Sunday, 29 September 2013

Top 5 Makeup Products Under £5

Hello everyone so today i am going to be showing you my top 5 makeup products under £5 i hope you enjoy.

Collection Lock and Hold lip gloss in Body Pop
This is such a lovely lip gloss, its not sticky at all and it is a beautiful colour. Its a light baby pink colour with blue under tones and it has no shimmer in it. It looks really nice over a lot of lipsticks and even by its self. For £2.99 these lip glosses are lovely, i think there is five other shades and i really need to pick them up.

Collection Work the Colour eye shadow pencil in Hot Chocolate
You guys should now by now how much i love these bad boys especially this colour. I have three of the six shades and i must say they are lovely, they are very pigmented and creamy and last a very long time. They are nice all over the lid but they can go a little patchy, but after a few coats and some eye shadow over the top they look fine. For £3.19 they are a bargain and they are a good dupe for the NYX jumbo eye pencils, if you haven't already tried these you have to. I have done a full review of these here

MUA single eye shadows
I have a few of these and they are all lovely especially this brown one in pearl shade 11. They have two different types pearl which are shimmery and matte which are obviously matte, i have only tried the pearl ones so i cant tell you any think about the matte ones. They are very pigmented and very creamy, they can be a little powdery but i can live with that. For £1 these are amazing and if you haven't tried any you have to.

MUA Undress your skin Shimmer Highlighter
Highlighters are a product that the drugstore dosent really have many of, so when i saw this come out a few months ago i had to pick it up and lets just say im glad i did. The packaging has broken which is very annoying but i can live with it. It is 100% a highlighter for pale skin so if you have darker skin i would stay away from this. It is a pink highlighter with a hint of blue shimmer in it (so its a blue toned pink). Its very pigmented and looks lovely on the cheeks. As you can see they product its self looks very expensive as it has a wave texture to it (like the MAC ones) and it is only £3. If you have pale skin you should get this.

Maybelline colour tattoo
I'm sure almost everyone has one of these, they are such a lovely product. They are very creamy and go on to the lid like a dream. They last a very long time especially when your wearing a primer and eye shadow over the top. This colour is pink gold and its actually the only colour tattoo i have and now i have tried it i want more. For £4.99 they are a bargain and eBay do a few of them for even cheaper (which is were i got mine). If you haven't tried these were have you been.

Whats your favorite product under £5 ??


Saturday, 21 September 2013

Rimmel Nail Polish Collection

Hello everyone so in today's post i am going to be sharing my Rimmel nail polish collection with you. My nail polish collection is rather big so i have decided to do a few of these posts to show you all of my nail polishes.

60 Seconds (L-R)

Princess pink- Princess pink is a very light baby pink colour with no shimmer in it, its very sheer so it needs about 3-4 coats. It looks very natural and would be good if you go to school and your not aloud to wear any polish as you can barley tell your wearing it. It would also be very nice to use when doing a french manicure.

Twinkle- Twinkle is a lovely very light lilac colour with silver shimmer and glitter in it, to get a nice opaque colour it needs about 2 coats. As it has glitter in it, it lasts a long on the nails but it is a night mare to get off. This is actually my second bottle of this and i have never brought a nail polish twice so you can tell i like it.

Instyle Coral- Instyle coral is a very true orange coral colour that has no shimmer in it, it is very opaque you only need about two coats to get a lovely finish.

Style Hunter- Style hunter is a very different colour i have never seen any think else like it, its kind of a dark beige brown colour with purple shimmer in it. I don't wear it to often but i do think it is a really nice autumn colour.

I <3 Lasting finish (L-R)

London Clouds- London clouds is a true white colour, it has no shimmer and for a white its actually quite pigmented you only need about 2-3 coats to get a nice opaque colour.

Loafer Love For You- This is a lovely cobalt blue colour with no shimmer in it, it is very pigmented you only need about 2 coats, this is one of my newest polishes and i really like it i have no other colours like it.

Wine Not- Wine not is a lovely raspberry redy pink colour with no shimmer,and again it only needs about 2-3 coats to make it nice and opaque. It is a perfect colour for autumn winter, i do love the colour but it just makes my hands look sooooo pale so i don't wear it often.

Double Espresso- I actually got this one from pound land so that was a bargain, this is a brown colour with shimmer in it and it also has some kind of purple undertone to it which is kind of odd but it actually looks okay, i dont wear this one to much as im not really that much of a fan of it.

Lycra Pro and Effects (L-F)

Oyster Pink- Oyster pink is a really lovely light pink colour with shimmer in it, its very sheer you need about 4 maybe 5 coats to make it opaque. This would be really nice for school or maybe for a french manicure.

