Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What i brought at the Beauty UK event in Birmingham

Hello everyone. So the other day i went to the beauty UK event at the NEC in Birmingham with my collage. Its an event that sells professional beauty products, things that you would find in a hairdressers or a beauty salon, they had a few well known brands like Dermalogica, NYX, china glaze and loads more.
I had some money for my birthday so i toke that with me and lets just say i don't have a penny of it left.

I went on the events website before i went so i could see what brands they would have, and when i saw that NYX was going to be there i was so excited, because people always go on about how good the brand is.
I got the the runway collection eye shadow pallet in caviar and bubbles i got this for £7.50 instead of £10, so it wasn't that much of a discount but i don't mind as i have wanted this pallet for ages, the colours are very lovely and all of them are very pigmented. I also got a jumbo eye pencil in yogurt, there was loads of diffident colours of these so it toke me a while to choose one that i wanted, in the end i choose yogurt because i thought it was lovely, its a pinky orangey colour that's very shimmery, i have used this ounce and it is very creamy and goes on to the lid very smoothly. i got his for £3.50 instead of £4.50.

I was just wondering around and i came across the brand Stargazer, which i had heard of before, they had some lovely eye shadows which i almost brought but i told myself no, as i had loads of new eye shadows for my birthday. So instead i had a look at the lipsticks, there was a lot of lovely colours, it toke me a while to decided which ones to get, so after about ten minutes and a hand full of swatches me and my friend decided on these two colours. 207 which is the lighter one (on the top) and 136 which is the darker colour (on the bottom) they look almost the same in the tube but ounce they are swathed they look totally different. 207 is a light bubble gum pink colour which is matte, its looking a little darker in the swatch picture and 136 is a fuchsia pink colour which has a nice shine to it. They were either £3 each or two for £5 so of course i got two.

My friend was buying some things from the Helen E counter so of course i had to pick some things up too. They were doing an offer 4 for £10 but i didn't want 4 things, so the lovely lady let me have the two things i wanted for £5 which is a bargain, because full price together these should have cost £17. So i got the powder blusher in bubble gum, it looks like a bubble gum pink colour in the pan but ounce it is swached  its more of a peachy pink colour. Its very pigmented so you have to have a very light hand when using this product, i did underestimate this the first time i used it and put way to much on the brush and i ended up looking like a clown, thank god for blending. Originally this should have been £7. I also got a lipgloss in strawberry soda, its a lovely peachy pinky colour with gold shimmer it actually reminds me of the NARS orgasm lipgloss. Its very pigmented and not sticky at all, this originally should have cost £10. And a good thing about Helen E is that none of there products are tested on animals.

I have needed a new pair of eyelash curlers for ages so when i saw these at the show for £1.99 i had to get them, i have used them a few times and they are very stiff so they are going to take a while to get used to. A brand that was there when we first walked in was called Amargan which is a hair brand, the man put a bit of there hair oil in my hair and it was lovely my hair felt so soft, so i decided to buy this set for £5, in there is a advanced styler oil which you put in your hair before blow drying,  i have used it ounce and it worked pretty well my hair was a lot straighter in the morning then it normally is, there is also just a normal hair oil which i s lovely and a hair cleanser which i suppose is meant to be like a clarifying shampoo ??
I also got this pro impressions divine after care cleaning lotion lets just say i miss read this i thought it was a after wax lotion but its not its just a cleansing lotion, but that's okay it was only £1, i haven't used it as i don't like the smell.
I also got some brushes from royal and landnickel but i couldn't figure out how to picture them. I got a tiny angled eyeliner brush which i have been using and i really liked it this only cost £2. I also got a bigger fluffy angled brush which is great for putting colour in the crease and outer corner, that also cost me £2.


Monday, 27 May 2013

How Vitamins can Help your Skin

Hello everyone hope you are all well, today's post is going to be all about how vitamins help your skin. Everyday we have vitamins, weather is through are food or through taking vitamin tablets, you will be surprised how vitamins can make to difference to you and you skin.

Vitamin A
Antioxidants are essential for the growth and renewal of new skin cells. If you have vitamin A often it will  boost collagen production and promote skin cell turn over.
Foods with vitamin A- Dairy products and egg yolks.

