Sunday, 18 November 2012

Products i have used up #3

Hello everyone

So i have my 3rd products i have used up post for you i hope you enjoy.

Beauty formulas on the spot treatment, body care 99p.
I love this spot treatment ( and so dose my brother) its cheap and i like to think it dose a really good job and helps reduce my spots.
Its like a gel consistency and it smells minty.
I have already brought another tube of this.

Boots essentials nail polish remover, boots 99p
I like this remover because its cheap and it dosent smell really strong of chemicals like the one i have brought from superdrug dose, I would defnatilly recommend this remover to you, it also removes polish really nice.

Estee Lauder advanced night repair, sample.
This is just a small sample that my mom gave to me. I really enjoyed using this product i fell like it did make a difference to my skin and if i had the £50 it cost i would buy it, but that wont be happening any time soon, its way to over priced.

Radox clean and refresh  hand sanitiser, superdrug
This did smell very strong of chemicals and i wasn't keen on it, i only would have only brought this because it would have been on offer, i don't think i will buy this again i will stick to the carex ones.

Next just pink body wash, next
My mom brought me this for my birthday in may, now you may be thinking OMG that lasted you a long time, well it dident, i only used this when i was in the shower, i have a diffident one for when im in the bath, also if i can remember correctly i dident start using this straight away i think i may have been using a different one.
But i did smell very nice it was highly perfumed but was okay on my skin, even though my lags can get very sensitive.  I don't think i would buy this, i normally just use what ever my mom buys for the bath/shower.

Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume sample.
I like this perfume, i think it kind of smells like the sweets pemaviolets, its lovely and very sweet smelly i probs wont buy the big bottle though i dont love it that much.

Clinique take the day off eye makeup remover, sample size.
I really really like this eye makeup remover, i think its brilliant it takes off eye makeup lovely and it dident sting my eyes, it was one of those part oil part water ones were you have to shake it up, i think it was the oil that made it so good, its around £16 so i wont be buying it, but i might put it on my Christmas list.

Clearasil overnight serum, poundland
I like this serum it makes my skin soft and i think it helps with spots, i got this for a really good deal in poundland, i haven't seen it anywhere else but i know it would be more than £1.

Soft and gentle deodorant. 
And lastly just a spray not much to say really but it dose the job.

BTW i have no idea why the middle picture is of center sorry.
If you have any post recommendations please let me know.

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  1. I didn't like the EL night repair, didm seem to work for me but I do love the Cliniques take the day eye make up remover!

  2. Love the clinique make up remover!
    Great post xx

  3. I'd LOVE to buy Advanced Night Repair. It is very expensive, but I hear it's worth every penny.

    1. It is very gd, u might b abul to find it on offer Christmas :)x

  4. Great post, I have been looking for a great eye makeup remover I am going to try out the Clinique one now! Followed your blog and I have been loving reading through your posts xo

    1. Thank u so much thats really nice of u, and the eye makeup remover is great :)xx