Monday, 30 July 2012


This is my 3rd nail post, if you would like to see the others just look through my blog and you will find them.

When i started painting my nails i did plan on doing this pattern,
i started of by putting down the Rimmel London PRO polish in 286 oyster pink which i got from for like £1.99, but i didn't like it by itself because its quite sheer and you cant really see it, so i decided to put this models own nail polish in pink blush over half which i got from whsmith at this little shopping centre before i got on the euro tunnel to France for like £2, i put this over half of the nail it looked better but there was still something missing, so i got my models own WAH nails nail art pen (boots £6) and used the stripper and painted a line between both colours, and i thought that looked a bit better.
the only problem was that when i put the top coat on it dragged the black on to the pink, but i did just leave it because it wasn't to bad.

Thank you for reading and please follow.

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