought this as my lips are really dry at the moment because of the weather, but i do really love the color. 

 Natural collection blush in pink cloud, boots £1.99
This is a really nice pink color, very natural, and very pigmented for £1.99.
I would defo recommend this to you.

 Rimmel vinyl jelly lip liners in 003 starlet and 009 hot spark, Home bargains 99p
These are very nice, nicely pigmented, very glossy and i got them both for 99p, what a bargain.
One is a nude color and the other is a light berry color. 

Schwarzkoft got 2b guardian angel heat protection, £2.99 home bargains
I have almost run out the the one i am using at the moment, and i really like this one it smells lovely and it dose the job really well.
And i think i got this a bit cheaper, than it is in boots and superdrug.

Garnier body intensive 7 day soothing lotion,Asda £1.50
I have wanted to get one of these body lotions for a while because sometimes i forget or i don't have time to cream my legs, and i feel like i have to because my skin is dry, i dident know how this would react on my skin as it is very sensitive, that's why i brought the one for sensitive skin, and its fine it dosent make my legs itchy or anything, its actually really nice.

Clinique take the day of makeup remover
This is a sample that my Nan gave me as she dosent use eye makeup remover, i have been using this the last few days and its really nice, i went on to the website and for the full size it costs £16 which is a lot, i might put it on my Christmas list but im not sure yet, but this eye makeup remover is lovely.

Jesus bracelets, primark £1.50
I have wanted some of these bracelets for a really long time, i am a bit late with them but i will still wear them anyway.
And i thought £1,50 for two bracelets is really good.

Skintruth rich massage cream, sallys £8 but i got if for £5.
I have learnt how to do arm and face massage at collage and my family want me to do massages on them, so my Nan kindly gave me the money for this.
I also brought some eyelash glue from sallys for around £3.

Rimmel london match perfection foundation in 100 ivory superdrug £6.99
After i saw fluer de force talk about this foundation i really wanted to get it, believe it or the this is my second ever foundation i have used :o, it was only £6.99 so i decided to get, the color match is perfect, and the coverage is really nice, i am a big fan of this foundation and i have only used it like three times.

Rimmel london Glam eyes liquid eyeliner supedrug free
In superdrug they had an offer on if you spent £6.99 or more you can get this eye liner for free, this is another reason why i got the foundation because im getting even more for only a little amount of money.

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Friday, 26 October 2012

sleek shangri-la respect pallet review

Hello everyone

 Today I'm doing a review on the new sleek shangri-la respect pallet, hope you enjoy.

Top row of shadows

Bottom row of shadows

I love sleek eyesadow pallets there only £7.99 and the colours are really pigmented, i want them all, but i have decided when ever a new collection comes out i will buy one of the pallets that i like.
In the new collection Shangri-la there are two pallets and two matte lip glosses.
Out of the two pallets in the collection i thought that this one was nicer as it has more wearable colours in it, the other pallet is blue toned and i don't tent to wear blue eye shadow.
This pallet is really lovely, i would say that my favourite colour is the shimmery brown colour (top row second from left) it a nice shade to put all over the lid or to put into the crease.
In this pallet most of the colours are very pigmented apart form a few of the lighter colours which is very disappointing, as you can see from the swatches about 3 colours have no colour to them at all, which is really not like sleek.
Apart from that all the other colours are great and nicely pigmented, all in all i do love this pallet, and i would defo recommend it to you.
Tell me what your favourite sleek product is i would love to know.
It you have any post requests please let me know.
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Sunday, 21 October 2012



Hello everyone

I have a NOTD for you today, i hope you enjoy.

Barrym nail paint (dont know the colour sorry)
This is a really lovely blue colour with glitter and a terquise shimmer, its quite sheer it needs about four coats i have three coats on but i think it could do with another, but its still really nice, this is actually my first time wearing this colour even tho i got it for christmas.
If you have any post requesed please let me know as i dont really know what do post about.
Hopefully there will be some more posts up this week :)
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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Haul, new look and more

Hello everyone

I have a collective haul for you today hope you like :)

Newlook army print tee £4 sale
I saw this full price and i really wanted to get it then but i dident have any money, and i went back in a few weeks later and i saw in the sale for £4 i was like well I'm getting that.
I love the whole army print trend i think its really different and i think its looks really cool, I'm dying for a army print jacket but there all to expensive :(

Newlook skull top £5 sale
This top is khaki I'm not sure if its showing up as this colour.
It is made from flowers which i think adds a feminine touch to the top.
The material is so soft and its really comfy to wear when your just chilling round the house.

H&M black top £7.99
This is a plain old boring black top but there something else I'm not sure if you can see it properly in this picture but this top has two pieces of chiffon on the sides, its so flattering and its really girly and pretty, its also kind of hared to explain what it looks like but i hope you got the gist.
In this post i brought a pair of Aztec print trousers and i wore this top with them this Saturday for my brothers birthday party and my family thought it looked relly nice.

Forever 21 silver bracelet £2.99 ring free
In forever 21 they were having a buy one get one free offer on there jewellery so i got them both for £2.99.
The bracelet is stretchy and made from six big studs.
The ring has three spikes covered in dominates, this was £1.99 in the sale but i got if for free.  

Newlook gold eye necklace £1 sale
This is a gold necklace with a diamante covered eye and a little black bead.
Thought this was a bargain so i had to pick it up.

Newlook ear cuff set £3.99
I have wanted some ear cuffs with the dangley thing hanging from it for ages and i haven't been abul to find any, i think they are really cool and look really edgy.
Thought they were really cheap so i had to pick them up, i don't really see the point in the studs tho as there is only one in each metal type,

Amazon dotting tools around 35p
These are sooo cheap a actually not that bad i really like them defo worth the little money.

Collection 2000 cream puff in fairy cake
I love these a lot i have another one in Cotton candy which i wear almost every day to college, so i new i had to get this one as well, i wish they did some more bright coloured ones because i would so buy them as well, and the other ones they sell are nudes and i don't really like nudes.
I also brought a skeleton ring from newlook generation for £1.50 but i deleted the photo :(
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