Saturday, 11 August 2012

Craving #1

1.Skull love top,newlook
2.Cross jumper, newlook
3.Leather jacket,newlook
5.White high top converse

Sorry if the pictures are a big blurry but you get the picture.
I was in newlook the other day and i saw the top,jumper and leather jacket all togther, and i though they were so nice, i almost brought the top but i didn't.
I have wanted this style of leather jacket for a while because i like it a lot more than a bomber style jacket that i have by Henley's, which doesn't really fit, so i might invest in this one for winter.
I am need for a new mascara because I'm bored of all the ones that i have and i really want to try this rimmel scandeleyes one.
I really want these converses they are so nice and totally my style, i would really like them but i don't want to spend £40 on a pair of shoes, i might look out for a cheaper look alikes form somewhere.

Thank you for reading and please follow.


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