Sunday, 20 January 2013

How to tint your eye brows at home.

Hello everyone
On twitter i asked you guys if you wanted to see a how to tint your brows post and a lot of you said yes so here it is.
Some of you may know that i do beauty therapy at college and this is how i learnt how to do it.
I would also like to say im sorry for the bad pictures, the place were i toke the pics was a really awkward and the lighting was bad, but i hope you can get it any way.

What you will need
flannel/tissue ( to protect your surface )
eyebrow tinting set in brown should include: tint, tint developer, brush and jar(boots,superdrug,sallys)
Vaseline/petroleum jelly 
Damp cotten pads
Cotten bud
eye makeup remover

First start of by cleaning your eyebrows with eye makeup remover to get rid of any dirt or oils that may be in your brows.
Next take your cotten bud and put some petroleum jelly on it and put it on the skin around your brows so you don't stain your skin with the tint.
Next mix your tint and tint developer together (measurements should be on bottle or packaging) you don't need to much.
Then apply to your brows with a brush, start by only putting a bit on, its best to build up colour than putting to much on, because if they go to dark you cant go back ounce its done its done.
As soon as you have put the tint on both of your brows take the tint of the first eyebrow you did then the second, the tint doesn't take long to develop on your hairs so don't leave it on for to long.
Remove the tint with your damp cotten pads, make sure every last drop it removed be ruff with it so every think comes of and do it till no more colour is coming of onto the pad.

I find that the tint lasts about a week on my eye brows.
Ounce you are done i recommend that you don't put any makeup on your eye brows for 12 hours and try not to touch your brows.
Be very careful with the tint don't get it in your eyes or mouth. If you get the tint on your skin it will stain so be very careful.

So i think that is every think the only thing is that i cant stress enough how much you need to be careful with the tint and don't apply to much, remember to build it up instead of pieling loads on. 

Thank you so much for reading and if you have any questions on tinting fell free to ask me :)


  1. hey lovely, this was a really interesting and informative post. fab, xx

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    1. Thank you so much for nominating me but i have already done one of these posts :)xx

  4. Fab post but I think I would be too nervous to tint my own brows lol
    Kirsty x