Saturday, 8 June 2013

NOTD #16 MUA Natural Days

Hello everyone today's post is going to be a NOTD hope you enjoy, sorry i haven't put a post up all week, i have been taking in this lovely weather :)

MUA nail polish in Natural Days.
As the weather has been lovely i wanted to wear a polish that doesn't only look summery but one that can also make my skin look tanned, and this one dose that to a t. Its a lovely very light pink shade that has no shimmer in it, its quite sheer so you do need about three coats to get a lovely finish. As it is so very light you do have to be careful when painting your nails not to get it on to the skin or your cuticle otherwise it can look very messy.
This is a lovely colour but i don't think it is the right pastel pink i want :(

Whats your favorite pastel pink shade ??



  1. Mavala's riga is really nice but I ran out you can get it at Debenhams. I have this one as well and I really like it! x

  2. this is such a lovely colour, shame it's sheer as otherwise i'd be all over it! have you tried collection's milkshake? it's one of my new favourite pastel pinks, it's a bit more neutral than most but still lovely (and pretty cheap!) x

    1. Its honestly not that bad and no but i will have to take a look xx