Saturday, 27 July 2013

I changed my blog name - Please read

Goodbye Fashionxox1 Hello BeautyCallls

I have wanted to change my blog name for a while now and today i decided i was just going to do, i thought of a new name that i really liked it so i just did it. You  have probably guessed by now but the new name is BeautyCallls and that's with three Ls, what do you think of the new name i would love to now what you think of it. Also i have changed the colour theme to purple and white with a hint of Gray, and the blog header is also new. You may have noticed that i sign my blog posts of by putting fashionxox1, now obviously I'm not going to be able to change everyone to BeautyCallls so i have changed a few but not every post.
I have changed my twitter name to BeautyCallls as well, i hope this wont confuse you.
So i hope you like the new name, i cant wait to here your feedback :)x


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