Night Flight-  Even though this looks almost black in the pictures its actually a very dark purple colour. I don't actually like this colour but its okay. I actually really like the brush on these Lycra pro ones because they are so big, also i think the Lycra pro range might not be sold any more but im not sure.

Precious stone, Ruby Crush- This is the perfect Christmas polish. It has big silver bits of glitter and smaller bits of red glitter, for a glitter polish its actually very opaque it says on the bottle it is a high coverage glitter nail polish and it definitely is, the swatch is only two coats. I'm not sure if they sell these any more but i don't know.

Metal Rush, Pearly Queen- This is a beautiful purple colour with green duo chrome through it. This is very sheer so i like to put a polish under neath it. But i would say this is one of my favorite nail polishes.

Top coats

Lycra Pro Matte finish top coat- I brought this ages ago and i actually haven't used it on my nails, but i have used it on a nail wheel so i can tell you that this dose work and it is very good, and as matte nails are in this autumn winter i might start using it.

5 in 1 Nail treat, Base and top coat Total care Action- I use this every time i paint my nails and it is very good, really just a basic base and top coat.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Collection Cosmetics Review

Hello everyone so this is another post reviewing some products from cheap drugstore brands, today i am reviewing the very well known Collection, there products are very cheap i don't think there is any think over £10 (i maybe wrong).

Eye Pencil products 

Work the Colour Eye Shadow pencils (review)
These are pretty new to the brand and i must say they are very good, very creamy and very bendable. They are water proof so the stay in the waterline all day. They can be a little patchy if you put them all over the lid but once u you have put a few layers on and you have an eye shadow over the top they are lovely. I have reviewed these if you would like to know more.

Intense colour super soft kohl 
I used to use this all of the time, but then i found gel liner and then i found the brown work the colour eye shadow pencil. But this is very creamy and very pigmented, it goes on very smoothly but it does smudge if you put it in the water line. This very lovely and if you are looking for a good eyeliner i 100% recommend this.

Eye shadow, mascara and concealer

Skyscraper mascara
(i think it has a new name). I actually got this from poundland a while ago because i thought was a bargain and i thought i would just give it ago, i used to use it lot but i actually haven't used it in a while now. I don't think its the best mascara in the world but its okay, i would say its more of a lengthening mascara than a volumising one. It has an interesting brush, its plastic and it has shorter bristles on one side then on the other side they are longer (picture).

Colour intense trio eye shadow pallet
I got a pack of two of these from poundlad ages ago and i thought they were really good so i decided to get another which was from They are very pigmented but they are very powdery. They all have lovely colours and i really enjoy using them. The packaging is very cheap looking but i can get over that. I don't think they sell these in store any more.

Lasting perfection concealer
This is probably collections most famous product, i bet almost every beauty blogger/vlogger has this or has tried it. It gets so much hype online, and i must say i do go along with the hype. It a very high coverage concealer but can go a bit cakey. I would say its best to put this on spots and redness and not under your eyes as it can crease and go very cakey there.

Lip products

Lock and Hold Lip gloss
I love this lip gloss, its a beautiful blue toned barbie pink colour that is very pigmented and very glossy, its not sticky at all which is a bonus. They only have four colours of this lip gloss and the other ones aren't that nice, i would say this and the nude one are the only nice colours, im just not drawn to the other ones.

Cream Puff moisturising lip cream
The first thing i must say about this is that it is not at all moisturisng, its very creamy as soon as you put it on, but by the time it has dried, your lips feel so dry and almost hard. There not that long lasting i would say around 2-3 hours. Again like the lip gloss these only come in four shades and these two are the brightest the other two are nude colours.

Pure Gloss lip gloss
I brought this years ago and i think they have repackaged and reformulated them. This is a pink colour with shimmer and a bit of glitter in it. I actually don't really use this so i cant really tell you any more about it.

Nail polish

Hot looks fast dry nail polish
These are only like £1.99 and that's really good for these as they are very good. They have a very good size brush you can do your whole nail in about two swipes and your little finger in one. I have these two really lovely colours and i think i might have to get a few more ( they have changed the packaging)


Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Fashion and Beauty Haul / Superdrug, Primark and more

Rimmel i <3 Lasting Finish Nail Polish in 405 Loafer Love for You, Superdrug £1.99 (offer)
I really wanted a new nail polish so when i saw the Rimmel ones on offer i thought i would have a look, this colour caught my eye i don't have one like it and i think its really lovely. Its very pigmented and goes on the nails like a dream

MUA Colour Blast eye Shadow Tint in Tint-A Girl Like Me, Superdrug £3
I am really loving these eyes shadow pencils recently, so when i saw MUA had brought some out of course i had to check them out. All the colours are very lovely and it took me a while to choose one, but in the end i picked up this one. Its a lovely goldy bronzy colour, its not the most pigmented or creamy but its still really lovely, i think the darker colours maybe better.

