Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My Favorite Hair Products

Hello everyone, in today's post im going to be showing you my favorite hair care products.

Amargan hair therapy oil 
I brought this when i went to a beauty event at the NEC. A man put some on my hair and my hair felt amazing. I use this on damp hair and then let my hair air dry, in the morning my hair feels so amazing so soft and very moisturised. I have almost used up this little bottle and i don't no what im gonna do when it runs out, as i think its kind of expensive.

Herbal essences beautiful ends split and protection cream
I have been using this for ages now, and im on my second bottle. I use this on damp hair, i put about two pumps into my hands rub them together and then smooth it through the lengths of my hair and then let my hair air dry, in the morning my hair feels so amazing very soft and shiny and i actually think that after a while of using this it has helped my split ends stay away. If you would like to now more about this product i have done a full review on it here.

Herbal essences fresh balance clarifying shampoo
People always go on about high end clarifying shampoos but you don't tend to here about any you can get on the high street, so when i saw this i thought i would give it ago as im not up for spending a bomb on expensive ones. I have used this a few times now and i can say that this is a brilliant product it really dose clean your hair so well, and makes it feel squeaky clean. I would recommend making sure you use a very moisturising conditioner on your ends though as you don't wont them drying out.

Schwarzkoft 2 sexy big volume push up volumizing hairspray 
This stuff smells amazing just like cherry aid, it holds my hair so well but it can go a bit crispy which i actually don't mind, as i feel its doing its job. This is my favorite hair spray and i love it so much.



  1. I have that split end protection cream too! I really like it, I found it in Poundland and just had to pick it up ;) that hairspray sounds really nice too, I might have to try it, seems as though I'm in need of a new hairspray! :) xx great post!

    1. Oh really what a bargain and u should its great, thank u x

  2. I love that clarifying shampoo too, makes hair feel so clean! xxx

  3. Have you tried the hello got 2 b hair spray? It's ridiculously strong! Followed on Bloglovin'

    1. No i haven't and oh really might have to have a look and thank you soo much xx