Sunday, 3 November 2013

October Empties 2013

E45 moisturising lotion
After i shave my legs they are very sensitive, so i cant use any fancy body cream or butter on my legs other wise they would sting like crazy, so the only moisturisers i can use on my legs are Garnier intensive 7 day body lotion in sensitive and this. I must admit its not the most moisturising product in the world but it dose the job, it is fragrance free, sinks in to the skin really fast and is none greasy. This is really nice and i would buy it again.

Lady Gaga fame black fluid shower gel
I got this in a gift set with the perfume last Christmas and i thought it smelt really nice but i just forgot about it, but recently i was trying to use up some of my products so i deiced to take this out of my draw and put it in the shower. The packaging is annoying because it is so hard, so you cant really get the last bit out, and for the last few weeks of using it i had to keep it upside down. But it smells really nice and i like that its black, some think you don't often see. The scent didn't really last long on my skin though but im not to bothered about that. I don't think you can buy this individually but i you could i probably wouldn't buy it.

Pretty perfect nail drying spray
This is a product i use every time i paint my nails so i go though it very fast, but its only 99p so its not like im wasting my money. I think it really dose work, my nails are touch dry after using this which is great, but its not totally dry so they can still smudge. I you haven't tried one of these you have to.

Lush Eau Roma water toner water
I have been using this since around June time every single day and i only just finished it this week so that shows that this lasts a very long time and it definitely worth the £7-8 price. This is my all time favorite toner it smells really nice and helps to hydrate my skin. Its great for sensitive and dry skin as the ingredients are very gentle and hydrating. I am 100% going to buy another one of these.

Garnier miracle skin perfecter BB cream
I have had this for years so i thought it was about time i got rid of it, its also to dark for me and the packaging has slightly broken. When i was at school i used this everyday as my base and at the time i really liked it, its very moisturising and is light coverage. I was okay for me then but now i like medium to full coverage. I wont buy this again.



  1. E45 Cream is one of my favourite products! I use it to soothe my dry hands in the winter and it works a treat x

  2. I love that you cut it open to get more product out, totally worth it haha. X

  3. Haha i do that with loads of my products lol x

  4. I have used up a couple of bottles of the lush eau roma water, I love it - I really need to buy a new one x

  5. ive used the nail drying spray before and i think it was horrible, the smell lingers on your hands and ii dont feel it really works. great review though x