Monday, 18 March 2013 review

Hello everyone
So today im doing a review of the things the website beauty-steals sent to me.
This website is lovely it carry's famous brands like Rimmel, Revlon, L'Oreal, Benefit, OPI and loads more, all of the products are at great prices and they ship worldwide.  

Rimmel i <3 lasting finish nail polish is wine not £3,99
This polish is lovely as all rimmel polishes are, the brush is a great size and the formula is great and the colour is lovely, although it dosent really compliment my skin colour, The colour is a lovely wine red burgundy colour, on me it looks a little brown which im not to keen on. i think this colour would look better on people with more olive tone skin. im glad i got a rimmel polish though as i love them

Revlon colour stay 12 hour eye shadow pallet in silver fox £3.59
I love Revlon products especially there lip products, but i have never tried any eye shadows so i was glad when i got it in the post, but the colours aren't the best and the shadows are very powdery. There are four colours in this pallet a shimmery plum purple which i thought was brown when i first got it so it was a bit annoying when i put a purple shadow all over my lid, there is white shimmery colour which is the nicest colour in the pallet although it is very powdery, there is also a mint green colour which isn't very wearable but its still a lovely colour, and lastly there is a gray colour that actually comes out a bit of a mint green colour when blended out.
The colours are very nice but not wearable for a daily bases.

Messhead hair therapy dry shampoo £3.99
I really like dry shampoo, i think it was a really good invention. Im sure many of you like me use dry shampoo very often, the only thing i find annoying about them is that they leave my hair looking a little gray.
As soon as i used this messhead dry shampoo i new it wasn't as good as my batiste, it smells lovely but my hair dosent feel as clean or as voluminousness as it dose when i use batiste.
You can also find this dry shampoo in body care (for a little cheaper to) if you fancy trying it out.

Eylure Girls aloud part lashes, Nicola £5.99
If any of you have to wear glasses all the time then im sure like me you find it really annoying that you cant wear fake eyelashes because the stupid glasses get in they way and you cant blink :(
These lashes are lovely though i tried them on and they aren't to heavy on you lashes and the glue is brilliant, they have lovely silver gemstones on them which i think adds a lovely sparkle to them but the only thing is which is a bit silly, when you are wearing the lashes you cant see the gem stones, what ?!
But these lashes are lovely and i might use them at college.

Olay gentle cleansing milk £4.99
This cleanser is lovely, i love how it is for all skin types and is dermatologically tested. It doses have a slight fragrance to it but nothing to strong. I used this on my eyes and it stung a bit so i wouldn't recommend using it on your eyes, it cleans my skin really well and i am enjoying using it at the moment.

Have you tried any of these products? if so what do you think of them?

Thank you for reading



  1. The website 'Beauty Steals' really rings a bell and I don't know why! Just had a look anyway and they've got some real good bargains! Rimmel nail polish is among some of my favourite high street nail polish brands! I have one of the Lycra ones in a deep maroon kind of colour similar to what you have and I love it!!

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly Blog

    1. Yh the prices r brilliant, thanks for reading x

  2. Wow cool stuff! I will check out this site. :)

    1. Thanks and you should its a lovely website xx

  3. I really like the look of these lashes, they look dramatic but not too in your face and false looking.

    Followed you!

    1. Yh they are really nice, and thank you xx