Monday, 10 June 2013

Small Collective Beauty Haul

Hello everyone, today's post is a beauty haul, just a few things that i picked up recently, hope you enjoy.

Nip + Fab viper venom wrinkle fix skin refining serum and eye fix roller ball eye gel
I was scowling through twitter the other day and i saw that @BeautyatTesco were doing a giveaway so of course i had to re-tweet the giveaway to enter, never thought i was going to win, then a few days later (bearing mind i had totally forgotten i had entered this giveaway) i saw i had a load of tweets and it turned out i had won, i was so excited, but i had no idea what i had actually won, so i had a little look through there page to see what i had re-tweeted, and i found out that i had won to some Nip + Fab products which i was really excited about, because i had never tried the brand before.
I have only used the products a few times so i cant really tell you want i think of them but they are very nice.

Nivea daily essentials rich moisturising day cream and Nivea soft refreshing soft moisturising cream, superdrug (both on offer for around £2-3 each)
If you have read any of my skin care posts before you would have seen me mention these two products a lot, and that would be because i love them so much. I use the day cream in the day (obviously) and i use the soft cream as a night cream. They are both ever so very moisturising and they are so good if you have dry skin. I started to use the day cream in winter and it saved my skin, my skin was no were near as dry as it was when i wasn't using this so of course this is now my staple day cream, as it gets warmer i might start to use a lighter one as it can be quite heavy. The soft cream i have been using for ages, its not only good for your face its also brilliant to you hands and body. If you haven't tried either of these products before you have to.

Phil Smith life's a beach sea salt spray sainsbury's (around £1-2 on offer)
I was watching zoellas newest hair video the other day, i saw that she used a sea salt spray in her hair and it made her hair look amazing, so i was like i am getting one of those, so when i was out a few days later i saw this one on offer so i thought i would pick it up and give it a go, i have only used it twice and i have mixed opinions on it.

Avon foot works heel softening cream
Believe it or not i don't actually own a foot cream, so the other day i used a bit of my brothers and i really liked it so i asked my mom to get some for me (thanks mom) and i have used it a few times and im really liking it.

Rimmel match perfection foundation in 100 ivory, Morrison's (£4.99 on offer)
This is my favorite foundation and i am actually running out of it so of course when i saw this on offer i had to get it, i actually picked this up when i was doing the weekly food shop with my mom so i actually didn't pay for it (thanks mom) if you haven't tried this foundation you have to.

Rimmel Apocalips in Nova, Boots £4.95 (on offer)
I have seen loads of people talk about these so when i saw them on offer i toke the opportunity and brought one. Erm its alright i don't really see the big hype over them but they are an alright product i will use this but i don't think i will but anymore, well i might try a lighter colour but i don't know.

What have you brought recently ??



  1. Please do a review on the Nip & Fab wrinkle venom! I'd love to hear what it's like!


  2. You'll love the Apocalips! They're amazing :)


    1. Iv used it once or twice and its okay x

  3. Hi Louise, thank you for sending me your link on twitter last night!

    Gorgeous post, I've still not tried any Nip + fab products but after your post I might give them a go!!

    My blog is still a baby in the blogging world and so if you have a spare minute to leave me some feedback it would be really appreciated.

    Emily xxx

    1. Thats okay, yh some of their products and ment to b very gd and yh sure x