Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Favorite Hair Products

Hello everyone, in today's post im going to be showing you my favorite hair care products.

Amargan hair therapy oil 
I brought this when i went to a beauty event at the NEC. A man put some on my hair and my hair felt amazing. I use this on damp hair and then let my hair air dry, in the morning my hair feels so amazing so soft and very moisturised. I have almost used up this little bottle and i don't no what im gonna do when it runs out, as i think its kind of expensive.

Herbal essences beautiful ends split and protection cream
I have been using this for ages now, and im on my second bottle. I use this on damp hair, i put about two pumps into my hands rub them together and then smooth it through the lengths of my hair and then let my hair air dry, in the morning my hair feels so amazing very soft and shiny and i actually think that after a while of using this it has helped my split ends stay away. If you would like to now more about this product i have done a full review on it here.

Herbal essences fresh balance clarifying shampoo
People always go on about high end clarifying shampoos but you don't tend to here about any you can get on the high street, so when i saw this i thought i would give it ago as im not up for spending a bomb on expensive ones. I have used this a few times now and i can say that this is a brilliant product it really dose clean your hair so well, and makes it feel squeaky clean. I would recommend making sure you use a very moisturising conditioner on your ends though as you don't wont them drying out.

Schwarzkoft 2 sexy big volume push up volumizing hairspray 
This stuff smells amazing just like cherry aid, it holds my hair so well but it can go a bit crispy which i actually don't mind, as i feel its doing its job. This is my favorite hair spray and i love it so much.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

I changed my blog name - Please read

Goodbye Fashionxox1 Hello BeautyCallls

I have wanted to change my blog name for a while now and today i decided i was just going to do, i thought of a new name that i really liked it so i just did it. You  have probably guessed by now but the new name is BeautyCallls and that's with three Ls, what do you think of the new name i would love to now what you think of it. Also i have changed the colour theme to purple and white with a hint of Gray, and the blog header is also new. You may have noticed that i sign my blog posts of by putting fashionxox1, now obviously I'm not going to be able to change everyone to BeautyCallls so i have changed a few but not every post.
I have changed my twitter name to BeautyCallls as well, i hope this wont confuse you.
So i hope you like the new name, i cant wait to here your feedback :)x


Tuesday, 23 July 2013

My Summer Skincare Essentials

Hello everybody, today's post is going to be my summer skincare essentials, these are a few products i have been loving using in this hot weather in England and when i was on holiday.

Lush Eau Roma water toner water 
I love using in the evening and morning, if freshens my skin and makes my face feel a little cooler, i spray a few pumps onto my face and let in sink in, my skin feels so lovely and i feel a little cooler. This is my favorite toner and i really love using it.

Garnier moisture match moistuiser for normal skin 
This is a great moistuiser for summer as it has SPF 20 and it is very light on the skin. Its not heavy and doesn't feel like to much. Its smells lovely but it is fragranced, so if you have very sensitive skin this wont be any good for you, the first time i used this is used quite a bit and i rubbed it on my eyes, about 20mins later my eyes stared to sting like crazy and that is the only let down to this product.

Nivea soft refreshingly soft moisturising cream
I have talked about this product so many times on my blog and by now you guys should now how much i love it. On holiday i used i every night on my feet as my feet were very dried out from walking in the sand and been in the hot weather, when i put this on my feet i put it on like a mask and then put some socks on and let in soak in and in the morning my feet look and feel so much better.

Olay gentle cleanser conditioning milk  
This is a great cleanser to use in the morning as it is very light and great at cleaning the skin. This is really good as any one can use what ever your skin type is, its fragrance free and is one of my favorite cleanser.

Carmex lip balm
Iv been loving using this in the summer as it has SPF 15 so my lips wont get burnt, this is very moisturising and it smells amazing just like strawberry laces.

What products have you been loving lately ??


Friday, 19 July 2013

Beauty Haul - Lush, superdrug and more.

Hello everyone, so i have been shopping a bit recently because i fancied trying a few new products and i also needed to repurchase some things, so lets get started.

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion - £9.25
I got the small bottle of this for my birthday just so i could try it out to see if i would like it and lets just say i ended up loving it. There is only a little bit left in my small bottle so of course i had to purchase the big bottle. I don't know if any one else thinks this but almost £10 for a cleanser is a bit ridiculous i would never normally spend over £3 on a cleanser so you can tell i really do love this product. If you would like to know a little more about this product i have done a review here.

Batiste, bodycare - £1.49
I had ran out of dry shampoo and i needed a new bottle, so i brought one (that's all im going to say)

Olay essentials conditioning cleansing milk, superdrug - £1.49 (on offer)
I got sent a bottle of this from a website and i ended up really loving it, there is only a tiny bit left in the bottle so i brought a new on. This is a great cleanser to use in the morning to refreshen and clean your face it dose a brilliant job and its only cheap so i thought i would buy one.

Nivea soft refreshingly moisturising cream, bodycare- £1.49
This is my favorite moisturising product and i have almost ran out of my bottle so when i saw that it was a bit cheaper in body care than any were else i thought i would pick it up and its such an essential. I use this on my face, my feet, my knees and my elbows and just any dry spots on my body, this is a great product.

Nivea rich regenerating night cream, superdrug - on offer for around £2
As i love the day cream version of this i thought i would try the night cream out. The first time i used this product it was a very hot night and my face just felt so greasy, this is definitely a night cream for winter not summer. I don't own a eye cream and my eyes were feeling rather dry one night so i thought i would try a bit of this on them and my eyes just felt so lovely and moistuised and not greasy at all so i have been using this as a night time eye cream.