Rimmel Wake Me up Instant Radiance Shimmer touch in 002 Radiant Rose, poundland £1
When i saw this in poundland i was shocked and i was like this is mine and i ran away (slight over exaggeration) i did look to see if there was any more but this was the last one left so i snapped it up. I have used it a few times and i really like it, its a lovely dusky pink colour with a lot of shimmer in it. It looks really lovely on the cheeks and for £1 it was definitely worth it.

MUA One direction Kiss you Lipstick in Rock Me, Superdrug £3 
Lots of people have been saying how good these are so i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it a lot and i really love it, its a lovely pinky purply colour, that is kind of matte but has very fine shimmer in it, it also lasts a long time on the lips. I would definitely recommend these to you guys.

Quick fix facials Calming clay Mask for red and Sensitive skin, Boots around £3 on offer
When i saw these face masks in boots i was very intrigued i had never seen them before nor have i seen anyone talk about them online. So i thought i would pick one up and give it ago. I have used it once and it was okay i didn't see a massive difference in my skin but it did make it feel nice and soft. You don't need much just a thin layer because other wise it will make your face feel a bit tingly. These are lovely and i recommend you give them ago.

Maybelline 24hr colour tattoo in pink gold, eBay £3.84
I saw some one make a blog post on bargain beauty buys from eBay and this was one so i thought i would order it. I actually don't own a colour tattoo so when i saw this was slightly cheaper than boots and superdrug i thought i would try it and i must say it is very nice, its very creamy and lasts along time. I really like this and i want to try some others

River Island molly jeggings £35
I had to fold them in half so i could get them in shot obviously they are full length. I love these jeans they are so comfy and very soft, i also like that they are mid rise so they flatten out my stomach a little. I already have a pair in black and i really wanted a light blue colour. 

Black quilted top with a silver chain on the pocket, Primark £6
When i saw this i new i had to have as it was so lovely its very soft and it will be nice and warm for winter, it was only £6 and i think that is a steal for such a lovely top.
I also brought another top from primark but i deleted the picture :( it is a lovely raglan top with floral sleeves and a dark gray body for only £4.
I also got a pack of black socks for £2.50, some of those frilly socks that everyone has been buying and a pack of above the knuckle rings for £1.50.


Sunday, 8 September 2013

August empties #10

Lush 9 to 5 cleansing lotion
I actually finished this bottle ages ago but for some reason i decided i was going to keep the bottle, but it was taking up room so i thought i would through it away. This is 100 % my favorite cleanser to use in the evening to take my makeup of, it has no scent and it is very gentle, i repurchased this a while ago and i will for a long time. If you want to know more about this i have done a review of it here

Lush Eau Roma water toner water
Same as the cleanser i was keeping this bottle for no reason and it was taking up space so i am getting rid of it. I tried this a while ago and i must say this is now my all time favorite toner i haven't tried many but i really love this one, its very gentle and has a lovely scent. If you would like to know more about this product i have done a review on it here

Dove hair therapy nourishing oil care express treatment conditioner
I got a few of these at clothes show last December and i hadn't used them so i thought i would try and use them just to get them out of the way . I took it on holiday with me and it was really nice very nourishing and made my hair feel really nice and soft. I smells really nice and the product comes out really cool it was like two colours swirled in to one (like toothpaste), i used quite a lot as i found that you needed to, it made my hair feel really nice but i don't think i will buy the full size.

Schwarzkoft got 2 be to sexy volumising hair spray
This is my all time favorite hair spray i love it so much. Its smells amazing just like cherry aid. It dose go a bit crispy which i actually don't mind. I'm sure i will repurchase this for a while and i actually need to get a new bottle, i get it from body care as its way cheaper than superdrug and boots.

VO5 gloss me smoothly conditioner
In my last empties post (here) i mentioned the gloss me smoothly shampoo and i said that the conditioner would be in my next empties and i was right :). anyway this is a really nice range it makes my hair look lovely
very soft and shiny. If you would like to know more about this i reviewed it here.

Simple kind to skin cleansing lotion
I actually use this to take my eye makeup off as its very gentle and has no fragrance, as a face cleanser its not very good i don't think it dose as good a job as my lush cleanser, i really like this to take eye makeup off and i have already repurchased a new one.

Pretty Perfect nail polish drying spray 
For 99p this is one of the best products i have ever brought. I have already repurchased it and i think i am now on about my third can. It is really good it actually dose help dry your nail polish, it doesn't do it completely but is dose make it touch dry, if you haven't tried one of these then you really have to.

