Thursday, 19 July 2012

NOTD #1 (nails of the day)

Hello everyone welcome to my blog.

I'm going to start a new series on my blog called NOTD which stands for nails of the day, basically I'm going to show you my nails wearing the nail polish and a picture of the nail paints in the bottle.
some people paint there nails like every two days but i don't because i just cant be bothered lol, i mainly paint them one or two times a week or when they really really need doing.
I do try take good care of my nails, i use the Sally Hansen maximum growth plus base and top coat as obviously my base coat and top coat, this dose kind of work but my nails grow quite fast anyway.
The only thing that i don't like about my nails, is that they are really brittle, and i really don't know how to fix, i did think it was because i wasn't having enough calcium, but for the least 2 mouths i have been having milk with my breckfast and eating the odd yogert and i actually think they have got a tiny bit better.
Any way here is a picture of my nails wearing the nail polish
                             sorry the picture is only small it goes blurry when i make it bigger.

On the left there is a Barry M polish i don't know the colour because i got it at clothes show live, and it has no name on the bottom.
 On the right- collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in fruit loop.

thank you very much for reading and i would very much appreciate it if you could follow me.

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