Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Christmas tag.

The lovely Georgia tagged me to do this tag so i thought i would do it.

1. favorite Christmas movie.
The Holiday.

2.favorite Christmas song.
My all time favorite Christmas song is stop the cavalry by Jona Lewie.

3.real or fake Christmas tree.
Real all the way, there the best, they smell lovely and i love going to the Christmas tree farm to get one.

4.Do you like to stay in you pjs on xmas day or get dressed up ?
 Defo get dressed up i always have and always will, i don't get overly dressed up or anything just something nice but comfy, i usually wear leggings and a nice top.

5. Do u open your presents christmas eve or christmas day ?
Christmas day off course, we open one present on Christmas eve which is always a new pair of pjs.

6. favorite Christmas treat 
Hmm well im not sure really, last year i tried pigs in a blanket for the first time and i really liked them so im looking forward to them this year.

7.Show a childhood photo of you at Christmas
Well i cant as i have no idea wear the Christmas pictures are, there probably some wear in the loft and im not going up there lol, sorry guys.

8.When do you start getting excited for xmas ?
Probably around the middle of November.

9.If you could kiss one celeb under the mistletoe, who would it be ?
well, probably tyger drew- honey he has a strange name but he is VERY good looking, and we are the same age :).

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  1. We always open one present on christmas eve too, I never understand why people would want to open them all though! xx

    1. Yh i know just dosent seem right lol x

  2. I have seen the Christmas Tag post on alot of peoples blog, i love reading them! its so good seeing everyone complete and utterly different answers <3 Merry Christmas hun,