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What is Faradic (EMS) // Beauty Treatments

So as you know i am doing a blog series about beauty therapy, i started of by doing posts on the courses Beauty therapy level 2 and 3, and i will eventually do a post on levels 4 and 5. And now im going to start doing posts on the treatments you can have in a salon or a SPA, that either people don't know about or people don't know what it actually does or the benefits of it are.

So today's treatment i am going to talk about is faradic also known as EMS.
The picture below shows you were you can have the treatment and what it looks likes when the electrodes are strapped onto you.
Both picture are taken from Google.

Faradic is a electrical treatment were an electrical current pass' through your skin to your muscles. It is low frequency alternating current, which is an interrupted direct electrical current. It is used to stimulate and exercise the muscles to create a tightening and toning effect. It is a type of muscle exercise that doesn't involve going to the gym.A 20 minute stomach treatment  is the equivalent of doing 300 sit ups.

You can have this treatment on your face, thighs, bust, stomach and maybe others but im not sure were.

The treatment also helps to stimulate the blood supply in wasted limbs.

The current goes through electrically conductive pads that sit on skin were the muscle is. As the current passes through the pads it triggers the muscle and shows a visible contraction. As it is an alternating current the muscle contacts for 2 seconds and rests for 2.5 seconds (may vary depending on salon/SPA).
The pads have electro lotion on which needs to be there for the current to pass through.

On the face my salon doesn't use pads we use this handheld electrode which are little black rectangle boxes with small pads on the front.

The treatment feels quite strange as your muscles move, its like when your tense your muscles but tingles a bit.

The treatment induces inch loss due to firming of the muscle. Texture of the skin on the face can also be improves as the skin is tightened

I think i have enclued everything but if you have any questions feels free to ask.

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