Sunday, 12 August 2012

Fashion and beauty Haul

Hello everyone
So today i have a haul post for you i hope you like.

1.Yellow crop top, newlook sale £1
I basically only brought this top because it was £1, and it looks really Nice with the high wasted shorts.
2.High wasted shorts, newlook £19.99
I have wanted high wasted shorts for so long, but i never had enough money, but this month i have earned some money from doing some gardening so i had to get them.
3.Floral vest top,H&M £7.99
I don't own any floral items so i thought i would buy this because i love the pattern and because it was only £7.99. 
4.Pink ombre top,H&M sale £5
I have wanted something ombre for a while, so when i saw this in the sale i had to get it.Its a bit different for me because i don't wear pink but this looks really nice with the high wasted shorts.
5.Mint green shorts,H&M sale £4
I already own these shorts in a cobalt blue colour but when i saw these in the sale i had to get them because i love mint green,and these shorts fit me really well.
6.White high top trainers, newlook £12.99
If you saw my cravings post you would have seen that i wanted the converse but they were to much and i was going to find some look alikes, well when i went in to new look i saw these and i just new u had to get them they look almost the same so i new i had to get them.
I find newlooks shoes sizing very strange I'm normally size 5 but there size 5s are to small and 6 is a bit to big, but as i really wanted these i got the 6, better to big than small ay.

1.Cross necklace,Claire's sale £2.50
I brought this because it looks like one that they sell in topshop and it was only £2,50
2.Hamsa hand necklace,Miss selfridge sale £2
3.Collar necklace,H&M £3.99
Iv wanted a collar necklace for a while but there all so expensive and when i saw this for £3.99 i had to get it.
4.LA colours eye pencil sharpener, beauty base 99p
When i went to the olympics me and my mom went into the westfield shopping centre and i have seen some people on youtube rave about the nail polishes, but i couldn't buy those because i wouldn't be abul to take them in to the Olympic park.I really needed a new sharpener so i got this one (but its not the best)
5.White nail art pen, beauty base 99p
I have wanted a white nail art pen for a while so when i saw this for 99p i had to get it
6.LA colours palettes
they were both 99p so i thought i would pick up these two, there was loads to pic from and these were the ones i picked. the gold toned palette is called tea time and the pink toned palette is called wine & roses.

Just to let you all now i didn't buy this all at ounce it was over about 4 different shopping trips over a month.

So one more thing i got was my second lobe piercing, i have wanted it done for a while and when i got my money i was like right I'm getting it done, it cost me only £9.95 which i thought was really good. The only thing i hate about having my ears done is that you have to wear the same earrings for about three months and cant change them up, i also don't like sleeping with earrings in i think its really uncomfortable. 

So thank you for reading this very long post and please follow


  1. LOVE the ombre top, I've been looking for something similar but couldn't find it in my H&M. Love the shorts & Jewellery too :) x