Friday, 22 March 2013

Sleek eye shadow pallet collection

Hello everyone
So today im going to show you my sleek makeup eye shadow pallets. You can buy these pallets at superdrug and on the sleeks website, they are only £7.99 which is such a great bargain for 12 really nice pigmented eye shadows.
I have four pallets and i love them all.

Sleek storm pallet
This pallet is probably sleeks most famous pallet and i can see why, it has some lovely everyday colours and some really lovely night time shadows. It has three matte shades; a light beige brown colour, a dark brown colour and a black, all of the pallets have a matte black in them which i think is really good and can come in very useful, the rest of the colours are shimmery.
This was my first sleek eye shadow pallet and i am very glad i got it because i love it.  

Sleek sunset pallet
This was my second ever pallet and i got it for a bargain, i found it in the clearance section for £2.50 :o, it was only discounted because this one colour was smashed but none of the other colours were even touched.
I really wanted this because i saw slightlyscented use it in her you tubes videos ages ago and i really liked the looks she created with it.This pallet has all shimmery colours apart from a matte black colour.
It has some really nice red shades and some more brighter shades, i can see where the name sunset came from.

Sleek original pallet
I got this at clothes show live in set with some eye lashes, a lip gloss and a face and body highlighter for only £10, which is a right bargain as that is almost the price for the pallet by its self. 
It has some really nice neutral and bright colours.
Ounce again all the colours are shimmery apart from one matte black colour.

Sleek shangri-la respect pallet, limited edition 
I have actually done a full review on this pallet, so if you want to see some more pics and swatches click here.
This pallet is really lovely, there is a really good mix of neutral and bright colours.
Im actually really upset because the pallet is actually broken, you might not be abul to tell but the the mirror has come of its hinges, it happened at college when i was doing my friends makeup and it just came of :(.

Thank you so much for reading.

What is your favorite sleek makeup product ???



  1. I don't know why I haven't got any of the Sleek palettes yet, they all look so beautiful! I really love their blushers though, I have a few of those :) xo

    1. The pallets r really gd and i actually havnt tried any of the blushes but i really want to x

  2. Love the look of the first and last! xx

    1. Yh there both really nice, probs my fav x

  3. I only own one Sleek product, a loose eyeshadow pot that I don't like all that much, but I love the look of the original palette! :)

  4. I've actually never tried Sleek, but after looking at this Storm palette and your reviews in this post I can't see why I haven't!

    Great post :) xx