Sunday, 16 June 2013

MUA Makeup Academy Cosmetics

Hello everyone hope you are all well, today's post is going to be all about the brand Makeup Academy MUA, im sure you have all heard of this brand before as there products are very cheap and very good for the price. They have one line where all of the products just cost £1 :o and they also have a professional line which i believe everything is under £6.You can get MUA cosmetics in superdrug and on the MUA website.

Nail polish £1
These nail polish bottles have recently been repackaged and they look so much better then they used to, they do look like Essie bottles but oh well. For just £1 these nail polishes are so good they are all very pigmented and only take 2-3 coats to get a lovely opaque look. They last a good amount of time on the nails, i would say around 4 days before any chips start to appear. The colours i have are (left to right) moody mink, natural days and frozen yogurt, these colours are all very lovely and i don't own any other colours like them in my collection. If you haven't tried these nail polishes you have to as they are brilliant for the price.
I do also have one of the fur effect pots and i have never used, have no idea why i brought it in the first place.

Lip products, lipstick £1, lip gloss £2.50
The MUA lipsticks are so good they are very pigmented and creamy and look lovely on the lips. This lipstick was one of first products i brought from MUA, which was about this time last year for my prom. The one i have is a nude colour i don't know what the colour is a its rubbed of, but it is a lovely nude colour that's not to light or to pale and looks great on my skin tone.
I really wanted a coral colour lip gloss so i when i saw this i thought i would pick it up and give it ago, i used it once and i really liked it but thought out the day it started to wear and that horrible thing happened when it gathers in one place and goes all funny, and because that happened i haven't used it again, i wouldn't recommend these lip glosses but im sure they do some other good ones.

Eye shadows  £1
These single eye shadows are very good, they are very pigmented and creamy and go on to the lid like a dream, obviously they are not as good as MAC or Urban Decay but they are good if you are just starting out in makeup, or if you just don't want to spend a bomb. The MUA eye shadow pallets are also meant to be very good, but i haven't tried one of those for some crazy reason. The shades i have are (from left to right) shade 11, 1, 2 and 5, and they all have a pearl finish. If you are wondering why i have a green eye shadow it is because i got if for free with a magazine and i just haven't got rid of it just in case if i ever need it.

Undress your skin shimmer highlighter £3
This is the only face product i own by MUA, well until yesterday when i brought one of their new blushers, which by the way is really nice. Something that the high street really needs more of is highlighters, so when i found out MUA were bringing one out of course i had to pick it up. At first i wasn't that impressed but now i have been using it for a few months i have been really liking it. Its a lovely pearly pink colour that's looks lovely on the cheek bones, it is very light though so this wouldn't be any good for someone who has dark skin, but however if you have light skin this is perfect for you.

Mascara and eye liner £1
These two products aren't looking their best sorry. I use this not so clear mascara to set my eyebrows into place, its not the best but it does the job. The eyeliner is in snow white, i brought this ages ago just because i wanted to try a white eyeliner out in my water line (didn't like it), but i have used it a lot to highlight my brow bone or for a snow queen themed makeup that i am doing at college and it has in very handy.

If you haven't tried any MUA products then you have to they are very cheap and i would highly recommend them.

Whats you favorite MUA product ??



  1. I love mua I feel I need more of their products now! Thanks for the post :) xx

    1. Haha, thats okay, glad u liked :)x

  2. I really like their nail polishes, the new bottles are so cute and dinky :) I've tried a few of their lipsticks and Shade 11 is definitely my favourite, it seems to have a nicer formula than the others xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  3. I'm loving their Undress Me Too Palette, its great for neutrals and has similar shades to the Naked 2 Palette! x

  4. i love this products. my favorite eyeshadow palette is undress me too. the best dupe for UD Naked 2

  5. you can also buy the MUA Procuts at Redrox Cosmetics.

  6. I haven't tried much from MUA but have two nail polishes in Lush Lilac, which I love, and Natural Days which I wasn't a fan of. I'm on the lookout for the Pistachio one next, it's gorgeous!

    Hannah x