Monday, 11 March 2013

Collective beauty haul, boots, superdrug and more

Hello everyone 
Today i have a really big collective beauty haul for you i hope you like :)

Maybeline the rocket mascara Superdrug £7.99
I really wanted to try after seeing loads of people saying how brilliant it is and i would have to agree with them, i love this mascara it makes my lashes so long with just one coat. I have been reaching for this all week i love it.

17 Nail polish in Sulk, boots £2.99
I saw this and another colour in store and i fell in love with both of them, i was going to buy both but I have so many nail polishes i made myself only buy the one. The colour is a bluey green colour with blue shimmer in it, its so lovely im glad i got it, but i still want to go back and buy the other one which was like a khaki colour with gold shimmer in it, it was beauifull. 

China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Exotic Encounters, Sallys £2.15 (sale)
As soon as i saw that some of the china glaze colours were on sale i new i had to get one, this was the only nice colour left so i grabbed it. I got it for such a bargain i couldn't believe it. For those of you who were wondering if you could buy china glaze any were in the UK i think Sallys is only place that dose, i think that they sell them for around £8-9
The colour is a light blue green colour with no shimmer.

Nives Lip Butter in Raspberyy Rose, superdrug £1.49
I have seen loads of people saying how good these are so i had to get one, people were saying that the caramel one is nicer but i smelt it in the shop and i think it smells horrible this one is wayyy nicer, it smells like raspberry yogurts. I really like its very moisturising im glad i got this :) 

NYC Expert last lip colour in 437 Modern Love, Superdrug £1.99  
I saw khila from missbudgetbeauty talking about these, she put them on her lips and they looked beautiful and i knew for only £1.99 i was going to pick one up. I tried it as soon as i got home and i love it so much its so pigmented and creamy and this colour looks really nice on my skin tone. 

Natural collection pressed power in Neutral, boots £1.99 (3 for £5)
Believe it of not i don't actually own a face powder :o, so i decided to pick one up, this was only cheap so i didn't think it would be that good, but its actually alright its sets my concealer well and takes any shine on my face away.

Natural collection eye shadows in Milk chocolate and Butterscotch £1.99 each (3 for £5)
These are both lovely colours there both matte, very pigmented and lovely and soft.

MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighter, superdrug £3
When i got the email from MUA about there new collection i new i had to get this highlighter, but i couldn't find it in store, then i stared to see lots of mixed reviews about it but it didn't put me off it i still wanted it. Then yesterday i saw it and i had to have it. I haven't tried it yet but i cant wait to :)  

MUA eyeshadows in shade 11 and shade 1, Superdrug £1 each.
A few weeks ago i fancied some new eye shadows but i didn't want to spend to much, so headed straight to the MUA stand, these were the only two nice colours left to picked them up and they are both really nice. They are both shimmery and very pigmented.

Poundland pretty perfect nail drying spray, £1
I have almost finished my Avon nail experts liquid freeze so i needed something to replace it,  I was wondering around poundland and saw this so i decided to give it ago, i have only used it once so don't know if it actually did anything but i think it did an alright job.

Poundland pretty perfect twist and out artificial nail polish remover, £1
Not till i got home did i actually notice that i picked up the wrong one, i got the one for artificial nail and not normal polish which is rather annoying, but im still going to use the product inside i will just poor it in to another bottle of remover when iv finished it.

Superdrug sensitive skin light moisturiser and gentle facial wipes, on offer 2 for £3.50 (i think)
I needed a new light moistuiser and some wipes i saw these and decided to get them.
I really love this brand of products i really recommend them to you, if you are interested i actually have done a review of some of there products here.

Sallys Hoof stick, 79p ( with discount card)
I wanted to get a new one of these as the one i have in my kit is not very good, as this was only 79p i couldn't say no.
If you don't know what a hoof stick is, it is a tool used to push back cuticles. 

Face secrets Professional facial cleaning brush, sallys £1.69 ( with discount card)
I have wanted to try one of these brushes for a while so when i saw how cheap this was i had to buy it.

These are a few bits that my Mom and Nan very kindly gave to me as they didn't want them.
  • Lancome Gel Eclat cleanser, haven't tried this yet but i cant wait to.
  • Dove pro-age body butter
  • Kleenex facial cloths ( im glad i got these as i have wanted to try them for a while)
Thank you for reading this very long post

Also what do you think of the background of the pictures? do you think i need a new one, is it a little tacky and boring ??



  1. Love MUA, such a cheap price for such good quality make up! I can't wait to get that shimmer highlighter! xo

  2. Really want to try the rocket mascara! x

  3. Oh I love Nivea's lip butters and The Rocket is amazing as well! x

  4. Love that lipstick shade

  5. Great haul! I'm going to have to pick up that mascara, it sounds great!

    1. Haha it is lovely, hope you like it :)xx

  6. Heard such good things about the MUA highlighter - will keep an eye out! :) Jess xo

  7. I enjoyed your haul.
    Seems like a good picks!
    Riza of Pour L'Instant

  8. Fab haul! I love the Maybelline rocket mascara, my eyelashes extend so much when I apply that. Can't believe you got the China Glaze nail polish on sale...mega jealous! Lol. I now have a few bits on my shopping list after reading this :) xx

    1. Haha, Thank you, glad you liked :)xx