Monday, 26 November 2012

My favorite dark nail polishes.

Hello everyone.
Today i have a post about my favorite dark nail polishes, i hope you enjoy.

17 lasting fix nail polish in royal indigo, boots £2.99
This is a really nice deep purple colour, it has no shimmer and its really nice and glossy.
You need about three coats to get a nice even colour,it lasts pretty well on the nails, for £2.99 this nail polish is really nice, i got this a while ago so im not sure if they still sell this colour, but you should be abul to find one pretty similar.

Barry M nail paint in navy, boots/superdrug £2,99
I have done a nail of the day post wearing this nail paint, for more information on this polish click here.

Barry M nail paint in raspberry, boots/superdrug £2.99
The colour isent really showing up properly in the pictures, the colour is a deep red, burgundy colour.
Its really nice on the nails and lasts pretty well, i find that the color can look different in different lights it can look like a blood red colour or like it actually dose in the bottle.
Barry m nail paints are very good for the price, im sure you all have some as they are very raved about, some of you may even have the ones i have mentioned in this post.

Miss sporty lasting colour nail polish (they have no name) Boots/superdrug £1.99.
This is a really nice teal blue green colour, it has no shimmer its just a glossy polish.
On the bottle it says it lasts for seven days but there is no way it dose at all, it will last a few days and then start to chip like any other polish.I really like this colour and you only need about two coats to get a nice even colour. This brand isent very talked about but i do think the nail paints are very good for only £1.99

Miss sporty lasting color nail polish.
This is a shimmery gray colour,it comes out a bit darker on the nails than what it looks in the bottle.
You only need two-three coats of this and it comes out really nice, i really like the brushes on these nail polishes there quite wide so you can get all of your nail in only a few swipes, ounce again its only cheap and i would recommend that you try them if you haven't already.

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  1. Raspberry is an all time favourite of mine such a pretty colour!

    beckys makeup

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  3. Pretty colours!


  4. love barry m one!

  5. Barry m nail paint has to be the all time fave for me !!!
    I just dont like anyothere,miss sporty just does not look good,i got a miss sporty glitter the other day and it was horiible.

    bree bree xxx

  6. i love the one by 17- amazing colours! i need the barry m one now xx