Vitamin B
Vitamin B increases fatty acids in the skin, promoting exfoliation and firmness.
Foods with vitamin B- Yeast, eggs, liver and vegetables.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C builds a block of collagen, it gives out protein that gives the skin its structure, tone and elasticity.
Foods with vitamin C- citrus fruits, broccoli, peppers, berries and tomatoes.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is essential for the development of skin cells.
Foods with vitamin D- Egg yolks, salmon, fortified milk and other dairy products.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E has antioxidants that helps build and maintain healthy skin tissue.
Foods with vitamin E- Wheat germ, leafy greens, nuts and whole grains

Fat is also an important nutrient for the skin and the health of the whole body. Its is necessary for supple skin and soft shiny hair.
Foods with fat- incorporate unsaturated fats, such as monounsaturated fats found in olive oil and avocado, with omega-3 fats, found in fatty fish and some seeds.

I hoped this post helped you to understand what vitamins can do to your skin and body. They are very important for you and your body and should en-vole everyone in your diet, weather it is through food or tablets. 


Saturday, 25 May 2013

My Favorite Pastel nail polish's

Hello everyone today's post is going to be all about my favorite pastel nail polishes.

Collection hot looks nail polish in Button Moon
I absolutely love blue nail polish, it looks great on my skin tone. These collection nail polish's are lovely the formula is great, the brush is really nice and big and its so pigmented, it only needs two coats to get a perfect opaque look on the nails. Its a lovely pale pastel blue colour which has no shimmer in it. This is a great colour  for summer and i love wearing it.

MUA nail polish in Natural Days
Pink is another really lovely colour i love wearing on my nails, i own so many different shades of pink it is ridiculous, but one shade of pink i have never owned is a pastel pink which is stupid as i love pastel colours. So the other day i thought it was about time i brought one, so i decided to get this one from MUA as they are getting a lot of  hype recently. I put it on my nails almost as soon as i brought it home, it is a little sheer so it needs three to four coats to make it opaque, which im not that bothered about. Its a lovely pastel pink shade that has no shimmer in it and its perfect for summer.

Nails inc for instyle nail polish (no name)
The swatch is actually coming about a bit darker than it is, the colour in the bottle is the exact colour of it.
I love this shade sooo much every time i wear it everyone complements me on it. Its a lovely periwinkle shade which has no shimmer, its very pigmented you only really need one coat of this to get an opaque look, but i like to apply two just to make sure it stays on my nails for longer.

Models own polish in Lilac Dream
This one is also coming out darker in the swatch. This is one of my favorite polish's ever, the colour is so beautiful and its so pigmented it only needs two coats to make it opaque. Its a lovely pastel lilac colour that has no shimmer in it, it looks great on the nails and its perfect for summer.

Collection hot looks nail polish in Fruit Loop
Guess what, this one  is also coming out darker in the swatch, stupid camera. Anyway this is a beautiful pastel peach colour that again has no shimmer in it, as i said before these collection nails polish's are great, the brush is the perfect size and there so pigmented, this colour is great because it makes you look really tanned.

So these are my favorite pastel nail polishes, what are yours ??


Wednesday, 22 May 2013

What i Got For my Birthday

Hello everyone, today post i will be sharing with you the presents i got for my birthday. I will just be showing you the beauty and fashion things as i thought that is what you would be most interested in. My birthday was on the 17th may and i was 17, just encase if you were wondering.

Urban decay naked 2 pallet.
You don't understand how much i have wanted this pallet, everyone goes on about how good it is and can conform that it is very much so. The colours are very neutral and great for everyday i would have liked a few more darker colours but other than that this pallet is beautiful. I also really like the brush that comes with it, not to keen on the lip gloss though. I absolutely love this pallet and thank you soo much mom :)

MAC eye shadow in woodwinked
I have wanted to try a MAC eye shadow for the longest time, so i thought i would put this on my birthday list, as people say it looks great with blue eyes. Its a lovely browny shimmery colour that's very pigmented, soft and velvety. I have used this ounce and it looked great. My beautiful little cousin got this for me, thanks Jess.

LUSH 9 to 5 cleansing lotion
I wanted to try this because Codie from Codie Louise was talking about it in her April favorites video, so i decided to put it on my birthday list. I have used it ounce or twice and it works really well, it smells horrible but other than that it is a great cleanser.

