Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Whats in my college bag.

Hello everyone
I thought i would do a whats in my college bag video i hope you enjoy.

H&M blue and white stripy bag (like two yrs ago)
This is just the right size for me to carry all my junk around in.
There is a short and a long strap i normally use the long one on my left shoulder.
facials and manicure booklets.
If you didn't know I'm doing the beauty therapy course at my college, these booklets are left in my bag from Tuesday as these are the two treaments i did.
These booklets tell me everythink like how to perform the treatment, what products and equipment i need and all the heath and safety things i need to know.
I also have more booklets on the other things i am doing.
Primark comb pack of two £1
I take this as i have to put my hair up when we do treatments.
Purple spotty pencil case whsmith (ages ago)
In there i just keep like a million pens, pencils, ruler and so on.
Me to you make up bag.
I am going to do a whats in my make up bag post so watch out for that if you would like to see what is in here.
Carex hand sanitiser
I use this after eating our when ever i need to freshen up my hands.
Primark leopard print brolly £4
I live in England so i take this everywhere with me as i never know when it could start raining.
Skullcandy earphones
LOreal elnett hair spray.
I use this to keep my hair in place for when i am in the salon.
Next diamonds body spray.
I use this when ever i need to freshen up a bit as i work for very long hours.
Water bottle that my college gave to me.
I dont really like it but i use it anyway.
Radly purse
To put my money in of course lol
I also have a note pad which i forgot to take a pic of as i was using it to do my home work and my pass which I'm not going to show as the pic is horrid and it has the name of my college name on.
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  1. great post !

  2. I love what's in my bag posts! Mostly because I am so nosey...

  3. nice post! :) Always fun to read!
    Thx for sending me your link on bbloggers chat! Folowing now :)