Saturday, 23 February 2013

Lavera cleanser and cotten pads review

Hello everyone
Today i am doing a review on some things that were sent to me from the website
This website sells all things beauty like makeup, skincare, nail polish, hair care and lots of other lovely things.
This website includes brands like Burts Bees,BM Beauty, Lavera and lots of other lovely brands.

This is a really lovely cleanser, its very gentle and you can even use it to take your eye makeup off. This product is vegan and fragrance free, now the smell is really weird its kind of like sun cream or artificial lemons, its really strange, also the colour is yellow which is odd as every other cleanser i have used has been white. This cleanser is for all skin types
This is a kind of cleanser you have to use with water which sometimes i really cant be bothered to do.
A really good thing about this product is that it gets you makeup off really well especially your eye makeup.
This is how the website describes the product
Gently cleanse and remove make-up in one simple, effective application. Extremely kind to skin, especially the sensitive area around the eyes, this milk has precious organic oils to smooth and nourish. 
This retails for £7.45
So all in all i really do like this cleanser and i would recommend it to you especially if you have sensitive skin.

Now these i am not a fan of i have used them once and i really do not like them, i used it and my face didn't look or feel clean, i toned after and lots of makeup came of on to the cotten pad which dosent usually happen when i take my makeup off another way.
The website describes them likes this
The environmentally friendly alternative to cotton wool. Simply use with cleanser in place of cotton wool pads or wipes to remove make up.
These retail for £6.49 but at the moment they are on offer for £5.49
I really Like the idea of these but they don't work as well as cotten pads do
I don't recommend these.

If you have any post recommendations please let me know.
Also sorry i havent blogged in a week i have been very busy.
Thank you so much for reading, i hoped you liked this post


  1. Those cleansing pads look like a great idea!

    Be great if you could check my latest outfit post feat a camo jacket from Fashion Union.

    Thanks :) Charlie UK Fashion Blog | Lurch Hound Loves xx

    1. They are a really good idea, not very good tho lol.
      And sure i will take a look now :)xx

  2. Shame those pads don't work, they look like they'd be a great alternative to my not-so-gentle flannel :(.

    1. I know, u could always use a muslin cloth :)x