Revlon nearly naked foundation in ivory
I have wanted to try this as lots of people are raving about it, i thought it would be great for those good skin days, i used it on my birthday and it is very light in coverage so it doesn't really cover much, i need to use this a few more times before i decided if i like it of not.

LUSH Eau Roma water toner water 
If you saw my latest empties post then you will have seen that i finished a bottle of this, so i asked my mom to get me one for my birthday and she did, she got me the big bottle which was really nice of her. I love this toner and i don't think i will be trying another one for a while

Tangle Teezer original in bubblegum pink
I have wanted to try this for a while as lots of people say its so good, so i put it on my list and my lovely big brother brought it for me. I have been using this everyday and its great its very gentle on my hair and it makes my hair feel very soft.

Hollister body spray in solana beach
My cousin had this at her house and it smelt amazing so i decided to put it on my list. Lets just say i am obsessed with this body spray its bloody amazing, Its very fruity and fresh its a great summer scent, it kind of smells like strawberry's. I love this body spray.

Yankee candle mango peach salsa, 3x tarts, large candle, sample.
This is my favorite candle ever it smells so amazing, i am not very good at describing scents so this is what it says on the website; Sweet and zesty … juicy mangoes and peaches livened with citrus, ginger flowers and pink pepper. I you haven't smelt this candle you have to.

River island love crop top
I went into Birmingham with my mom the other week and i choose some clothes for my birthday and this is what i chose. I saw this top on Gracie from uglyfceofbeauty Youtube channel and i loved it, so when i saw it in store i was like 'i need this !!' they only had one left and it was in my size, it was fait. I wore this the other day, its very soft and comfy to wear all day.

River island Stripy shirt.
I saw this and i thought it was lovely so i decided to try it on and it looked even better. I love how the stripes are all different, it adds a bit of interest to the top. Its kind of sheer so i have to wear a top underneath.
I also got the river island molly jeggings in black, i didn't take a picture of these because i sure you all know what black trousers look like, they are mid rise and they fit me really well, my mom almost brought me another pair but they didn't have my size. I also got this white top with birds on it from river island i thought it was lovely and it looks really nice with the jeggings. I didn't take a picture of this because it was in the wash (sorry).

Topshop black studded bag
I really wanted a new bag and as soon as i saw this i new i needed it, it is the perfect size and lets just say i love this bag. Its great quality and goes well with every outfit. It has these lovely gold studs on the one side, which i really like and i think that is what drew to the bag.

New look purse
I really wanted a new purse because my other one was getting really old. This one is lovely, the only thing is that there isn't enough card places which i very annoying. Its a really lovely pale pink nude colour with cold studs on the front.

I also got some money for my birthday and this is what i brought with some of it the day after my birthday.
Maybelline gel eyeliner in 01 intense black £7.99 (buy one get one half price offer)
This is my favorite eyeliner and my other was starting to dry up so as i had the money i decided to pick it up. Its very black and lasts on my water line for a long time as long as i set it with black eye shadow.

Maybelline the falsies flared mascara £7.99 (but one get half price offer)
People always say how much they love this mascara so i decided to pick it up, there was like three versions of this, i had no idea which one to get, so in the end i decided to get this one as the brush looked the biggest, but im actually not to keen on the brush its really big and the bristles are really far apart, but i will make it work.

MUA nail polish in Frozen Yogurt superdrug £1
I really like the new nail polish's by MUA i think they are really nice, i already have two but as they are only £1 i really wanted to get a few more. I have seen a lot of people mention this and another light green colour in blog posts and i really wanted them both, but they only had this one. Its a lovely purple colour with a hint of blue to it.


Sunday, 19 May 2013

Birthday NOTD #15

Hello everyone. So on Friday the 17th may it was my 17th birthday and this was the nail polish that i decided to wear. I wore the collection hot looks nail polish in Button Moon which is a lovely light pastel blue. I love these nail polishes because the brush is nice and big so you can almost do your hole nail in one stroke, i also like this because its very pigmented and it only cost me £1.79. Then i decided to put models own nail polish in Indian Ocean over the top, as this is a really lovely colour, it is a blue purple duocrome shimmery Polish, that is actually quite sheer so that why i put the collection colour underneath.


Wednesday, 15 May 2013

My Favorite Lip Balms

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be all about lip balms. Everyone loves lip balms so today im going to be showing you my favorites. I have tried my fair share of lip balms and these are my picks.