Garnier pure self-heating sauna mask, bodycare - 99p
I really love face masks and as these packet ones are only cheap im surprised i don't own hundreds. When i saw this one i really liked the idea that it was heating (not good to wear in this hot weather though) so i brought it, and you actually get two masks its one as it has to sections, so you get even more for your money.

Collection work the colour eyeshadow pencil in hot chocolate, superdrug - £2.50 (offer)
When i saw these on the stand i was very intrigued as they look very much like the NYX jumbo eyeshadow pencils so i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it the last few days in the outer park of my water line and smudged in to my bottom lash line, and it is actually very nice its very creamy and very pigmented i really like this and im definitely going to pick up a few more.

River island silver necklace £3 (sale)
I was walking past river island and i saw that they were having a sale so i decided to go in and have a look, i was looking at the jewelry and i saw this necklace and i thought it was really nice and for £3 i couldn't leave it there, i don't own a silver statement necklace so when i saw this one i had to have it.

What have you brought recently ??


Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Im Back - France 2013

Hello everyone, so im back from France. If you read my last post then you will know i went to France for nine days and lets just say i had a great time, i went with my mom, dad, brother and auntie. We stayed in a villa that was really lovely and the beach was just around the corner which was great. I have just a few pictures to show you of a beach, some yachts and a bridge that my parents made a big deal out of for some reason, i thinks its were the river Loire meets the sea.

I went in to a few french pharmacy and lets just say it was like my heaven in there i loved it, but every think was so expensive so i didn't end up buying any think, i wasn't that crazy about wanting to buy any think anyway. I did buy one thing from a beauty shop that was in a supermarket, i brought a travelo kind of thing that was only 4 euro. So all in all i had a great time with my family, i love going to France its my favorite place to go on holiday we go there almost very summer and we always have a great time and we have lots of great memories


Thursday, 4 July 2013

Auvoir - Im off to France

Bonjour everyone, So on Friday the 5th of July i am off to France for nine days, so i wont be putting up any posts for a while. Let me know if you would like to see a post on the makeup i am taking and if you would like a to see a post on my holiday including pictures of things i did, i will also do a haul of the things i buy if i do. As i am going to France i really want to go to a pharmacy and look and that skin care so if you have any recommendations of some things i should try then please comment down below, also if i run in to a sephora then of course i will be going in so recommend me some things from there to.


Monday, 1 July 2013

Holiday Haul - Things i have Brought for my Holiday

Hello everyone, so on Friday the 5th of July im off to France, so of course i had to pick up some new bits.

(left) Topshop White over sized crop top with black spots £8 (sale)
I have had my eye on this top for ages so as soon as i saw it in the sale of course i had to pick it up.

(right) River Island cream crop top with black spots £10 (sale) 
Now you maybe thinking why on earth do i have two crop tops with black spots, well there actually very different and i love them both so i had to have them.
This top is more fitted than the Topshop one so it looks more dressy, it also has a textured effect to it which is really nice and very different to any think else i own.

New look khaki skater skirt £6 (sale)
I have really been getting in to skater skirts recently so when i saw this one for £6 i had to have it, its a lovely material and i think it will be really nice for my holiday.

Quiz gray speckled skater skirt £12 (i think) (sale)
Again this is a lovely material and this one actually has lining so it makes it really light and comfy to wear.
Its a lovely charcoal gray skirt with white speckles on it.

Primark beach dress £4
I thought this would be really nice just to put over my swim suit around the pool or on the beach, or if its just a really hot day and i want to wear something very light. Its a lovely Aztec pattern with two pockets on the front (which i will never use), its not to short and it looks lovely on, the straps are little two big, but other than its really lovely, and a bargain at £4.
From primark i also brought two plain black and white vest tops and a little gray crop top, i didn't picture them because i thought that would be really boring.

Debenhams Red herring floral swim suit (around £20)
I really wish i could wear bikinis but im not that confidant with my body so in a one piece i will feel a little better. Its a really lovely navy swim suit with a lovely floral pattern on it.

Republic white top with Aztec pattern £7 (sale)
I was just wondering around republic and i came across this really lovely top. Its a white top with black and green Aztec pattern on it, its a lovely material which is very light and will be great on holiday.

Primark neutral coloured bag with gold studs £6
I wanted a small bag to take with me, to just throw my things in when we go out, i didn't want to take a big one because i new it would just get in the way, and the only things i will be taking out with me are my phone, ear phones, a purse and some lip balm, so this little bag is perfect.

Garnier Moisture match moisturiser for normal skin, body care £2.99
I sent off for some samples of moisturiser from this range and this one came in the set, i used the hole sample up and i really liked it, it wasn't to heavy and it has SPF 20 so i thought it would be perfect for my holiday.
If you want to try these moisturiser then go to body care because they are only £2.99 instead of like £4.99 in superdrug and boots, bargain.

TRESemme touchable finish hairspray, superdrug 3 for £3 offer
I now in my last post i said i wouldnt repurchase this hair spray but this is the only one they had in the travel section so i just picked it up as i did need a travel size for holiday.

Batise dry shampoo, superdrug 3 for £3 offer
I didn't want to take a big bottle of this with me, so i just brought a small one that should last me and is nice and small.

St.Ives fresh skin apricot scrub, superdrug 3 for £3 offer
I didn't now what else to get in the offer so i thought i would pick this up as i have wanted to try it for ages so i thought id take the opportunity.

Post about me going on holiday to come.