Monday, 12 November 2012

Herbal essences beautiful ends split end protection cream.

Hello everyone

So today i have a review of the herbal essences split ends protection cream for you i hope you enjoy.

This is a leave in split end protection cream, i use this about 10 mins after  iv come out the shower/bath when my hair isent dripping wet, i split my hair in to two sections then pump about one and a half pumps of this in to my hand and run it through the ends of my hair on the first section and then repeat in the second section of my hair with another pump and a half of the product, then let my hair air dry.
I think that this actually helps my hair i brought this in august and have been using it since then, i haven't had my hair cut since may and i barely have any split ends and im going to put that down to this i think its brilliant and it actually dose the job.
On the back it says "lavish me through to your tips to give your hair the daily special treatment.  Don't rinse out just put me on towel dried hair or dry hair and ill keep loving your locks and help protecting your tips all day long".
This product is lovely and i definitely recommend that you go and buy it, i got mine on offer in superdrug.

If you have any request pop them down below and i will be sure to do them for you.

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  1. Ooh this sounds really good I'll have to keep an eye out for it the next time I'm in Boots xx

  2. This is so useful as you have to wash it out its just what I need after damaging my hair with bleach. I'm always put off by 'miracle' creams but I think I might give this one a go. x

    1. you should it really is good and you dont have to wash it out just run it throungh your ends when its damp :) xx