Monday, 25 February 2013

Models own Indian ocean nail polish NOTD #12

Hello everyone
So today i have another NOTD post, well its gonna be a tiny review of models own Indian.
 ocean nail polish. I hope you enjoy.

Models own nail polishes in Indian ocean and lilac dream £5, boots and models own website.
This nail polish is soooo pretty i love it so much the only thing is that it is kind of sheer so i put another one of   my favorite polishes underneath which is called lilac dream this is lilac is so opaque and its a lovely lilac colour.
Indian ocean is a blue based shimmer with purple shimmer running through it, i have wanted it for so long so when i got my hands on it at clothes show live i was so happy, but believe it or not this is my first time using it which is ridiculous considering clothes show was at the beginning of December last year.
I want to try using a baby blue underneath to try and make the blue come through a bit more because as you can see with the purple underneath it looks more like a lilac colour.

Whats you favorite models own polish ??


Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lavera cleanser and cotten pads review

Hello everyone
Today i am doing a review on some things that were sent to me from the website
This website sells all things beauty like makeup, skincare, nail polish, hair care and lots of other lovely things.
This website includes brands like Burts Bees,BM Beauty, Lavera and lots of other lovely brands.

This is a really lovely cleanser, its very gentle and you can even use it to take your eye makeup off. This product is vegan and fragrance free, now the smell is really weird its kind of like sun cream or artificial lemons, its really strange, also the colour is yellow which is odd as every other cleanser i have used has been white. This cleanser is for all skin types
This is a kind of cleanser you have to use with water which sometimes i really cant be bothered to do.
A really good thing about this product is that it gets you makeup off really well especially your eye makeup.
This is how the website describes the product
Gently cleanse and remove make-up in one simple, effective application. Extremely kind to skin, especially the sensitive area around the eyes, this milk has precious organic oils to smooth and nourish. 
This retails for £7.45
So all in all i really do like this cleanser and i would recommend it to you especially if you have sensitive skin.

Now these i am not a fan of i have used them once and i really do not like them, i used it and my face didn't look or feel clean, i toned after and lots of makeup came of on to the cotten pad which dosent usually happen when i take my makeup off another way.
The website describes them likes this
The environmentally friendly alternative to cotton wool. Simply use with cleanser in place of cotton wool pads or wipes to remove make up.
These retail for £6.49 but at the moment they are on offer for £5.49
I really Like the idea of these but they don't work as well as cotten pads do
I don't recommend these.

If you have any post recommendations please let me know.
Also sorry i havent blogged in a week i have been very busy.
Thank you so much for reading, i hoped you liked this post

Friday, 15 February 2013

My favorite makeup brushes.

Hello everyone
So today im doing a post on my favorite makeup brushes and what i use them for, i hope you like this posts and it you have any post requests please let me know.

Sally's angled brush
I Bought this for gel eyeliner but it was a bit big so now i use it for my eyebrows and its perfect

Estee Lauder blending brush
This brush is really good for blending shadows out, i don't know what its actual name of it as my mom got it in a Estee Lauder set and very kindly gave it to me, the brushes dont have names on them.

Real techniques blush brush
Even thought this brush is called the blush brush i would say its better for bronzer its a little to big for blush, but if you just use the side and not the top then its a little better for blush.

Barry M eye shadow brush
This brush is really good for applying eye shadow all over the lid, the only thing with this brush is that it sheds a lot but i can live with that :)

Real techniques shading brush
This brush is really good for applying colour in to the crease of your eye and for blending colours out, its also very soft i love using this.

Real techniques contor brush
I use this brush to apply and blend out my highlighter and obviously i use this for contoring.

Real techniques pointed foundation brush
I use this brush for blending my concealer out, because it pointed it makes it easier to get the concealer in to smaller places on the face.

Real techniques buffing brush 
I love this brush so much its so soft and perfect or applying my foundation, its also good to use for blending out powder face products if you apply to much or want it to look at bit more natural.

 what are your favorite brushes ??
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Monday, 11 February 2013

Products i have used up #5

Hello everyone
Today i have another empties post for you, i hope u enjoy.

