Thursday, 3 January 2013

What i got for Christmas.

Hello everyone.
So today i showing you some of my favorite xmas pressies, im not showing everything as this post would to very long, so this is just a few of my favorite gifts.

H&M bag.
 This bag is soo lovely its like a bucket bag ( i think that's what its called) its a black leather ( fake of course), its got two rows of gold studs going down the middle with a matte leather on the outside and snake print on the inside, its got short straps and a long strap.
This bag is lovely and its the perfect size for me to take to college.

Urban decay Naked basics pallet.
I was sooo excited when i saw this in my stocking, i really dident think my mom would actually get it for me, but its soo lovely, it has six neutral shades and there all so lovely, most of them are matte apart form maybe one or two.
The other two naked pallets are way out of my price range, so when i heard this smaller one was coming out i was so excited as i new it would be a bit cheaper, so on my xmas list it went.

Real techniques blush brush.
I have wanted a new blush brush for a while so i thought i would put this on my xmas list as i love real techniques, it is a bit big for blush but i can make it work, it is also really good for bronzer.

 5 DVDs
Angus, thongs and perfect snogging.
Narnia, the lion the witch and the wardrobe.
Easy A.
The backup plan.
I love all of these movies allot and i am glad i got them.

Babyliss Pro 235 Elegance hair straighteners.
I really wanted some new straighteners as my other ones were getting really old and not as good as they could be. So when i saw this in boots for £40 instead of £80 i told my mom straightway and she got them for me.
These are really good there are more or less the same as my old ones but that's okay.
the heat goes up to 235 degrees Celsius with 3 heat settings. 

The body shop oil burner.
This actually looks really scary when you look at it, it looks like it staring at you with its massive open mouth, anyway this is really nice and i cant wait to use it with the oil from body shop in divine calm and the Yankee candle tarts in fresh cut roses and strawberry buttercream.

Lady gaga fame perfume gift set with shower gel.
I love how the this is a black liquid in the bottle but comes out clear, its so cool, i love the sent of this, im not going to bother trying to describe the sent as im really bad at doing that, but i would recommend you go and have a whiff of it as its really nice.

Taylor swift woundersrtuck perfumes and body lotion.
I really like this fragrance its nice, im not to keen on the body lotion though it kind of smells like calpol its not very nice.

And my biggest surprise present was from my Nan  i really dident see this coming and when i saw it i was so excited, and if you haven't already guessed what it is buy the picture its a massage table, omg i couldn't believe it, if you dident know i do beauty therapy at college so this is for me to practice on, its very long and very differnt to the ones in the salon at college but i still love it.

what did you get for xmas ???
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  1. i got the taylor swift perfume too! It smells amazing. xx

  2. Oh you got some gorgeous things!! That bag is a beaut! I have those straighteners and I have wide plate GHDs too... and the Babyliss are soooo much better :) xox (New follower!!!)
    Gem |

    1. Thank u so much and im glad to know the strightners r better than GHDs :)x

  3. Ahh I love all of those movies - you'll enjoy them!
    I've nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award on my blog! Hope you enjoy reading it and do one of your own. Check it out and follow back? xxx

  4. Wow you got some lovely gifts, you lucky girl you!! Really want to try the Lady Gaga perfume! XxxX

    1. Thank u so much and its lovely x

  5. So jealous that you got the Naked basics pallette- I really want it too! And i've just ordered some Real Techniques brushes- can't wait to get them! Hope you had a nice Xmas! Rosy x

  6. I know i'm too old for it but Angus thongs isone of my favorite films! I love Ultraviolet! I also loved the books and continued reading them till the end of the series even though i was in my mid 20's x

    1. Haha it is a very gd film tho lol x

  7. Wow I love your bag I think I've seen it in the shops! Aw I love all films especially Angus thongs and perfect snogging xx

  8. That bag is stunning! And I love the Lady Gaga perfume ... so jealous of your massage table. I'm looking for a pink one! Love your blog sweetie, following you xx

  9. oh gosh, that H&M bag is incredible.