Sunday, 26 August 2012


Hello everyone

Bit off a boring haul today, but i haven't put a post up in a while so i thought i would show you some things i brought when i went in to town a few days ago.

 Soft and gentle Deodrant.
B&M Bargins (a random shop by me) 99p

Batiste dry shampoo in blush.
Bodycare £1.45.
I normally buy the original one, but i thought i would buy a different one, i didn't smell it in store so when i got home i sprayed it in the lid, and i really don't like it, it doesn't smell florally at all, it smells more like coconuts which to be honest i don't really like the smell of, but i will still use it lol.

Collection 2000 Hot looks nail polish in 33 Button Moon
Superdrug £1.75
I love this nail polish, the colours like a really nice baby blue colour.
My next post will be a NOTD wearing this colour, so if you want to see it on look out for that post.

Collection 2000 Sky scraper mascara in black
Poundland £1
Iv wanted a new mascara for a while so when i saw this poundland i thought i would pick it up, because i like a lot of collection 2000 products so i thought i would like this to.
It has a plastic brush which i don't really like, its also not the best mascara it doesn't really do any think, but for £1 i don't really mind.
I always look in the beauty part in poundland because they some good brands like rimmel,collection2000 and miss sporty.

Herbal essences beautiful ends split ends protection cream
Superdrug £1.95
I have only used this ounce so i haven't really noticed any difference yet, but most herbal essences products are good so i hope this is to.

Palmers Cocoa Butter moisturising lip balm
Bodycare £1.99
I thought this price for 3 lip balms was really good so i just picked them up, i love there moisturiser from this brand so hopefully these would be good to.

Skull earrings
Select £1.99
These are a sugerskull dangley earring, but there not really long, there just the right lengh, the only annoying thing it that the skulls don't stay facing the front, but i can live with that because i really like them.

Ear cuff
Select £1.99
This is an ear cuff which has little diamond shape carvings on it, with three chains coming off joining on to the stud,  its really good because it has three metals Gold, silver and gunmetal on it so it goes with most of my jewellery.

Home Bargains 39p
I thought this would be good for mixing nail polishes and liquid makeup, i have wanted one of these for a while so when i saw this and it was only 39p i had to get it.
I also got some Cotton pads and balls from home bargains but i thought that was a but boring to show you.

Black studded belt
Primark £2
This is a matt black fake leather belt, with matt black studs on.
I have needed a new belt for a while because the few i have are to small and the one i have been wearing is my moms, so i decided to get this one because i really like the studs on it and it was only £2.
Please comment down below if you want me to do a review on any think from this post our from any of my other posts, i  would be more than happy to do so :).
Thank you for reading and please follow.


  1. i looove the palmers lip balms! they're so good! x

    1. Yh i heard some1 talk about thats what made me buy them x

  2. so many interesting things :) i love those earnings!


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  4. How are you finding the lip balms? Would love to see a review.


  5. Ooh Batiste literally saves my life in the mornings haha!
    Would love to try the lip balm, let me know how it is please!

    You sent me your link during the bbloggers chat :)
    I'm currently holding an 100 followers giveaway including jewellery, make up and nail wraps if you're interested!

    1. haha, there will a review coming up in the week :)x