Vaseline Aloe Vera
This lip balm is one of my favorite and has been for a very long time. Even though it dosent really moisturise my lips its just really nice to put on when my lips need a little bit of something. This is great to put on underneath lipsticks. Aloe Vera is my favorite scent because i think it smells really lovely, the original one is a bit boring, so i don't really use that one, but i do also really like the cocoa one, its smells amazing !!
Because this has petroleum jelly in it, it can be a very versatile product, you can put it on any dry skin and even on you eye lash's to help make them grow.

Nivea lip butter Raspberry Rose 
This lip balm is so lovely, it smells amazing just like raspberry yogurts. Its so very moisturising and lovely to use on the lips, it dose leave you lips looking a little white but that's fine by me. Again its lovely under lipsticks and this one really dose moisturise your lips. I really do love using this balm and really want to pick up some other scents.

Carmex strawberry in a tube
This is definitely one of my favorite lip balms, i use it every single day when i am doing my makeup, so my lips are nice and conditioned before i put my lipstick on. It moisturise my lips so well and it smells soooo good just like strawberry laces, if you haven't tried this scent you HAVE to !!

Carmex original in a pot
Carmax again what ?!?! Yes, well this is very different to the one in the tube, the formal of the lip balm is a little different its a bit more thicker, its great to put on your lips when they are feeling very dry and its a great night time lip balm to put on before you do to sleep. The first time you use carmex it dose tingle a bit but after you have used it for a while it dosent happen again, so don't let the tingeling put you off because carmex really is a brilliant lip balm.

Whats your favorite lip balm ??


Monday, 13 May 2013

Products i Have Used up #7

Hello everyone, today i have an empties post for you, i have used up quite a lot of products this month and im not actually showing you all of them.

Aussie Dual personality conditioning gel spray
I really loved this product it was very conditioning and made my hair feel really soft and look very healthy. I really enjoyed using it and im said that its finished because i think its been discontinued so i cant buy it again :(
VO5 ultimate hold hairspray
I brought this because it was cheap and the bottle is massive but i kind of regretted it because its not that good and i didn't want to buy a different one until this had finished, this bottle lasted me a good 6 months. the hair spray is alright it did its job but its not the best one i have ever used. I don't think i will buy this again.
Batiste fresh dry shampoo
Everybody loves dry shampoo, right. Im not really a fan of any of the other scents so i either buy this one or the original one. This is great just to freshen your hair up when its feeling a little greasy, or if you are just way to busy to wash your hair, if you haven't tried this already, wear have you been living ??
Next diamonds body spray 
I love the perfume version of this, so my mom brought me the this, and some other things from the range for me when i got my GCSE results last year. It was alright it didn't smell exactly the same as the perfume which was kind of annoying, but it was still nice to use to freshen my self up through out the day.

Nivea soft moisturising cream
If you have been reading my blog lately then you will have seen me mention this in quite a few of my posts, that's because i love this product so much, im sad its run out and im definitely going to be buying another one. If you would like to now more about this product click here to see my evening skin care routine.
Lush eau roma water toner water
I love this toner so much and im sad its gone, but actually i have had this for about four months which is really good considering i use this almost everyday. I will definitely be buying this again as its not that expensive, like some lush products can be.
Garnier body intensive 7 days soothing lotion
If you have seen my second from last haul then you would have seen me mention the gel version of this and i must say im not a fan, this is much better.The bottle has lasted me a long time and and i think im going to buy this again and give the other one to my mom, as that one kind of irritates my legs and i need something for sensitive skin like this one.
Next diamonds body wash
Again i got this from my mom last year. Its smells the same as the body spray. It was alright nothing special, i wouldn't buy it again but it was nice to use.

Thank you for reading and please follow


Friday, 10 May 2013

Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, so today i have another haul for you, these are just a few bits i have picked up over the last few weeks.

