Monday, 17 December 2012

Clothes show live haul.

So this post is a little bit late as i went to clothes show on the 9th of December
 but there it is anyway.
 Rimmel goody bag £10
 3 nail polishes, eye shadow pallet, scandaleyes mascara and a 1000 kisses lip tint.

 Collection 2000
Eyeliner £1, Lip gloss £2

 Carmex 3 for £5 deal
Strawberry (amazing), original and cherry

I entered the compotion to win £200 topshop vouchers and we got free makeup wipes and three samples in this super skin facial thing.

Jelly pong pong beauty (so Susan) £5
This was an amazing deal i got all of these four products for £5.
Bronzer, lip cushion, mascara and wide awake concealer pallet.

I got a company magazine subscription which was £12 for 12 issues how amazing and i got these for free even more amazing the only thing i regretted was picking this as the free gift as i had to carry around these really heavy bottles.
Gloss me smoothly shampoo and conditioner, treat me right hair treatment/mask and hair oil. 

 Sleek makeup goody bag £10
Original eyeshadow pallet, eyelashes, red lip gloss ( already had this :( and i don't use it) and face and body highlighter.

 Black snood £8
This is the only item of clothing i got, me and my cousin were not very impressed with the clothes that were there, they had almost the same stuff at every stool and even though its meant to be reduced in price we found it still expensive and we just didn't like the clothes they had.

 Random things
so...? were giving out free dry shampoos so i picked up two, i also got the models own goody bag which you wont see in this post as somebody is giving it to me for xmas ( you will c in my xmas haul) this more magazine came free with it and lastly i got a stylfile nail file, there was a offer on where you can get three for £5, so i got one for myself, one for my mom for xmas and my cousin got one for her mom and tom the man from the apprentice who invented them was there and he signed them for us.

Cosmo and company magazines and goody bag £3
free gifts - golden wonder ready salted chrips, butter-scotch sweets ( love them), aveeno body moisturiser, kleenez oil absorbing sheets, Palmers coco butter facial moisturiser, batiste cherry dry shampoo, lacoste perfume sample, OPI gold shatter polish full size and Rimmel eye shadow pallet, there was also some other things but i got rid of them and cant remember what they were.

Clothes show live goody bag
I had the special ticket were you get a goody bag, just like last year it was terrible, the only reason why get the more expensive ticket is so we can get a really good seat in the fashion show.
lady gaga perfume sample, Brittany spears perfume sample, garner BB cream sample, dove conditioner, tooth paste ( random), another perfume sample ( cant remember what it is) and Nivea body oil, and there was some other things but i got rid of them as i wasn't interested in them.
So that is most of the stuff i got, as i mentioned i got a models own goody bag but someone is giving it to me for xmas, the same for the Barry M goody bag i got, i decided for someone to get me these to as i wasn't that impressed with them.
If you want me to do ant separate posts on any of these things do let me know.
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  1. So jealous. The sleek goody bag looks really good for a tenner. Hoped you had a good day x

    1. It is very gd 4 a tenner and i did thank u x

  2. ah i wish i'd gone to clothes show live- one year! love the things you bought xx

  3. the goodie bags look so cute! Lovely blog, really want to go to the next clothes show live!
    Ellie -
    I recently re-vamped my blog, check it out if you like? x

    1. thanks and you should its really good :)xx

  4. Everyone came back from the clothes show live with such lovely goodies! Thanks for sending me your link during the #bbloggers chat and congratulations on reaching 100 followers :) xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. thats okay and thank you so much :)xx