Wednesday, 10 October 2012

About my college course, beauty thearpy level 2.

Hello everyone.
So today my post is about my college course, if you don't know what course I'm taking its beauty therapy.
In this post i will be showing you pictures of my kits and uniform, and telling you some things about the course all together.

So the first kit is the nail tools kit, the things in here are really nice sturdy and haven't seem to have broken.

Eye lash and brow tinting set.
This set includes brown,black and black/blue tints, a brush, mixing pot, tint developer and under eye tabs (don't know what there called).
This set is really nice and the colour's look really natural on the brows and lashes.

Makeup pallet.

Face fix eyelashes

Nail scissors

Toe nail clippers

Cuticle nippers.
You use this to nip away any of the cuticle that you have lifted


Nail pliers

Cuticle knife
You use this to go along the bottom of the nail to loosen any cuticle ready to be nipped away

Hoof stick
You use this on the cuticle to push it down.

Nail buffer

Mask brush
You use this to apply masks to the hand and face

Nail file

Pedicure rasp
I haven't used this yet but i think you use this to get rid of any dry skin on the heel.


This second kit is the makeup kit.
I must say that the quality of the makeup is not very good and I'm not impressed at all.

Makeup palette
This palette includes powder, cream foundation, powder blush, cream blush, eye shadow quad, one cream eye shadow  13 powder eye shadows, highlighter and shader, bronzer, 4 lipsticks, 2 lip glosses.
I really like the powder blush and highlighter and shader.
All the cream products are terrible they have no pigmentation what so ever.

3 foundations
Very sheer and very drying not good for my dry skin.

2 eyeliners
Not very good at all you have to press down really hard for good colour to come out.

2 lip liners
These are even worse than the eyeliners they are sooo bad its unbelievable. 

Concealer wheel
These are also terrible very drying no pigmentation, not creamy enough to get ant coverage.

Mineral powder
haven't really used this but for a powder it looks very shimmery

Black and brown mascara

Black eyeliner

Glitter eyeliner

Brush roll
These brushes are okay not as good as others i have used but i think these are pretty good, i really like the foundation brush.

This is my tunic that i wear in the salon its very comfy and i like it, with this i wear smart black trousers and  black vans.

So far i have learnt manicure, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and facials, i enjoy tinting the most, all of the things are pretty simple, but not the massarge it has loads of steps and it will take me a while to get it in my head and learn all the different bones in the neck, shoulders and face.

Altogether the kit and uniform came to about £120 which is a lot and not impressed at all in the makeup kit.

Thank you for reading and please follow.


  1. Woahh you're kit and uniform together cost less than just my kit haha lucky! I love the eye lash tinting too because it's easy haha and I'm the same with facials, I get so confused! Slowly getting the hang of it though :) Lovely post, I might do a similar one about my kit :) xx

    1. Oh really aha, yh it is i love plucking eyebrows for some reason, and thank u, u should would to c what u got in your kit :)x

  2. This course sounds so interesting so annoyed that I didn't do it now :( xx