Tuesday, 4 September 2012

fashion and beauty haul.

Hello everyone.

So i have another haul for you, just a few things i picked up this weekend.
Hope you enjoy.

Zoo - Cosmic skull top £6.99
Zoo is this random shop in a shopping center near me im not sure if the shop is any were else,
when i walked in to the store this was the first thing i saw my eyes were drawn to it, i have wanted somthing cosmic printed for a while, and i love skulls so i had to get this and it was so cheap.
I also almost brought an MTV top but i dident have enough money, but i still want it.

H&M aztec print trousers £7.99
I had seen these in store before and i really liked them but i wasn't sure if to get them, then when i was trying some shoes on in office i saw a lady wearing them, and then i really wanted to get them, i also got them because its my brother 21st birthday soon and the theme is black and white so i thought i could wear them then.
Just to worn you thses have Zero give to them they have no elastic in the waist band, an there is a zip at the back so you might want to get a bigger size.

H&M black cardi £12.99
I had also seen this in store before and i really wanted to get it but i didnt have any money, so when i went back this weekend i got it then.
I brought this in a size 16 because i wanted it to baggy and over sized.

Office black VANS £45.00
These have definitely gone up in price I'm sure they used to be £40 but oh well.
I got these because i needed some good black shoes for when i go to college, because I'm doing beauty therapy and i have to wear a uniform so i thought these would be good.

Superdrug E45 moisturising lotion £2.55
This is the only moisturiser i can use on my legs because there so sensitive, and this is perfect because it doesn't irritate my legs, like others do.

Lush Eau Roma water, toner water £3.95.
This is my second ever product from lush, i don't normally buy stuff from there because it so expensive for what it is, if it was a bit cheaper i would probs buy more things because i know they don't test on animals and it good for your skin. 

Superdrug carex anti bacteria and gel 99p
I love the carex hand gels because, well i don't know i just like them lol. 

Superdrug Nivea double effect eye make-up remover £1.59
I have never tyred this before, but i know that i like this kind of eye make-up remover with the oil in because i feel like it does a really good job.
I really like the sephora eye make-up remover that i got from France, but i used  it all up and i cant buy it again because for some reason and i don't know why but we don't have a sephora in England :(

co-op L'oreal elvive triple resist reinforcing conditioner £2.00 on offer
I wanted a new conditioner because my hair is kind of dry at the moment so i thought i would try this one.

Boots 17 FEST of all kit £1.50
I brought this because it was on clearance so i thought i pick it up.
In it there is a nail polish in tropical island.
Black eyeliner in Onyx.
Instant Glow body bronzer in medium matt.
 Thank you for reading and please follow.


  1. I love those aztec trousers! I think rinted trousers can be really hard to pull off but they can really look nice in a good outfit
    thebeautydosage.blogspot.com x

    1. Thank u, i would probs just wear them with a plain white or black top :)

  2. could you do a review of the lush product - I haven't bought much before.

    1. Theres not much really to say about it, its like any normal toner haven't really noticed any different in my skin :)

  3. Cool top, gotta love Vans too!
    JS xx


  4. I love the H&M trousers! I really want a nice pair for the colder month because I hate jeans when it's rainy :(

    Danielle xx