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Lipstick to suit your skin tone.

Hello everyone
So today's post is going to be about lipstick yay. Dont know what lipsticks suit your skin tone ?? well read on and you may find out.

Lets start with red lipstick.

Porcelain skin
Think of Christina Hendricks and Lucy Liu.
The best kind of lipsticks for pale skin tones are blue toned reds, like cherry, wine and plum shades.
Example red lipsticks for pale skins are Clinique red-y to wear lipstick (pictured),Marks and Spencer perfection perfect moisture lipstick in scarlet and the Avon Ultra colour rich mega impact lipstick in Charged cherry.

Golden Skin
Think Cheryl Cole and Cameron Diaz
If your skin has warm undertones the best red lipsticks for you are bright tomato or fire engine reds, if you use pink toned reds it can just look to much on golden skin tones.
 lip products that will look great on you are: No7 poppy king lipstick in history and Shiseido perfect rouge RD415 Valentine.

Olive Skin
Think J-lo and Nicole Scherzinger 
The best reds for you are burnt, orange based reds, like a deep ruby colour these looks great on olive skin and not to clownish.
Lipsticks for you are Lipstick queen lipstick in saint rust and bourjois rouge soyeux lipstick in sweet kiss naturel.

Dark skin 
Think Nicki Minaj and Kelly Rowland
Lipsticks that look the best on dark skin is tomato reds if your skin is more warm based, but if your skin is more blue based then deep cherry reds look the best on you.
Lipsticks that could look great on you are Chanel rouge coco hydrating creme lip colour in Gabrielle and Tom for lip colour in cherry lush.

Pink lipsticks

Porcelain skin
If you have pale skin then bubblegum, magenta or other pinks with a lot of white in them look great on pale skin.
Great lip products for you are collection lock n hold lip gloss in Body pop (pictured), Paul and Joe lipstick in 069 and No7 sheer temptation in pretty please.

Golden skin
Vibrant candy, coral pinks look great on golden skin but blueish or silvery pinks can look ageing.
Pink lip products for you are, Laura mercier lipstick in tangerine and topshop lips in brighten rock.

Olive skin
Fuchsia and peaches look great against olive skin But bubblegum or neon pinks don't look right.
Lip products for you : YSL Rouge pur coutoure in le fuchsia, cosmetics A La carte lip gloss in peach and Dior serum de rouge in radiant pink serum.

Dark skin
Raspberry, watermelon pinks look great on dark skin, if you have blue toned skin then purple toned pinks will look beautiful on you.
Lip products that will suit your skin are: Estee Lauder pure colour lipstick in raspberry and rouge d'Armani in rouge 400.

Orange lipsticks

Porcelain skin 
Candy oranges with a hint of pink will look great on you, but anything too citrusy will clash.
Lip stivks for you are: the body shop colourglide lip colour in coral splash and Bobbie brown lipstick in tangerine.

Golden skin
Soft, clear oranges or warm peachy oranges look beautiful on golden skin tones.
Lipsticks for you are: mememe light me up lip gloss in blaze and Clinique butter shine lipstick in Ambrosia.

Olive skin
Bold oranges look great on black skins, if you have warm black skin then burnt golden oranges will look great,  if you have ebony skin then watermelon shades will look beautiful on you.
Lip products for you are: Sleek pout polish in Electro peach and RMK glosslips in shiny clear oranges.

I got this information from the cosmo beauty magazine.
This is not a sponserd post just something i thought could help you.

I hoped you enjoyed this post and it helped you in some ways.
By the way this is my 50th post yay.
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  1. Useful, I find it so hard to get on with my pale pale skin!

  2. This is so useful, thankyou for posting! Xx
    Sarah x

  3. Enjoyed the real, I have olive skin and I think most shades suit me. I wear orange - pink - brown - coral etc. I really enjoy experimenting with lipsticks, they're my favourite thing!

    I'm following you now on Twitter (jennaaytpof) and GFC :) xx

  4. Great post but it doesn't account for whether you're a warm or cold tone for porcelain. I do know a few warm toned porcelains who can't wear a bluer red. By the same token, pale pinks mostly look terrible on me, as for oranges, the only orangey colour that looks good on me is a coral shade. D: But everyone is different of course and this is quite handy for gift buying actually as I'm never quite sure what shade to pick up for my (not hard to be) darker than me friends!

    Lizzums x

  5. I find this post so useful. I always forget to take into account my skin tone when buying a lipstick. For example reds are my all time favourite and when I buy one which doesn't suit I get the arse, and usually it is because they are pink reds which tend to make me look red all over! I think this is such a great post :) x

  6. I love how you call my pale skin porcelain, sounds much nicer :) And I think a lot of the things you said about tones for porcelain skin at least are true, according to my own experience. Can't really comment on the rest, I've spent most of my time looking for stuff that work for me after all :)
    So a really fun and informative post, thanks!

  7. great wee post and super helpful! found myself nodding along with pretty much everything! x

  8. Oh wow, I love this post! I especially love that you posted examples of the kinds of shades that are blue toned etc. I'm totally colour challenged and always hearing about how I should buy x-toned colour, but I never know what colours those are. Saving this now :)

    1. Aww thank u so much, glad u liked it :)x

  9. This is a great post :) I'm always wondering if a shade is going to suit me, and I have passed on purchasing from being unsure xx

  10. useful article - informative -- i love orange shade i have tried few shades at - reposted this article at their trends section- my collection is all of loreal products.