Clean & clear exfoliating daily wash, superdrug £1.99 (on offer)
If you have seen my morning skin care routine you would have seen this already. This a great exfoliater for daily use, it is very gentle on this skin and cleans it well. I brought this because i broke out in a load of spots and this really helped to clear them up.
Naked skin looking good soothing eye gel poundland £1
I brought this partly because i had wanted to try an eye cream for ages, as i have never used one before and partly because i now that this brand it meant to be quite good, but this first time i used it, i used way to much and it really stung my eyes, so for a few days i was really hesitant to using it, but i did use it again but this time i used a lot less product and it was alright but still stung my eye a little bit, i don't now if i really going to start using this properly as i really don't like that it stings my eyes !!
Clean & clear deep cleaning lotion, superdrug £1.99 (on offer)
As my skin was really bad, i wanted a liquid cleanser that i could use in the morning, to make sure my skin was as clean as it could be, and also to treat my skin. The product is self is very good, the only thing is the scent it smells so strong of chemicals. I also mentioned this is my morning skin care routine.

Batiste dry shampoo fresh, body care £1.49
Body care sells batiste so cheap so if you like this product but not the price, go to body care. Now im sure you all now what this is so im not going to say much.
Schwarzkopf got2b 2 sexy big volume hairspray, body care (around £2)
I have used this hairspray before and when i saw it in body care for really cheap i new i had to get it. This product smells absolutely amazing, it smells like cherry aid its honestly to die for. I haven't used this yet and i cant remember if its any good or not, but im sure it is.
TRESemme platinum strength deep conditioning treatment, Sainsburys (around £2 on offer) 
I have seen lots of people talk about this range and i really wanted to try this so i picked it up while it was on offer. I have only used it once so i cant give you my full opinion, but it is very lovely and i made my hair feel really soft.

MUA nail polish, superdrug £1
I saw these out the corner of my eye and i was literally drawn to them. Lots of people have been blogging about these so i really wanted to pick a few up. The old packaging was horrible so i am so glad they have changed them, they look very much like Essie nail polish's but i don't know it they are as good as i have never used Essie before, i think they are way to expensive just for a nail polish. I got the colours Moody Mink and Natural Days, Moody Mink is a gray, purple kind of colour i have wanted this shade of nail polish for ages so i am very glad i picked it up, the other colour Natural Days this is a very light baby pink i don't actually own a pink this colour so i had to pick it up as it was only £1. I really want to get a few more colours that i have seen some people blog about as they look lovely. If you want to see a whole post on these with swatches then let me know :)

What have you brought recently ??


Monday, 6 May 2013

Evening Skin Care Routine (updated)

Hello everyone i hope you are all having a great day  :)
Today's post is going to be my evening skin care routine, on Friday i posted my morning skin care routine which you can see  here, as i said in my last post it has been nine months since i had last done a skin care routine so i thought it was about time i did an updated version.

Lavera 2 in 1 cleansing milk
If you have read my blog before you would have seen me talk about this before, and lets just say i absolutely love this stuff. It makes my skin feel so clean, and the great thing about it, is that you can also use it to take your eye makeup off. Its very gentle, so it wouldn't irate your skin or eyes, and it dosent give you that feeling, when your skin feels tight, like its had all the moister sucked out of it. I use this cleanser when i am in the bath/ shower to take my makeup of.
Olay gentle cleansers conditioning milk 
This cleanser is also really lovely. I makes my skin feel really clean, cleansed and refreshed. It dose have a slight perfume to the scent but nothing to much, i do run this over my eyes and it dosent sting or anything like that. I use this to take my makeup off at night when i haven't had a bath/ shower.
Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing milk
Now i actually use this to take my eye makeup of, its really good for that but not so good for cleansing the skin. I always used to use this to cleanse my skin and i loved it, but then i stopped and started to use these other two, and when i went back to use the simple one, it didn't do any were near a good a job as the other two. So i decided to start using it to take my eye makeup of,  as i think creams are a lot more gentle on the eyes than liquid which is what i used to use.

Lush Eau Roma water toner water
This toner is really lovely, its the only one i have ever tried and i know this is the only one i will buy for a long time. Its very refreshing and cooling on the skin, this also helps to hydrated this skin which is a plus. Most of the time i spray it on to a cotton pad then wipe it on my face, but i think as the weather gets warmer i will probably start to spray it directly on to my face then wipe it off with a cotton pad. This is very good at getting any excess makeup or unwanted cleanser off the face.
Clean & clear dual action moisturiser
I mentioned this in my morning routine and said i mix it in with another face cream but i also use it in a different way at night time. If i have any bad spots that need to be dried up i will use this as like a mask, just pile loads on and just let in sink in and do its job. It dries up spots really well and also helps them to go away.
Nivea soft refreshingly soft moisturising cream
This cream is great, its very multi-purpose you can use it on your face, hands and body which i think is very good. I mainly use this on my face as a night time moisturiser, but it is also great for the body and hands. If you haven't already tried this you have to.
I will also sometimes use a face mask on my skin but not very often, if i do i will use the superdrug simply pure cleansing face mask which i reviewed here. I also use the scrub sometimes that is also mentioned in that post.
As some of you may know i do beauty therapy at collage, so i have facials almost every week and i must say that has helped my skin clear up so well.

