Tuesday, 24 July 2012

body shop body spray, white musk, mini review #1

Hello everyone.
So taday im going to be reviewing one of my favorite sents, body shop body spray in white musk.
this sent is very nice in my opinion, it doesn't really last long but i can accept that as it did only cost £7.
As you can see i have used about a third of this and i brought it in the middle of may so it will last quite a while.

On the back of the bottle it explains the fragrance it says: fragranced with White musk libertine,a blend of three musks combined with floral accords and a hint of Turkish delight.
As the name says its a very musky sent which is quite masculine and wintery, but i will still were it now as i really do like.
Thank you very much for reading and please follow me.

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