Friday, 26 October 2012

sleek shangri-la respect pallet review

Hello everyone

 Today I'm doing a review on the new sleek shangri-la respect pallet, hope you enjoy.

Top row of shadows

Bottom row of shadows

I love sleek eyesadow pallets there only £7.99 and the colours are really pigmented, i want them all, but i have decided when ever a new collection comes out i will buy one of the pallets that i like.
In the new collection Shangri-la there are two pallets and two matte lip glosses.
Out of the two pallets in the collection i thought that this one was nicer as it has more wearable colours in it, the other pallet is blue toned and i don't tent to wear blue eye shadow.
This pallet is really lovely, i would say that my favourite colour is the shimmery brown colour (top row second from left) it a nice shade to put all over the lid or to put into the crease.
In this pallet most of the colours are very pigmented apart form a few of the lighter colours which is very disappointing, as you can see from the swatches about 3 colours have no colour to them at all, which is really not like sleek.
Apart from that all the other colours are great and nicely pigmented, all in all i do love this pallet, and i would defo recommend it to you.
Tell me what your favourite sleek product is i would love to know.
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  1. This looks awesome! Sleek Makeup is ace. I've done a review on their Rose Gold blush, on my blog.

    I'm having a MAC Makeup giveaway on my blog if you want to take a look?


    1. Yh i agree, ooh i wanted to try that for a while wil take a look :)x

  2. I love the red shades, it's a shame that some of the shadows aren't well pigmented x

  3. I absolutely adore the next to last shade on the bottom row, I think I might have to pick this up simply for that shade!

    Thanks for sending me your link via the #bbloggers chat :)
    Rebecca x

    1. It is a lovely shade actually, not very wearable tho lol x

  4. These colours are so pretty, love sleek! X

  5. I've picked this palette up as well :) I love the variety of colours, and definitely prefer this one over the blue toned one x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. And me, same dont wear blue shadow :)x

  6. This is a gorgeous palette! I love the colours!