Clearasil overnight Lotion 
I really like this its a good layer of moisture to put on my skin at night if i have any spots, i feel like this helps them go away, but im not sure if it actually dose.
I brought this in pound land a while ago and haven't been abul to find it since, i also cant seem to find it any were else. If i do find it i will buy it again.

Estee Lauder perfectly clean light lotion cleanser.
I really liked using this cleanser it smells lovely but it is heavily perfumed, so if you have very sensitive skin i would stay away from this, as it says in the name its a light lotion, even though it is very light it skill cleans my skin very well, i would buy this but as its by Estee Lauder im sure it will be way to expensive for a cleanser.

Next very red roll on perfume 
This sent is amazing its fruity but floral at the same time, Next were selling this about three years ago for Valentines day but i haven't been abul to find it since, which is so upsetting as i love this sent so much, if they do start selling it again im going to buy like ten bottles, that's how much i love it.
This sent really reminds me of when i was at school, i always used to roll it on my self and it wasn't just me who loved it my friends loved it to , i miss this sent so much :( !!!

Next just pink body spray
This sent is very grannyish, but its not that bad, erm its alright that's all i have to say.
I don't think i will buy this again.

Palmers coca butter Daily calming facial Lotion
This is one of the best moisturizer i have ever tried  its smells amazing and it moisturizer my skin soo well, its saved my skin this winter. I got this as a sample in my goody bag at clothes show, and im so glad it was in there because i am obsessed with it.
Now it is around £5-6 which i think is a lot for a high-street moisturizer, but i think i will still buy it when i have finished my other sample.

Clearasil overnight serum
Just like the over night lotion i got this in poundland and i cant find it again, i also really love this, i really like the idea of a serum, something you put on before your moisturizer to add an extra layer of moister, i really wish i  could find this because i really like it, i would defo buy it again.

Nivea pearl and beauty spray
This is actually one of my favorite deodorants, it smells nice and lasts a long time, i will defo buy this again but only if it is on offer.

Thank you for reading i hope you liked it.
Also i  hope you guys like my new header, its nothing special but i have wanted one for a while.

Monday, 4 February 2013

beauty haul, boots, NARS and more

Hello everyone
So today i have a collective beauty haul for you, i was very naughty i brought my first ever products from NARS and benefit :)

Benefit high beam boots £18.50
I have a sample of this that came free in a magazine about 2 years ago and i love it im still using the sample now but its getting close to the end, i love this product so much and im glad i brought this.

NARS blush in orgasm buyapowa £16.50 (RRP £21.50)
When i saw how cheap this was i new i had to have it. I have seen and heard lots of really good things about this blush and i have wanted to try it for a while, when i saw it was this price i thought it would be a really good time to get it , and im glad i did even though for me its still a lot.

Revlon lip butter in sweet tart boots £3.50 (clearance) 
I was having a look through the clearance section in boots didn't think i would be abul to find any think, but then i came across a load of lip butters, i opened one up to see if there was anything wrong with it and there wasn't it was brand new, i was so surprised i was like well im getting this. bargain or what.

LOreal true match  foundation in rose ivory, superdrug £6.99 (on offer)
I wanted to try a new foundation for a while and i have heard really good things about this one so when i saw it on offer i new i had to get it, the good thing about this true match line is that there are so many different colours so suit lots of different skin tones, although this is a little to pale for me, but it works great i  really like it.

First aid beauty Fab essentials kit, boots £5 (offer)
I have wanted to try this brand for a while as i have seen lots of people say good things about there products. All of the products in this kit  are fragrance free, allergy tested and dermatologist tested.
The kit includes Face cleanser, Daily face cream, Gentle wash and body moisturizer.
I haven't tried any of these properly yet but i have high expectations for them.

Lavera 2 in 1 cleansing milk and cleansing pads
I got sent these from lucyrose which was really nice of them, i haven't used them yet but i plan to and then do a review on them for you.

 Cosmo beauty magazine, WHSmith £5.99
I have seen this magazine in store a few times but have been put of by the price. But i saw it the other week a i really wanted it as actually there are no magazines in the UK that is only about beauty so i just brought it and so far i am loving it and i would recommend it to all you beauty loving people out there.

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