Sunday, 10 November 2013

Barry M Nail Polish Collection

So today i am showing you all of my Barry M nail polishes, i have quite a few that i have collected over a few years. Most of them are from clothes show live and a set i got one Christmas, believe it or not i have only brought three of these from boots or superdrug.

The Brights

Shocking Pink - This is a lovely pinky purpley colour with a little bit of shimmer in it, its very pigmented and only needs two coats to get an opaque colour.

Coral - This is a really bight coral colour which looks different in different lights, in some lights it can look more pink or orange or red, its a little weird but its a lovely colour for summer. Its has no shimmer in it. Its very pigmented and only needs two coats.

Tangerine - This is the only orange nail polish in my whole nail polish collection because i hate the colour and the only time i use this nail polish is Halloween. This polish isn't as pigmented as the others it needs about three to four coats to get it opaque, its very shimmery and it is a nice orange if you like the colour.

Berry ice-cream - This is a really lovely lilac colour with no shimmer and is nicely pigmented, it needs about 2 coats to make it opaque. I haven't actually used this one much as i have a lilac polish which i prefer from models own.

Mint green - This is more on the side of light green than mint green but its still really lovely, its very pigmented and has no shimmer in it. This colour is perfect to wear in spring.

The Darks

Navy - This is one of my favorite polish's to wear in Autumn Winter as its really dark. Its a lovely navy colour with shimmer in it, its very pigmented and look lovely on the nails, but it can make your hands look pale :(.

Raspberry - This is the first ever Barry M nail polish i got and i brought it because Beauty Crush had it and i thought it was really lovely and i wanted to buy it so i did. This is a lovely red wine raspberry colour with no shimmer in it, like all of the others it is very pigmented and only needs two coats.

Mushroom - This is a very strange colour, its brown with a hint of gray to it. I don't really use it on its own but its great for nail art, again its very pigmented and has no shimmer.

Teal - This is a lovely light blue colour which is very shimmery but isn't that pigmented it needs about 3-4 coats.

Fuchsia - This is very similar to shocking pink apart from this has no shimmer and is a little lighter, its very pigmented and looks great on the nails.

Effects and Limited Edition 

Gelly hi-shine, Guava - This is the only gelly hi-shine polish i own as i think they are quite expensive (im a cheap skate) so i have only brought the one, but i do love this colour very much and im glad i brought it, its very pigmented and actually only really needs one coat but i do two so it lasts a bit longer.

Textured glitter, princessWhen i saw this is new i had to have it its such a lovely colour its a pink based glitter with bits of gold glitter in it, and for a glitter its very pigmented and only needs around two coats to get a full opaqueness, this is a beautiful colour and im so glad i brought it. 

Foil effects, lilac foil - This is a really lovely lilac colour with a hint of gray and it has a lovely foil finish.

Base, top coat and nail hardener - This a really good base and top coat as they are both in one and it is very cheap.

Retro collection

Retro 1 pink - This is very similar to shocking pink and fuchsia but in different ways they are different, this has shimmer and is very pigmented.

Hologram hexograms - This a glitter top coat which needs about 2-3 coats to have glitter all over the nail.

Thank you very much for reading and do tell me what your favorite colour is.



  1. What an amazing collection :) I would go for Navy and Raspberry :)

    1. Thank u and those are two of my favorites :)x

  2. I just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog! Keep up the great work ♡

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  3. So many pretty shades! Raspberry is my favourite shade :) Absolutely love it x


    1. Thank u and that's one of my favorites to :)x