Barry M lip gloss
I have had this lip gloss for ages now about 3 years and its starting to look a bit worse for wear, so i thought it was about time i got rid of it. It doesn't have a name as i got it a clothes show live, but i can tell you its a lovely light pink colour with multi coloured shimmer in it, it also smells amazing my friends said it smells like the blue WKD i really loved this and i would buy it again but i haven't seen it on any Barry M stands.

First aid beauty gentle body wash
I got this in a first aid beauty set a while ago, but i wasn't very impressed so i didn't use any of it, but again i started to use it to get rid of it. This smells horrible like the rest of the set and if im honest it wasn't any think special just a plain old body wash, i wont be repurchasing this or any think else by first aid beauty.


Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Lipstick Tag

1. How many lipsticks do you own ?
18, now compared to lots of other people 18 is actually not that many but i think its about the right amount, i wear every shade and i love them all, and i don't think i own any two lipsticks that are the same shade.

2. What was your first ever lipstick ?
The first ever lipstick that i brought was MUA shade 4, i brought this years ago and i used every single day, i don't have it any more as i used it all up. It was a light pink colour but i was very sheer so i could get away with it at school.

3. What is your favorite brand for lipsticks ?
I don't really have one but i really like Revlon and Rimmel, they aren't to expensive and they have very lovely shades.

4. What is your most worn lipstick ?
My most worn lipstick is the Revlon lip butter in strawberry shortcake, i wouldn't say it was my all time fave but its the one that is the most far down in the bullet.

5. What is your favorite lipstick finish ?
I really like just normal cream finish, im not fond on glittery or overly shimmery lipsticks, i like matte but not when there overly drying, the Rimmel Kate matte lipsticks are great.

6. What was the last lip product you brought ?
The last product i brought was the MUA one direction lipstick in Rock Me which is Louis' lipstick, its a lovely purple colour and it lasts a really long time on the lips.

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag ?
Four, the two lip products i am wearing today and two lip balms.

8. How do you store your lip products ?
I keep all of my lip sticks and lip glosses in this old glossy box box, it fits them all perfectly and i have room to grow my collection.

9. What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip ?
Red lipstick actually doesn't suit me so i don't wear it even though i have about 5 red lips product.

10. What lip product are you currently lusting after ?
I wouldn't mind trying one of the Maybelline baby lips, im not like really urgent to try one i wont be rushing out to get one but i wouldn't mind trying one. But other than that there is nothing else i really want to try.

So that's the lipstick tag i hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you want to do it feel free to as i tag you all.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

August Favorites - 2013

Estee Lauder Take it away Total Makeup Remover
My mom gave this to me a few years ago from a Estee Lauder set she got at Christmas, i used it a few times but i didn't really think much of it and i didn't really know how to use it. But a few weeks ago i was looking through my draw and i thought i would use it, manly just to use it up and get it out of the draw. But i have actually really been enjoying using it this month, and i think it is a very good product. I take a big blob on my fingers and massage it in to a makeup full face, then i take a face brush (pictured) and use that to help exfoliate and make sure all my makeup has been lifted, then i take a dampened Kleenex facial cloth and take all my makeup off and its been doing an amazing job. And even though i started using it to use it up, now that it has almost finished i don't want it to end as the full size its like £21 which i will not pay for.

Face secrets professional facial cleansing brush link
I brought this ages ago from sally's for like £2 and didn't really use it, but i thought i would use it with the Estee Lauder makeup remover and it has been doing a really good job and i have really been enjoying using it. Its very soft but if you use it for to long on one place it will start to hurt a little. For the price i payed i think this is a really good product and i love using it.

Eco tools Bamboo Kabuki brush link
I had this for my birthday years ago and i didn't really think much of it because it gives a sheer finish and that's not what i wanted. But i have recently been using it with my bronzer and it has been giving me a lovely finish. The handle is made from bamboo and the bristles are 100% curetly free. These brushes are very good and i really want to try more.

Collection work the colour eye shadow pencil in hot chocolate
I brought this at the start of the month and every day that i have been wearing makeup i have been wearing this. I use this on my lower lash line and in the first half of the water line and it stays there all day. Its a brilliant product and i love it i have it in three shades and they are all amazing. If you would like to know more about this product i have a full review on it here.

E.L.F eyelid primer in sheer
I had wanted to try a new primer so i ordered this from eBay as lots of people have been saying how good it is and i can agree with them. It is a brilliant dupe for the Urban Decay primer potion, the consistency is the same but it doesn't last quite as long as the UDPP. This is a great product and if you are looking for a good primer then i 100% recommend this one.

Also this month on my instagram i am posting every day, i am taking part in the super gorgeous September photo a day challenge, so if that interests you make sure you follow my account, my name is beautycallls.