Monday, 11 February 2013

Products i have used up #5

Hello everyone
Today i have another empties post for you, i hope u enjoy.

Clearasil overnight Lotion 
I really like this its a good layer of moisture to put on my skin at night if i have any spots, i feel like this helps them go away, but im not sure if it actually dose.
I brought this in pound land a while ago and haven't been abul to find it since, i also cant seem to find it any were else. If i do find it i will buy it again.

Estee Lauder perfectly clean light lotion cleanser.
I really liked using this cleanser it smells lovely but it is heavily perfumed, so if you have very sensitive skin i would stay away from this, as it says in the name its a light lotion, even though it is very light it skill cleans my skin very well, i would buy this but as its by Estee Lauder im sure it will be way to expensive for a cleanser.

Next very red roll on perfume 
This sent is amazing its fruity but floral at the same time, Next were selling this about three years ago for Valentines day but i haven't been abul to find it since, which is so upsetting as i love this sent so much, if they do start selling it again im going to buy like ten bottles, that's how much i love it.
This sent really reminds me of when i was at school, i always used to roll it on my self and it wasn't just me who loved it my friends loved it to , i miss this sent so much :( !!!

Next just pink body spray
This sent is very grannyish, but its not that bad, erm its alright that's all i have to say.
I don't think i will buy this again.

Palmers coca butter Daily calming facial Lotion
This is one of the best moisturizer i have ever tried  its smells amazing and it moisturizer my skin soo well, its saved my skin this winter. I got this as a sample in my goody bag at clothes show, and im so glad it was in there because i am obsessed with it.
Now it is around £5-6 which i think is a lot for a high-street moisturizer, but i think i will still buy it when i have finished my other sample.

Clearasil overnight serum
Just like the over night lotion i got this in poundland and i cant find it again, i also really love this, i really like the idea of a serum, something you put on before your moisturizer to add an extra layer of moister, i really wish i  could find this because i really like it, i would defo buy it again.

Nivea pearl and beauty spray
This is actually one of my favorite deodorants, it smells nice and lasts a long time, i will defo buy this again but only if it is on offer.

Thank you for reading i hope you liked it.
Also i  hope you guys like my new header, its nothing special but i have wanted one for a while.


  1. I love a good empties post! I've never seen the Clearasil Overnight Lotion or Serum. They both sound like such great products and I would have loved to try them!

    Thanks for sending me your blog link, now following :D

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Love to see empties post I think it's always a good way to get a good review of a product!