Monday, 8 October 2012

Whats in my college makeup bag.

Hello everyone
So if you read my last post Whats in my college bag click here i said i would do a whats in my makeup bag post so here that is for you, enjoy.

Me to you makeup bag, Clintons (ages ago)
I got this makeup bag ages ago in the mothers day sale from clintions i thought it was really cute and a perfect makeup bag.
My friend gave me the badge, don't know were she got it from its been there for ages.
Its also getting a bit dirty could do with a clean.

Garner BB cream light, superdrug around £7.99
I only take this with me on a Thursday because my makeup would have been taken off from the treatment my friend would have done on me.
I love this its smells lovely and it the perfect color for me.

Real techniques buffing brush
I use this to apply the BB cream.
This brush is so soft i love it so much, i want to get the blush brush from this collection two as the one im using at the mo isent very nice.

Vaseline cocoa butter
I use this before i top up my lipstick or when ever my lips need hydrating.

Body care eyelash curlers
These were really cheap and they do the job really well.
I only use this on Thursday when i put my mascara back on as the treatment my friend did on me would have taken my eye makeup off.

Estee lauder lip gloss in 09 rock candy.
This lip gloss is really nice not sticky at all and smells really nice.
Its like a really nice pink color with a little bit of shimmer in it.
This is just a sample size that my auntie gave to me.

Clinique high impact mascara in 01 black
This mascara is really nice the brush is really nice and it makes my eyelashes look really nice.
I would  defo recommend this to all of you.
This is just a sample size that my auntie gave to me, i would really love to get the full size.

Dior lipstick in 579 rose vision
This lipstick is really nice the perfect pink color, it has a bit of shimmer in it and smells kind of nice.
This isent actually mine my mom gave it to me ages ago.
I have an estee lauder lipstick that is more or less the same, which i also love.

Estee lauder gentle eye makeup remover
This eye makeup remover is one of my faves i would buy it more often if it wasn't like £20 which is ridiculous.
Sometimes my eyeliner smudges under my eye so i use this and a cotton bud to tidy it up a bit, i also keep cotton buds in my makeup bag but for some reason i didn't included them in the pictures.

Avon color trend pencil play eyeliner in black
I use this in my waterline to top up if what i was wearing before has worn of a bit.
This eyeliner is okay not the best i wouldn't buy it again i prefer the collection 2000 one.

Palmers cocoa butter formula moisturizing lip balm
I use this when my lips need a bit of moisture if my lipstick has worn off, i have a review on this click here.

Hair grips and a bobble
We have to have our hair up in the salon so i put these in here for when i tie up my hair.

I will also put my lipstick i am wearing that day in there.
Tell me whats your fave product in your makeup bag is.

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  1. cute make up bag! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know!

  2. I love that Real Techniques brush too! I use it as a foundation brush--it's so soft!

    Found your blog through #bbloggers chat today!
    Would love if you took a look at mine!
    Brittany's Secret