Friday, 17 August 2012

Most worn things tag.

Most worn nail polish.
Models own nail polish in Lilac Dream.
I have done a nail of the day wearing this if you would like more info on this polish click here

Most worn hair product.
Schwarzkopf got 2b, 2 sexy collagen gig volume hairspray.
I love this hair spray its one of the best iv used, it also smells amazing, it smells just like cherry aid.
It works really well and keeps you hair in place all day.

Most worn bag.
Nine West bag, i don't know the model because my mom got it for me from new york.
I love this bag because its the perfect size and because its black and goes with every think.
Its the perfect shape and size, it fits all the things i need when i go out with friends or go shopping.
I also used this as my school bag in yr 11 and it fitted every thing i needed in it, at my school we dident have to carry books or folders around so i dident need a big bag.

Most worn shoes.
Vans surf siders.
These shoes are so comfy and very practical, there navy blue and go with most of my wardrobe because most of my clothes are blue, for some reason I'm drawn to blue clothes, i don't know why.

Most worn accessories.
H&M triangle stud silver earrings.
I love these because there so simple but stylish, i wear these if the rest of my jewellery is statement and i just want some think simple on my ears, or when ever i wont to wear them lol.

Most worn clothing item.
New look blue acid wash jeans.
I love these because they go with literally everything and there just totally my style. there just so simple if i don't now what to wear i will just put these on with a top and it looks great. 

Most worn foundation.
GARNIER BB cream light, Clinique redness solutions in calming alabaster.
I wear the BB cream if i just want a bit of colour and a tiny bit of coverage.
Its a bit dark but ounce you blend it out its fine.
I wear the clinique foundation when i want more coverage.
This foundation is really nice, i find it applies better with my fingers, i really like it.

Most worn blusher and or bronzer.
Beauty UK blusher in buff, natural collection blush in rosyglow.
i use the beauty uk blush i just want to brighten up my face a bit.
I use the natural collection blush it want a bit more colour in my face.
they are both very nice,pigmented and look very natural.

Most worn lip product.
Marks and Spencer, me to you lip balm.
I love this because it smells amazing just like sweets and its really moisturising on the lips. 

Most worn mascara.
Rimmel London sexy curves mascara in black/brown.
This mascara has a strange brush its like three balls and its also plastic, i don't normally like plastic brushes but this one is really nice it lengthens your lashes really well and looks really natural.

Most worn eyeshadow
Natural collection eyeshadow duo in mink and sable.
I use both of these shadows daily there very natural and look nice togther.
I also use the darker colour as my eyebrow colour, its the perfect colour.

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