What is your favorite skin care product ??


Friday, 3 May 2013

Morning Skin Care Routine (updated)

Hello everyone, today's post is going to be my updated morning skin care routine. The last skin care routine i did was nine months ago so i thought it was about time i did an updated one. If you are interested here is my old morning skin care routine post.
I will also be doing a updated evening skin care routine so look out for that (should be up on Monday)

Skinetica spot treatment
I have used this for a while to see if it would improve my skin, but i don't actually think it has made a difference. I will keep using it though because i don't want to waste the product, and i like to think that it may actually be doing something to my skin.
Clean & clear dual action moisturiser
This product is amazing, its so good at drying up spots and helping them to go away. I have recently broken out with loads of spots so i have been mixing this with my Nivea moisturiser (which i will talk about in a sec).
I feel like if i mix them together i will get the results of both of the moisturisers, but im not sure if its actually working, i don't know if they are just both counteracting each other out. If you have oily spot prone skin then i  really recommend this, as it is very good. I also use this in another way which i will tell you about in my night time routine.
Clean & clear exfoliating daily wash 
I use this as soon as i wake up in the morning to clean my skin. The beads in it are very fine so it dosent aggravate your skin, which is what makes it a daily wash. This cleans my skin very well and helps keep my spots a bay, I haven't had it very long and i already really like it.
Nivea rich moisurising day cream
This cream is really lovely it actually saved my skin this winter. Its so thick and creamy, its great for dry skin. If you haven't tried it you really have to, they even do a version for oily skin and im sure it will also be very good.
Clean & clear deep cleansing lotion 
As you can probably tell i really like the brand clean & clear their products are so good for spot prone skin.
This product is also very good, i use this after i have washed my face just to get any extra dirt of and also to close my pores after washing, as this also works as a toner. The product its self is very good and i feel like it has really helped my skin to clear up. The only thing is the scent, its horrible it smells so bad of chemicals and its so strong. You to have be so careful when using it, if you get it anywhere near your eyes it will sting like mad, you have to be careful not to breath it in to much as well. Even though i have probably just put you right off this product, i must say that it is very good for clearing up your skin.

What is your favorite skin care product ??


Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Foundation Routine

Hello everyone, so today i am going to be showing you the products that i use for my base everyday. I don't use all of these products everyday, but i use most of them.

L'Oreal true match foundation
If i feel like my skin is looking a bit pale or if i don't have much time to do my makeup then i will use this. The colour that i have is very pale and it is very easy to apply with your fingers. This has a matte finish but the foundation its self isn't drying, i have dry skin my self and it doesn't stick to my dry patch's. I think this foundation would be good for all skin types.
Rimmel fix and perfect primer
This primer is very good, it keeps my foundation on all day and it helps my foundation apply very easy to my skin. Its a white colour and is very easy to apply to the face, a little bit goes a long way !
Rimmel match perfection foundation
This is my favorite foundation. I haven't tried loads of foundations but this is by far my favorite. The formula is amazing and it is super easy to apply to the skin. This colour is a little to dark for me, but sometimes i mix in the L'Oreal foundation, to make it a little lighter so it match's my skin better. There is a lighter colour than this so when this bottle has finished i think i might buy that one.

Fashionista ready to wear brush on concealer
I if have any darkness under my eyes then i will use this to brighten it up a bit, it is a brightening concealer so it is brilliant for under the eyes. If my spots aren't to bad then i will use this on some other parts of my face if i need some extra coverage.
Natural collection powder
I use this to set any concealer i have used, or if my face is looking a bit shinny.
Clinique line smoothing concealer 
I use this on any spots i have as the coverage is very good, it can go a bit cakey if you apply to much though. Its also not the best under your eyes as it can crease rather quickly especially if you don't set it with powder.

Whats your favorite foundation ??